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Robert Bidinotto is a mystery and thriller author who loves to style himself as “The Vigilante Author.| He first became interested in writing when as a child of the Fifties and Sixties, he read the “Batman” comics and watched “The Lone Ranger.” It is from this that he became interested in the principles of justice.
In his teenage years, he began writing nonfiction that was all about justice and this would remain the theme of his work throughout his later career as an editor, essayist, blogger, investigative journalist, reviewer, and nonfiction book author.

While he is now a well known crime fiction author, he is best known for his criticism of the environmentalist movement, the leniency of the criminal justice system, and philosophy.

He has said that his writings in nonfiction were highly influenced by the writings and philosophy of Ayn Rand.

As for Robert Bidinotto’s previous work, he was a chief contributor and editor of several magazines.
Some of these include “Criminal Justice,” a magazine and a compendium of horror stories titled “Free to Kill,” which was an expose of the failings of the legal system. Many of the stories that he investigated while he worked in criminal justice would serve as the basis for his debut novel “Hunter.”

He would later on get a job at “Reader’s Digest” as Staff Writer. In this position, he worked on high profile investigative pieces on the environment, crime and other public controversies. He is perhaps best known for authoring the 1988 published article “Getting Away with Murder,” which appeared in “Reader’s Digest.|

The article caused a lot of controversy as it got people talking about prison furlough and crime programs in the presidential election of 1988. Bidinitto would be credited with significantly influencing the outcome of that year’s elections.

The article would win the Best Magazine Article of the year award by the National Magazine Award.

Between 2005 and 2008, Robert Bidinotto worked for “The New Individualist” magazine where he was editor in chief. In that position, he earned the magazine industry’s most prestigious honor in the Folio Gold Award.

Other awards he earned during this time included the Mencken Award as well as several honors and awards from the victims rights organizations for his outspoken advocacy in public.
His articles, film reviews, books and columns have been featured in “The American Spectator,” “Success,” “The Boston Herald” and “Writer’s Digest” among many other journals. He has also made an appearance on several television and radio talk shows.

Bidinotto has also lectured before business, civic, campus and public affairs organizations in Europe and across North America.
Robert Bidinotto now lives with Cynthia, his wife and Luna, their individualistic cat, in Chesapeake Bay.

Robert Bidinotto’s debut novel “Hunter” is an amazing thriller novel that is an excursion into the criminal justice system. In the same vein, it is also a jaw dropping, exciting, educational, disgusting and emotional roller coaster ride.

The novel introduces CIA special investigator Annie Woods, who has just discovered the identity of a traitor in the organization. On the other hand is freelance investigative reporter Dylan Hunter, who specializes in injustices against crime victims.

Both of them have a lot of baggage, which makes them wary of people’s motives and people in general. While they have trust issues, a brutal attack on several unsuspecting victims means they have to work together. As soon as they get together, they start to develop feelings of attraction as sparks fly.
But even though their relationship has been going on well, a series of murders that are seemingly unconnected cause them to start doubting each other. It is not long before things become interesting as a vicious enemy has them both in his sights.

“Bad Deeds” by Robert Bidinotto is an exhilarating story of Dylan and Annie who are two people that would never turn their back on injustice. Dylan is a man that does not shy from taking matters into his own hands and has the funds and training to take action.

At the opening of the novel he is in a cabin in Pennsylvania’s Allegheny Forest where he lives with Annie Woods. They are recovering from a battle with a dangerous enemy that has left Dylan coated in blood.

Annie and Dylan were visiting a cafe when it was invaded by environmental activists. They soon discover that there is a connection between the EPA, Wild Justice and CarboNot, a green energy investment company.

They are all opposing the local fracking activities and have been coming up with false results of tests to enforce moratoriums. While Dylan helps the workers in the initial confrontation, he never intended to get involved in their dispute with their environmentalists.

But in a surprising turn of events Annie and Dylan are attacked by the leader of the group Wild Justice. What the man did not know is that he was messing with a man that could help expose injustice.

Robert Bidinotto’s novel “Winner Takes All” sees things take a turn for the better for CIA officer Annie Woods and Dylan Hunter the mysterious journalist. They intend to put their violent past behind them and are now engaged to be married.

Things get very interesting when an idealistic candidate for president becomes targeted, an investigative reporter is killed in mysterious circumstances even as Washington DC is rocked by unspeakable terrorism.

Dylan and Anie get down to investigating and in the process gets in the cross hairs of a cold blooded assassin and power hungry billionaire.
They soon learn that there is a deadly conspiracy of traitors and spies that are planning to install a puppet government. The conspiracists will do anything to have total control over the American government.

The personal and political stakes could not be any higher and to stop them Dylan may have to make a hard choice. It is a decision that may seal his fate forever, including his future with Annie.

But the only thing that he is certain about is that whatever he does the winner will take all after the bloody battle that is surely coming to Washington DC.

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  1. Robert Bidinotto: 3 years ago

    Hi there. As author of the bestselling Dylan Hunter thrillers series, I was surprised and delighted to see your listing here, summarizing my career and the initial series trilogy. Dylan Hunter is a unique thriller hero, and I like to think the stories are fresh and original, too. I hope your readers sample the books. If they enjoy them, they’ll want to know that more are on the way — each of them “ripped from the headlines,” as they say.

    Thanks again for the kind words.

    –Robert Bidinotto

    • Graeme: 3 years ago

      You’re welcome Robert – I’ve read the books and really enjoy them. Glad to hear there are more on the way! 🙂

      • Sharon Cabana: 2 years ago

        I for one am glad to hear it!


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