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Blow the House Down (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon

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See No Evil (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sleeping with the Devil / Speak No Evil (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Devil We Know (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Company We Keep (With: Dayna Baer) (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Perfect Kill (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fourth Man (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Robert Baer is a nonfiction and literary fiction author best known for her works that focus on his experiences working as an operative for the Central Intelligence Agency

Robert was born in Los Angeles in 1952 and during his time with the CIA he was for the most part posted to countries in the Middle East such as Syria and Jordan.

He is now quite a popular author and is a columnist for the intelligence column on “Time” and has contributed intelligence articles to prestigious publications in the United States and Europe.
Some of the publications where his work has been featured include “The Washington Post,” “The Wall Street Journal,” and “Vanity Fair.”

Over his long career, he has been posted to many countries, and hence he is a fluent speaker of more than eight languages.

Baer is also an author and frequent commentator on issues related to American foreign policy, espionage, and international relations.

He has been a host in “Hunting Hitler” the reality TV series that focuses on history. He has also been a security and intelligence analyst for CNN.

Robert published his debut work “See No Evil” in 2002 and the work was so popular that it was made into “Syriana,” the film by Stephen Gaghan the directo,r starring George Clooney.

Aged only 9, Robert Baer’s parents got a divorce and his mother took him to Aspen. Growing up in Colorado, all he dreamed about was becoming a professional skier.

When he was a freshman in high school, his very rich mother took him alongside her and they toured Europe. They traveled to several countries including Russia, Czechoslovakia, Germany, and Paris.

These were very turbulent times during the 60s with riots in the likes of Paris and the invasion of countries such as Czechoslovakia.

Upon returning to the United States after their long vacation, he enrolled at the Culver Military Academy. A few years later, he went to the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University from where he graduated in 1976.

A few years later, Robert Baer went back to school, this time attending the University of California Berkeley for his graduate studies.

It was while he was studying in Berkeley that he sent in his application to the Central Intelligence Agency asking if they were any vacancies.

While it was all a prank to him, he was hired as a case officer and started working for the Directorate of Operations soon after graduating from college.

Upon graduating from training, Robert Baer was sent on field appointments all over the world. His first workstation was in India where he worked in New Delhi and Madras.

He would then work in Iraqi Kurdistan, Beirut, Morocco, Lebanon, Yugoslavia, and Sudan among many other places in Asia and Europe. All in he spent more than two decades working with the Central Intelligence agency.

It was the time he spent in the Middle East that was most memorable. In Iraq, during the 1990s he was charged with organizing opposition to Saddam Hussein, a mission that would turn on him that he had to be recalled.

Baer left the CIA at the latter end of the 2oth century and was awarded the Career Intelligence Medal, one of the highest honors to persons leaving the agency.

He penned his work documenting his experiences in “See No Evil” in 2002.

Robert Baer’s work “See No Evil” is a work that provides a shocking look into the inside workings of terrorism and how political machinations influence this.

He also looks into how politics made it almost impossible for the CIA to fight terrorism resulting in the entrenchment of dictators such as Gaddafi and Saddam, and the rise of the likes of Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden.

As a veteran case officer, the author pens a book that is an indictment of how the CIA lost its way resulting in the rise of modern terrorism, which had profound effects across the Middle East.

The CIA fell to systemic destruction by careerism, petty Beltway wars, and political correctness. At a time when terrorist acts were ramping up, the agency that should have been very active was very passive.
Americans were then having it so good making a lot of money that nobody cared. The National Security Council and The White House became Cathedrals of business.

They became places where big business became more important than protecting American interests and citizens abroad and at home.

In “Sleeping with the Devil” by Robert Baer gives insights into how the cynical relationship between the American government and Saudi Arabia made the US more vulnerable.

For decades, Saudi Arabia and the US had a harmonious relationship as the US counted on Saudi Arabia for stability in the region and cheap oil in exchange for access to a lucrative market.

With oil and money flowing freely between Riyadh and Washington, the US could not be happier. But at the core of the friendship was a rot that was exposed when two-thirds of the terrorist attackers on September 11 turned out to be Saudis.

In this work, Baer provides insights into how America’s addiction to Saudi petrodollars and cheap oil caused the US to turn a blind eye to Saudi excesses.

Baer makes use of his years of experience to document the abysmal human rights abuses, bribery culture, and financial support of fundamentalist groups by the Al Saud ruling family.

He also portrays the increasingly corrupt and dysfunctional ways of the ruling family and the fierce anti-western sentiment increasingly evident in Saudi Arabia that ultimately results in catastrophic consequences.

“The Company We Keep” by Robert Baer tells the story of Robert and Dyna who met while on a mission in Sarajevo.

While Baer had quite an impressive career as an agent in the Middle East, his personal life was in shambles. His prolonged absences caused him much guilt since he spent so much time with his children which ultimately resulted in the failure of his marriage.

On the other hand, is the attractive Dayna Williamson who thrived in the field as a highly skilled operative. Charged with protective operations, she thrives at weapons handling, high-speed evasions, and escapes.

Her spy work had also resulted in the breakdown of personal relationships as she lost touch with friends and family and her marriage collapsed.

When they meet in Sarajevo, they have a strong spark, and their affection for each other grew as they did dangerous missions together.

The work takes readers down the intelligence rabbit hole showing how things work even as it shows two people trying to get back to a semblance of normal life.

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