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Publication Order of Adventures of Thomas Flashman Books

Flashman and the Seawolf (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Flashman and the Cobra (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Flashman in the Peninsula (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Flashman's Escape (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Flashman and Madison's War (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Flashman's Waterloo (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Flashman and the Emperor (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Flashman and the Golden Sword (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Flashman at the Alamo (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Flashman and the Zulus (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Flashman's Winter (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Assignment Sudan (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Robert Brightwell is a well-established author who also doubles up as an amateur historian. While serving as an amateur historian, Robert Brightwell many at times came across various encounters or incidences, which were extremely hard to believe. Thus, Robert Brightwell had to look for several other sources to confirm. Thomas Cochrane, the protagonist in one of Brightwell’s best performing novels, is a character, whose life adventures appear to be far-fetched even for a fictional character. Another such character is Begum of Samru, a fifteen-year-old dancer who managed to gain the confidence of an entire army. Begum of Samru not only led the army men with her courage and skills but also had a man kill himself. Eventually, Begum of Samru then went ahead to become a Catholic saint. In many of Robert Brightwell’s books, author Brightwell, tries to tell the amazing stories of some of this characters.

Robert Brightwell Best Books
Flashman and the Sea Wolf
Flashman and the Sea Wolf is the first installment in the Adventures of Thomas Flashman book series. The Flashman and the Sea Wolf is a spin-off about the protagonist Thomas Flashman, a man whose career covered the Napoleonic-Era. The protagonist, Thomas Flashman is placed in numerous historical situations, which includes genuine people. Thomas Cochrane is one of the most famous people to be included the book, Flashman and the Sea Wolf. Cochrane is a daring naval officer who served during the Napoleonic Era. Napoleon referred to Cochrane as Le Loup de Mers. In the Flashman and the Sea Wolf book series, author Robert Brightwell introduces the readers to Thomas Flashman, the uncle to Harry Flashman. Thomas Flashman is a spy courier, who has been given the task of taking forged letters all the way to Spain.

Flashman is expected to trick the entire Spanish Fleet to evacuate the Cadiz Harbour. The vessel that is expected to take Thomas Flashman is the HMS Speedy, which is captained by the renowned, Thomas Cochrane. With that said, the Flashman and the Sea Wolf book series is filled with historical details and has also been well-written. Robert Brightwell is an excellent storyteller, many reviewers have pointed out that the Flashman, and the Sea Wolf book series would have been better as a standalone series instead of being a spin-off.

Flashman and the Cobra
Flashman and the Cobra is the second installment in the Adventures of Thomas Flashman book series. Just like Flashman and the Sea Wolf, the Flashman and the Cobra is an equally captivating and entertaining book series. The Flashman and the Cobra is an illuminating peek into the Napoleonic era in France immediately after the reign of terror came to an end as well as the Indian Campaigns of Arthur Wellesley. Just like Harry, his nephew, George manages to earn a reputation for himself in India. While in India, George is called to serve both the country and the king in the capacity of a political agent. As time goes by, Arthur Wellesley is eventually given a battle field commission as the Captain in the Highlanders regiment. George eventually finds himself confined by his reputation.

Apart from the Napoleon and the Wellesley, there are several other historical folks and numerous military and political occurrences, which the readers are comprehensively informed about and also guided by some appendices and footnotes. The appendices and the footnotes assist the readers to differentiate fact from fiction. Despite the fact that it is widely known that George McDonald Fraser is Robert Brightwell’s source of inspiration, Mr. Brightwell also has his narrative, which he has brilliantly narrated.

With that said, Flashman and Cobra is a brilliant historical novel that is filled with adventure and humor. The setting that Robert Brightwell has chosen is quite unusual and unique, thus making the novel a masterpiece.

Flashman in Peninsula
Flashman in Peninsula is a well-researched novel, which has been filled with facts, especially about the Peninsula war. Apart from the fact that the Flashman in Peninsula has been well written, it is also a fun read and a great yarn. In Flashman in Peninsula the readers once again meat with Thomas Flashman, the uncle to Harry Flashman, a notorious Victorian rogue, whose memoirs are currently in print. Thomas Flashman shares similar traits tin Harry Flashman, especially the aptitude of finding himself at the center of major historical events. While many authors have penned books and novels about the Peninsula war, the memoirs by Thomas Flashman offers a rather unique perspective. The book, Flashman in Peninsula includes new interpretations of one of the most famous battles. Nonetheless, most of these characters and incidences have already been long forgotten.

In Flashman in Peninsula, author Robert Brightwell reveals Thomas Flashman as a catalyst to a huge royal scandal of the 19th century. Apart from disgracing a prince, the scandal brought forth one of the best novelists. In Portugal and Spain, Thomas Flashman witnesses incredible courage and catastrophic incompetence all in equal measure. Flashman is present at the location where a group of men succeeded in stopping a group of French Marshals. Flashman’s flatulent horse might have routed a Spanish regiment, while on the other hand his poltroonery and cowardice managed to save the British soldiers from a trap set by the French Army. ‘

Flashman’s Escape
Flashman’s Escape continues to cover Thomas Flashman’s experiences during the Peninsula War. After Thomas Flashman lost his role as a leading staff officer, Flashman eventually finds himself in charge of a company that runs an infantry battalion. Between annoying his superiors and cuckolding his soldiers, Thomas Flashman eventually finds himself at the center of one of the bloodiest wars. With disaster and drama in equal measures, Flashman offers first hand accounts of the horror and the blood-filled after-math. Thomas Flashman’s hope for a quiet afterlife eventually backfires horribly, after he is sent into enemy territory. Thomas Flashman’s mission is to recover an extremely important British prisoner, who used to be a rival. Flashman’s adventure eventually takes him to Spain and finally to Parris on one of the audacious wartime journeys that have ever been undertaken.

With that said, the Flashman’s Escape is a strange account that brings together numerous historical happenings, while at the same time offers a rather disturbing insight in the conception of a French classic.

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