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Cover to Cover (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
More Like Wrestling Than Dancing (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Internet for Accountants (With: Alan Davidson,Myles McGregor-Lowndes) (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon

Robert Craig is a well known British novelist, who is famous for writing horror, mystery, thriller, and detective fiction stories. He has written a few widely successful standalone books in his career, including Cover to Cover, Creepers, More Like Wrestling Than Dancing, etc. Craig was born in 1963 in Bradford, Yorkshire. He is the second of the three sons born to his parents. Craig was brought up in his hometown and studied at a local high school. He completed his college studies from the same institute. During the early 80s, Craig worked for several jobs and also started his own family. Craig’s focus was diverted more towards motorsport racing and motorcycle industry. As these fields became his primary focus, he saw a great scope for recreation and work.

After a few years of working in the motorsport industry, Craig shifted his focus towards land development and real estate investment. At this time in his life, he started participating in men’s groups that were focused on spiritual and personal development. Subsequently, he started showing positive signs of spiritual development and his interest in participating in such groups also increased to a greater extent. Currently, author Craig resides in Bradford and is employed with the Royal Mail on the post of a postman. He spends most of his time in writing novels and involving himself in the service of the community. Author Craig is highly grateful to all the fans and supporters from across the world. He is thankful to them for liking his work and helping his novels become successful.

Craig is also grateful to the numerous critics, who have appreciated his efforts and have praised his writing skills as well as his characterizations, storytelling, and his interesting plot settings. Craig is looking forward to writing many more exciting stories in the years to come and entertaining his fans. He wishes to get himself established in the ranks of the prominent authors and hopes to see this dream fulfilled in a few years from now with his dedication, determination, and hard work. Until then, he hopes that the readers will continue to read his already published novels and help them become more successful.

A successful novel penned by author Robert Craig is entitled ‘Cover to Cover’. It was published in 2003 in the US and UK in paperback editions. The book features the primary characters in the roles of Tanya Stephens, Carl, Richard, etc. Initially, Tanya Stephens is introduced as a twenty-nine years old woman, who works as a graphic designer. She is employed in a greeting card company called Ill Will. This company was started with the belief that the English people are atrociously rude to the people close to them and their friends and they easily find ways to achieve exemption from punishment. Even Tanya Stephens is brainwashed to believe that there is no point in having boyfriends or friends. In her youth, she had only one true lover and numerous boyfriends. Most of her boyfriends seemed too keen, mind-numbingly boring, or too needy to her.

Tanya Stephens is currently dating a boyfriend named Richard. He is a carpet-fitter by profession. Tanya has kept a relationship with him only for the sex part. Other than him, she is also seeing Carl, who works as a road sweeper. Tanya is attracted towards Carl because he also loves books like her. She finds happiness in reading books. Occasionally, Tanya Stephens reads a few chapters of her favorite books or keeps herself immersed in the dark imaginations of her own. Sometime later, she comes across a book in a second-hand bookstore that ostensibly describes her own life. Tanya becomes so much mesmerized by that book that the line between reality and truth begins to become blurred for her. She begins to question her own existence and wonders if her true love is happy with his marriage to another woman and working for a good company in Swansea. Tanya also doubts if her father’s best friend had slept with her mother. As Tanya tries to separate fiction from fact, she is forced to question being a part of this world. She also doubts if love can ever be a part of her life. This novel was received very well by the critics and readers across the globe. Many reviewers gave good comments to the storyline and the character descriptions mentioned in the book by Craig. It went on to become a success in all the places of its publication.

Another popular novel written by author Craig is known as ‘More Like Wrestling Than Dancing’. It was released by George Weidenfeld and Nicholson Ltd publication in 2004. Craig has mentioned the lead characters in this novel in the form of Natasha, Anna, Richard, Geoffrey, etc. Its setting takes place in Bradford, West Yorkshire. The book opens by introducing Natasha and Anna as close friends. They have been friends for many years and share a grotty apartment in Bradford. During the daytime, the women work in two different shoe shops situated next to each other and enjoying their nights by relaxing and watching their favorite movies. On weekends, Anna and Natasha like to visit a dodgy local bar and night club called The Apollo.

After some time, the girls become fed-up of the low caliber men that they come across in the club week after week. And when they hear that The Apollo is about to close down soon, they decide to up their scale and visit a comparatively more expensive night club. They zero down on a club named Bartok’s. Their decision turns out to be a fruitful one as Natasha meets Geoffrey and Anna comes across Richard on their very first visit to the new club. For a certain while into their new relationships, everything seems to be going great for both Natasha and Anna. They seem to be living their lives happily in the company of their lovers.

However, the girls soon learn that the path of true is never too smooth. It turns out that Richard is already married and Geoffrey’s life is a complete lie. The girls are left heartbroken with the shocking revelations of the realities and lies of their lovers. They have no other option but to curse their fate and try their luck at finding better lovers next time. This novel is all too funny, intelligent, and compelling. It entertained the readers from start to finish and provided them with a great lesson for life. Craig has tried to explain that strangers should not be trusted too much too soon. This novel also found a lot of takers and was praised with kind words by the critics and reviewers.

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    David is Betty’s son, Hephzibar’s grandson
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