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If Wishes Were Horses (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
More Than Words Can Say (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Widow's Walk (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Robert Barclay graduated from Colgate University with a B. A in Economics and Art History as a minor, after which he got a successful career in business. Barclay was the chairman of his industry-related consulting group. After he sold his business and relocated from upstate New York to Florida, he finally got the chance to give his full attention to the thing he had always wanted to do, writing.

When not writing, Robert can be found weightlifting, at the beach, and doing Shotokan Karate.

If Wishes Were Horses
It’s a fascinating novel about love, hope, and second chances. The story is set in Boca Raton, Florida, where Ramsey Blaine and his sons Morgan and Wyatt own a law firm. They live in a huge mansion near the large sprawling horse ranch.

Wyatt decided to leave his law practice and reawake his wife Krista’s horse therapy program. The program is known As New Beginnings and is set to help troubled teens with Equine therapy. Together with their son Danny, Krista died in a drunk driving accident around five years ago, and Wyatt hasn’t stopped mourning the loss of his family.

He is still living in the past instead of embracing the present and enjoying life. Wyatt has decided to take this single step to help deal with his pain, knowing it’ll be challenging, but his inner self knows that Krista will approve of it.

The Blaine’s Sprawling ranch, known as ‘Flying B,’ is surrounded by barns, horses, and Acres of property. Both Blaine’s sons are lawyers and partners in their flourishing law practice, but Wyatt is more interested in the ranch while Morgan is interested in the law.

Jason was married to Gabby Powers where Jason is the drunk driver who caused the accident and also passed away in the crash. The two had separated because of Jason’s abusive nature, and just before the divorce was final, he died in the accident.

Trevor, their son, is fourteen, so much loved by her dad, and believes that Wyatt’s wife Krista caused the accident that killed his father. Throughout his childhood, Trevor has been obedient, but after becoming a teenager, his behavior has not been the best, and it appears he’s getting into trouble.

He deals with his inner anger by dressing like James Dean, imitating his behavior and appearance to that of a famous actor. He has never forgiven the person who caused the accident or loved him again. Trevor has only a few friends, his grades are going down, and he has been in several fights in school. The school principal has already convinced him that he will be expelled once he starts another fight.

James Jacobson is a Saint Andrews church minister where Wyatt and Gabby go. He asks for the impossible for Wyatt to meet with Gabby, the widow of the man who caused the accident, and accepts his troubled teenager into the program. He secretively organizes a meeting to convince Wyatt to consider having Trevor admitted to the New Beginnings program which Wyatt agrees reluctantly.

At first, Wyatt is angry at the minister’s manipulative behavior, but Gabby is happy that Wyatt accepted Trevor to be admitted to the New Beginnings Program. She couldn’t afford to pay for private counseling as a single parent.

At first, Wyatt feels attracted to Gabby, but for them to heal, they have to overcome the common tragedy that creates a barrier between them and learn how to forgive. Only through overcoming the impossibilities can their hearts be free to love again. Will letting Trevor and Gabby into his life be a mistake? Can the program help Wyatt with the grief that has been consuming him for five years?

Although at first unhappy about the program, Trevor starts enjoying his stay at the ranch, taking care of the horses as part of his therapy. He is friendly to Ram, the strict head of the ranch and a man whose wife died in their marriage’s early years. Additionally, at seventeen, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

He has good and bad days, but his medications have played a big role in his life. Ram is the ranch leader and rules it with an iron fist setting his own rules. The more he gets to know Trevor, the more he enjoys their friendship understanding his loss and slowly taking the boy under his care.

Ram is a fascinating character, with few words and charm. He’s also a respected member of Blaine’s family. He suffered hardships in the past but always tried to overcome his losses. He is a wise and caring father; despite his riches, his family is the most important thing in his life.

There are fun moments between Wyatt and his eccentric family. The characters are believable and well written, making the story more intriguing.
More than Words Can say

The story is set at a lakeside cottage located away in the Adirondack mountains, where Chelsea Barlett is left with her grandmother at Brooke’s lakeside cottage with the things of the home in her grandma’s will.

Chelsea is a socialite in Syracuse, New York. Her father has multiple car dealerships, while her mother is a good when it comes to spending her husband’s money. After Chelsea’s grandmother dies, her close family are sad.

Chelsea starts consoling her mother when she isn’t able to stay calm, but her life is about to change forever, not only because of the loss of her grandmother but because of the things she left her behind.

The will requirements state that Chelsea can do anything she wants with the cottage once she visits and locates the contents of a small tin her grandma had hidden under the floorboards in the guest bedroom.

Upon arrival, she is informed that her grandma had specific instructions to live in the lake cottage. In the instructions, she is told she can do anything with the cottage as long as she gives it a chance by living in it for a while.

Chelsea follows her grandmother’s words and goes to the cottage with a plan of selling it once she locates the tin. Her grandmother wishes that she could uncover the secret. However, after arriving, she feels a peaceful and calm state that she can’t explain.

Nobody has lived in the cottage for almost sixty years, and it has been well maintained by a French couple employed by her grandmother’s attorney. Chelsea finds her grandma’s journal and old photos in the tin box that takes her back to the summer of 1942 that her grandmother spent at the cottage just before the war started, and he had just gotten married to Bill.

Reading the journal’s contents will change her life permanently in an unexpected way as she finds herself taken back to a simpler time during the summer of 1942. She imagines sitting on the porch enjoying the breeze from the lake. Will Chelsea live in the house, or will she opt to sell it instead?

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