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Robert Bailey is American author of McMurtrie and Drake Legal Thrillers series which debuted in 2014 when the first novel in the series The Professor was published. The second book in the series Between Black and White was published in 2016. The author was born in Huntsville, Alabama in the United States, the son of a school teacher and builder. He has loved stories right from the time he could walk. Bailey attended Davidson College in Carolina where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History, later joined University of Alabama Law School. He has served as a civil defense trial lawyer for a period of thirteen years in his hometown of Huntsville. Bailey is married to Dixie Bailey, and the two have three children, a girl, and two boys. When Bailey is not writing, you will find him being a good dad or practicing law, he loves watching Alabama football and playing golf and sometimes you will find him coaching his two adorable sons’ little league baseball teams.

The Professor

The Professor is book in McMurtrie and Drake Legal Thrillers series. The book is set n Tuscaloosa, Alabama in 1969. Bailey delivers his debut novel, a legal suspense thriller spiced with a football icon, Paul Bryant, popularly known as Bryant an American football coach and a player- famously known as the longtime coach of the University of Alabama football. We are introduced to a Thomas Jackson McMurtrie, an aspiring trial attorney who had just been approached by a top firm. Now the coach, who happens to be his former mentor, wants him to be a law professor. Even before he had arrived in Birmingham, Tom clearly knew as he had known for decades all those years when he was playing football, the Man had called, and he was to answer at all cost.

Now as a law professor, Tom finds himself caught in the middle of some major issues. He is being forced to quit, as he is involved in a scandal, then betrayed by both a colleague and his diminishing health. At the same time someone from the past, a girl that he once dated approaches him with some legal problems. Several months before, her husband and daughter were involved in a car accident. They were involved in a head-on collision with a tractor-trailer truck, and they all perished- her husband, her daughter & granddaughter even the trucker.

The trucking company was the Willistone Trucking Company, based in Tuscaloosa. According to the witness statement, it was revealed that her son-in-law turned in front of the rig, but she does not believe the witness account.

Ruth had never filed a lawsuit before, and she had nowhere else to seek help. For Tom, it had been over a year before he had tried any case and so he encourages her to take the case to someone else. However, somehow, he agrees to have a look at the case and later offers the case to Richard Drake. Rick had always wished for the day he would confront the professor-Tom. How could Tom have the guts of facing him after all the trouble he had subjected him to? Rick was fired from his job thanks to him. However, the Professor thinks that this case would compensate for getting Richard fired and ruined his reputation.

However, could Richard possibly turn down the multimillion-dollar case? Rick accepts the case and soon begins to discover the whole truth behind the tragedy that is deeply buried in an elaborate web of bribery, arson, and greed. On the eve the complex and challenging trial and his case coming up in the midst of a deadly cover-up that threatens to silence all the key witnesses. During this moment, Rick realizes that only the Professor can help.

With nothing to lose and with justice to gain, will Rick and Tom finally defeat the lethal adversary? Can they collaborate efficiently and put their past behind them? Most crucially, can the 68-year-old law professor who has not tried a single case for four-decade win the case and make a history in West Alabama?

The Professor is a fast-paced suspense of villainous corruptions combined with his young protégée and a seasonal legal professor making a fight for justice with some intriguing emotional dynamics.

Between Black and White

During the summer night in 1966 when Bocephus aka “Bo” was five years old when he witnessed the lynching of his father by the Klu Klux Klan. He overhead the gang leader speaks, and the voice was the one he had heard many times before. It was the voice of a famous businessman whom his parents worked for. When Bo informed his mother about the person responsible for his father’s death and that he wanted to report the case to the local sheriff, it scared his mom to death.

No one would agree to the words of a five-year-old traumatized boy against the man who was considered the pillar of the community. Furthermore, Bo’s life would be in grave danger if what he saw and heard was ever spoken to someone else and so he sent to stay with his uncle and aunt in a nearby town.

Bo excelled in football and was recruited to play for the University of Alabama. He had visions to play professional football until the day he was injured on the field, and this ended his career. Bo then chose to go to law school and that when he met Tom McMurtrie, a man who became more than just his professor. Bo finally graduated and went back to his original hometown, Pulaski, Tennessee. He was the only African American attorney in his hometown and rejected many offers from high-profile law firms, but despite this, he had made a good name for himself.

Bo was still seeking justice for his father; he knew exactly the man responsible for it and was determined to bring this man to justice in whatever case. One day he stops at a local tavern has too much to drink, and while he is sitting at the bar drinking, Andy Walker, the man responsible for the death of his father walks in accompanied by his wife and brother in law. The two exchange some heated words in front of several witnesses. Andy leaves the tavern then moments later Bo also leaves but he is so drunk such that he cannot remember what happened the previous night. The next morning is awakened when the police knock on his door, and he is arrested for the murder of Andy Walker. He is shocked, he knew that he had a blackout, but he would never kill anyone no matter how much he hated them. With now Bo accused of murder, Tom McMurtrie is the only man whom he trusts with his life and the only person who can save him from the jaws of injustice.

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10 Responses to “Robert Bailey”

  1. Brenda Sushka: 3 weeks ago

    I have read All the books in the past 2 months! Once I find a series I love I won’t stop until they are read. Just waiting for Rich Justice to be released in May! Thanks and I hope this isn’t the end of these wonderful characters you have created.

  2. SusanGroves: 3 months ago

    Great plots. I can’t put them down. I was at Bama when the Man was coaching. What an experience! I’ve lived in Alabama all my life, and I feel like I’ve known all these characters in your books. Keep writing!!

  3. SQUIRE JIM / BAMA ALUM: 7 months ago

    I am on my 4th book and have had great enjoyment and fun reading them.

    When I first started to read the Professor I did not realize it had so much BAMA milieu. I was hooked.

    I plan on reading all of each series and hope there will be many more to come.

  4. LynneShelfer: 2 years ago

    My son also went to the University of Alabama in the 90s. I remember many of the streets in the book. Absolutely loved them all. NEED MORE😂

  5. Betty Fuller: 2 years ago

    Loved the books. My daughter went to Bama but alas is married to an Auburn fan. Waiting for the next book

  6. Charlene Cardwell: 2 years ago

    Our book club just read The Professor. I absolutely LOVED it! I’m an avid reader, but I rarely finish a book in just one or two days … until I picked up The Professor, that is. I can guarantee that it is not the last Robert Bailey book I’ll be reading. I was hooked from the first sentence. Well done, Sir!

  7. James Grizzard: 2 years ago

    Mr. Bailey, I attended Amelia High School with your father-in-law and he shared the knowledge of your books with his class during a reunion. His classmate shared the information with me and I was hooked when I read the Professor and have just today finished The Wrong Side. Your characters are friends. I hope there are more books. JDG

  8. Sheila Alexander: 2 years ago

    I have read three of your books. Just finished Between Black
    and White. Excellent

  9. Eileen Parsons: 2 years ago

    I love Robert Bailey books also.
    I have them all and hope to receive
    notice when new ones are ready for
    download. Can’t have too many Robert
    Bailey books. Great writer.

  10. Doris Wilson: 2 years ago

    I am addicted to Mr. Bailey’s books and would love to have a sheet with a list of all his books! I live in Huntsville, too and am going to meet him today at A Book Clubwith a friend!
    Doris Wilson


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