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Publication Order of The Cuban Noir Novels

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Fast Eddie, King of the Bees (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Don Dimaio of La Plata (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Curse the Names (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Diary of a Blood Drinker (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Largely writing thrillers and mystery novels, the American writer Robert Arellano has been writing for a long time now, as he has become a master of his craft, knowing exactly where to take his story, steering the reader confidence and wit, always making sure that they reach their final destination with style and intelligence. This is something that he has mastered over the many years of his long and illustrious writing career, enabling him to become one of the foremost leading voices currently working within the industry today. Creating strong leading protagonists too, he always manages to draw his readers in with his indepth understanding of the human psyche too, as he takes a look at the human condition and people really interact with one another. Keeping the reader constantly guessing throughout too, he really sets a tone and air of mystery that washes over his work, tantalizing the reader just enough so that they always want to find out more and keep turning to the next page.

His use of suspense is also unparalleled too, getting into the heart of his characters, knowing exactly what their goals and ambitions are, as they manage to give them realistic fully three-dimensional personalities that almost leap off of the page for the reader. The graphic novels he creates also help display some of the talents he holds for stark visuals too, really igniting his work with a verve and powerful sense of driving force that pushes his stories forwards quite unlike any other. Whether he’s telling his stories with visuals or dialogue, he’s always putting forwards a fundamental truth, as there is a message ingrained in most of, if not all of his work, giving the reader a very real sense of his personality and what it is that he is saying. Not writing series as such, he largely focuses on stand-alone novels, something that he will continue to do for quite some time to come yet.

Early and Personal Life

Born in 1969 on the 12th of July, author to be Robert Arellano would grow up in Summit, New Jersey, whereby he was raised by his parents who had previously fled Havana in 1960, something that would come to shape his career in the years to come. Educated at Brown University, he would go on to graduate from their writing program, during which time he would visit Cuba on a research fellowship, during which time he would chronicle their ongoing revolution. This would lead to him writing about the subject matter that he currently writes about today, involved in all aspects of the creative arts, including music as well, something which isn’t stopping any time soon.

Writing Career

It was in 1992 that he would start focusing on beginning to write the novel Havana Lunar, as he would go to Cuba to witness the revolution first hand. Prior to publishing this in 2009, he would also release two other novels, including ‘Fast Eddie, King of the Bees’, which would be his debut in 2001, and ‘Don Dimaio of La Plata’ in 2004. Later he would also write the sequel to Havana Lunar with Havana Libre in 2017, as he would also go on to win a variety of awards for his work, all whilst maintaining a strong presence both online and off.

Curse the Names

Using the ‘Akashic Books’ publishing house to release it, this would originally be brought out on the 14th of December in 2011 to much acclaim. Working entirely as a stand-alone novel, this concentrates on a more self-contained thriller that really keeps the reader guessing throughout. Both entertaining and compelling in equal measure, Arellano really manages to carry the action forwards, making sure the reader is gripped on the edge of their seat.

Set within New Mexico, this is territory that Arellano is highly familiar with as an author, whilst he manages to have fun with his material. The characters themselves are also engaging in a direct and to-the-point manner, giving the reader something to invest themselves in. With the setting itself, it really manages to evoke a sense of what it is really like there, bringing to life the landscape itself in full vivid color.

Set within the mountains of New Mexico embedded high within a mesa there, there is a small town there that holds a deep and dark secret, one that could potentially change life as it is currently known. Stepping onto the scene is one James Oberhelm, who is a reporter working for the Los Alamos National Laboratory, as he sees the devastation that could potentially take place. With everything about to go off, he must first navigate a series of eccentric characters if he ever hope to prevent this catastrophe from ever taking place. Will he save the day? Can he find the truth? Who will curse the names?

Havana Libre

Published through the ‘Akashic Books’ publishing outlet initially, this would be the follow up to his 2009 book ‘Havana Lunar’. Working as a direct sequel, it continues the action with another story for its protagonist, whilst also developing the world that it is set within. It would also manage to further establish many of the ideas that came before, many of which he has devoted much of his life to researching.

With many of the ideas being recurring ones for Arellano, this is definitely a novel that shows him firmly within his element here. Having already introduced the protagonist in the previous novel, it wastes no time in getting involved straight in the action. The city of Miami is also portrayed well, with it being used completely, with nothing at all being wasted throughout the entire course of the novel as a whole.

Heading in to what is said to be the most dangerous city in Latin America, the character of Dr. Mano Rodriguez is going there on an undercover assignment. Taking place over the course of one summer in 1997, this sees a series of terrorist bombings attacking the Havana hotels of the city and targeting Cuban tourism in order to break apart the revolution. Recruited by his nemesis Colonel Emilio Perez, he aims to take down the targets undercover and protect the innocent once again. Will he manage it? Can he save the innocent? What will happen in Havana Libre?

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