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Robert F Barker
Robert F. Barker, born in Liverpool, England, and served thirty years as a detective and a police officer, much of it spent working in and around some of the Northwest’s grittiest cities and towns.

Robert likes telling stories that are edgy and dark, yet credible enough for the reader to believe they could be based on some reality, which they often are. He found that reality can be much stranger than anybody can dream up.

During his time as a police officer, he soon learned that no matter what people’s position is, where they live, they are not too far away from where darkness dwells. Be it the inner city sink estates, where violence rules and drugs are being dealt, or in the leafy suburbs where there are lace curtains and neat gardens hiding the kind of evil that nobody ever imagines until the worst thing possible happens.

As a former Firearms Incident Commander and a Senior Investigating Officer, he knows all too well about the pressures police officers face, and what it truly means to be required to make life-and-death choices in the heat of a live operation. Given both his experience and background, his stories are just as authentic a portrayal of policing and crime as can be found any place in the modern crime genre.

Robert writes the “DCI Jamie Carver” series. His work is from the mystery, thriller, and crime genres. His debut novel, called “Last Gasp”, was released in the year 2015.

“Last Gasp” is the first novel in the “DCI Jamie Carver” series and was released in the year 2015. DCI Jamie Carver once involved a would-be victim in his hunt for some serial killer, and it ended badly. Now they would like him to do it once more, only this time around the ‘victim’ is a Dominatrix.

Like he didn’t have enough on his plate already, there is a brutal killer that is about to strike again, an investigation that is under increasing pressure to succeed, and shadows from the past still haunting his dreams. There is also a gorgeous woman whose strange lifestyle that could be the key to locating the murderer. That is not even counting the young girl whose life Jamie is attempting to save from being ruined or the ambitious colleague plotting to bring him down.

While the kill count starts to pile up, signs are pointing to a connection with Carver’s first serial killer case, that of Edmund Hart, the notorious Escort Killer. Hart has died, though, after he hung himself in prison. So how is this possible?

This is just a single mystery that Carver has to solve in his first outing, as he realizes that his reputation as the foremost serial sex crime investigator in the UK is built on sand only. When the killer hits at the core of the investigation, he knows that to protect those that are closest, he has to confront what he fears the most. His own failings.

“Final Breath” is the second novel in the “DCI Jamie Carver” series and was released in the year 2017. A year and a half after a case that almost cost Jamie his life, only he knows the real extent of The Worshipper Killer’s network of depravity as well as the storm that is going to hit after word gets out. This network involves people that walk in the corridors of power (possibly within the upper echelons of the Police Service itself) and people in high places.

Former members of that network begin dying, Carver knows that somebody is out to ensure their involvement remains hidden and is going to stop at nothing in order to do so. Needing some information and fast, but right now he is chained to a desk, with the only recourse is the one person he swore he never would contact again, the dangerously and extraordinary, seductive dominatrix named Megan Crane.

“Out of Air” is the third novel in the “DCI Jamie Carver” series and was released in the year 2018. One final, climactic confrontation, but who is going to survive? One city: Paris. Two killers, one that is in hiding and one that is out stalking the streets. An innocent young couple that gets bewitched into the most lethal of danger. The detective that has to locate them all before the worst happens.

Jamie finds himself being torn between the need to recapture a killer whose shadow has hung on him for too long and a killer whose brutality matches anything that he has ever seen. What he is unable to know is that both are on an intersecting path. It is one that will end in violent and bloody death.

Whose is it going to be? The Paris Killer’s? Or his would-be nemesis? Or his own? All of them?

“Family Reunion” is the fourth novel in the “DCI Jamie Carver” series and was released in the year 2018. Jamie has to break through a wall of silence surrounding the illegal-immigrant community to save a family who don’t know they need saving.

Will he be able to succeed against an adversary just as warped as any he faced before? The Monster of Yereven, who is in Eastern Europe, has escaped from the asylum and heads here in order to arrange his long-planned Family Reunion.

It will not be a joyous affair. During his time in solitary, the country’s most brutal mass murderer just had plenty of time to plot his revenge against the family that turned him over to the authorities, before fleeing to start a new life somewhere else.

Jamie, who is still haunted by previous events, is now tasked with finding The Monster’s family before he is able to. Just two problems with that. No one knows who they are, for one. He has been barred from operational duties. A trail of bodies points to the murderer as he closes in on his prey, Carver has got zero choice but to go rogue. Even if it puts everything he holds dear at risk.

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  1. reg: 9 months ago

    great books just finshed book 6 but where is book 7 breath free

  2. Barbara McGibbon: 12 months ago

    Loving the Jamie Carver series, gripping stuff! Can’t wait for Breathe Free. Been looking for it but obviously not released yet ☹️

  3. Janice Ermis: 2 years ago

    Thoroughly enjoy your writing. Have read all that I am aware of. I understand that “Breathe Free” will be out in September of this year. Hope that is still the case.
    Please excuse my dangling preposition.
    Best regards,

  4. Nancy Hannah: 3 years ago

    I love your books it certainly comes across in them that your were a serving policeman. Please write more with my favourite character Jamie. I feel as I know him. Thank you again for your wonderful books

  5. noma pinto: 3 years ago

    I enjoyed your books.


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