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Publication Order of The Synaxis Chronicles Books

Robert David MacNeil is an American author of fantasy, science fiction, mystery, and thrillers books. Besides writing, Robert is a world traveler and an investigator of all things supernatural. Over the past two decades, he has journeyed to 31 different countries, where his teachings have revolved around topics such as angels, demons, and extraordinary spiritual encounters. He visited diverse landscapes, from the vast steppes of Mongolia to the lush jungles of Thailand and from the remote Eskimo communities in Northwest Alaska to the southernmost tip of South America, often referred to as “le fin del mundo” or the “end of the world.”

Robert has a deep affection for science fiction and gripping suspense thrillers. He is also a dedicated student of history, with a particular fascination for ancient civilizations such as Greece, Rome, and medieval Europe. Among the historical figures that captivate him are Patrick, Columba, and the Celtic communities of ancient Ireland and Scotland. He finds the unique relationship between Celtic monks and angels especially intriguing. Additionally, Robert appreciates the Celtic contribution of beer and the invention of whiskey, acknowledging the Irish’s vital role in preserving civilization. Robert has authored five non-fiction books under a different pseudonym.

Iona Portal is the first book in Synaxis Chronicles by Robert David MacNeil. Throughout history, our planet has been a destination for brilliant extraterrestrial beings who possess the ability to traverse parallel dimensions as effortlessly as we move from sunlight into shadow. These trans-dimensional entities have been referred to in ancient myths as angels, deities, and evil spirits. They often move among us, concealed from our perception, but they are embroiled in an age-old conflict that holds the fate of our future in the balance.

Threatening our existence are the Archons, a sadistic race that holds humanity responsible for the devastation of their once beautiful realm, known as Hades. Their sole purpose is to unleash terror upon the Earth and subject humanity to enslavement. Opposing them are the Irin, a benevolent species of winged extraterrestrials with considerable power but limited numbers within our earthly realm. The Irin journey between their dimension, Basilea, and Earth, overseeing humanity and thwarting their immortal adversaries. However, the malicious actions of the Archons are intensifying, compelling the Irin to assemble a ‘synaxis,’ a collective of ordinary humans harboring extraordinary hidden talents capable of averting humanity’s impending catastrophe.

Hidden away on the remote Isle of Iona in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland lies the key to our salvation, an ancient portal to the Irin’s dimension, which can only be reopened by the Synaxis. As this special group aligns with the Irin, dormant powers within them awaken, enabling them to unlock the Iona Portal. This act will permit thousands of Irin warriors to reach Earth and intervene against the Archons. It becomes a race against time to repel the Archon invasion, spanning from the volcanic landscapes of Hawaii to the rugged mountains of Colorado and from the vast plains of Texas to the mystical Scottish Highlands. The Synaxis must cultivate trust in one another and embrace their newfound abilities as they confront impossible odds, battling armed psychopaths, supernatural malevolence, and the reawakening of an ancient volcano.

In his thrilling work, Iona Portal, the author has crafted interconnected realms whose destinies are intricately entwined with our own. He effectively uses elements of science, history, and psychology to advocate for his unique vision. Robert David MacNeil did a fantastic job presenting the readers with diverse characters throughout the series. Some of the notable ones you will come across include:

Lys Johnston is a spirited and youthful receptionist who has miraculously survived a traumatic incident involving two deranged strangers running her off a mountain road. Unbeknownst to her, a hidden gift resides deep within her, capable of unlocking a gateway to another dimension, offering humanity a chance to evade impending destruction.

Michael Fletcher is an idiosyncratic historian with an ardent affection for fine ale and a profound fascination with the island of Iona. A childhood encounter with an extraterrestrial being ignited his intrigue in the supernatural. While his life’s work has revolved around the exploration of angelic legends, he grapples with the readiness required to meet one face-to-face.

Erin Vanderburg, who possesses extraordinary beauty and immense wealth, Erin stands as the epitome of envy within Dallas’ high society. However, enduring years of abuse at the hands of her tyrannical husband has pushed her perilously close to the precipice of self-destruction. The pressing question remains: can she summon the strength to outlive her husband’s sinister secret and step into her destined role?

Dr. Derek Holmes is a prosperous and striking clinical psychologist whose life has been thrown into disarray by a cryptic extraterrestrial encounter. Convincing the love of his life that he’s not entangled by madness becomes an uphill battle as he leads an assembly of ordinary individuals on an unparalleled quest.

Ginny Ann Piper is characterized by her unwavering confidence and fortitude ginny Ann Piper, familiarly known as Piper among her friends, also boasts a background in psychology. Selected for a meaningful mission, she must surmount her skepticism and dedicate herself fervently to cultivating her newfound abilities, aiding Holmes in establishing the inaugural Synaxis.

Patrick O’Neill, disoriented by a tumultuous divorce, this investment counselor has relinquished his former life to embark on a quest to reconnect with his Irish heritage. Propelled by haunting dreams, he navigates to Iona, unraveling an unforeseen, profound connection that surpasses his wildest expectations.

Robert’s narrative is anchored in the genuine locale of Iona, an enigmatic island that has lured pilgrims throughout the centuries. These seekers are prepared to navigate the intricate terrain of Scottish lochs, glens, and marshes in their quest for enlightenment, hoping to encounter some of the perplexing occurrences associated with the island. However, Iona Portal weaves a unique pilgrimage story, one intertwined with the destiny of humanity itself.

Overall, Iona Portal is a riveting science fiction narrative that perfectly balances fantasy and reality. Including maps detailing the story’s various settings and captivating illustrations depicting pivotal events enhances the narrative’s immersive and believable qualities.

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