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Publication Order of Robert Finlay Books

Author Matt Johnson began publishing his work about character Robert Finlay in the year 2012, when “Wicked Game” was released. The novel was Matt Johnson’s first novel he had published, or even wrote. It was not until the novel started to bring in a small amount of income for him that he even considered himself an author, he says.

Matt Johnson, himself, is both an ex cop (he worked as a metro cop from 1978 until 1999) and former soldier (from 1975 until 1978) and has turned to writing, a move he made after leaving the police force.

Matt says the first book came together almost by accident, and was put together from his notes that were made for treatment he underwent for his post traumatic stress disorder. Since he wrote his first novel, he has documented just how writing has helped him get through post traumatic stress disorder. He also talks about the symptoms someone may have that might have post traumatic stress. He tells of a change in the brain where there are many adrenaline surges that will occur in someone that has post traumatic stress.

He was discharged as a police officer with post traumatic stress disorder in the year 1999. He was encouraged to write about his many experiences of killings, terrorism, and shootings during his career. Something that took some persuading before he did it. Finally, he did and was able to get some really good material out of it.

The novel was first self published on Kindle, and was later picked up by a London company called Orenda Books. After they picked up the book, they assigned him an editor to help him develop and polish the story of his original story. He did not have an easy time going back to the text that was part of his process to heal and try to get past his health problems. It was something that later showed to be worth it for him, however.

The first novel in the series, “Wicked Game” was long listed for a John Creasey New Blood Dagger Award in the year 2016. It was on Amazon’s list for the highest rated debut novel released in the year 2016.

His work on this series has been praised by Sir Ranulph Fiennes (who is a poet and prolific writer), David Young (also a novelist), and by novelist Peter James. Positive reviews mention that he is able to step into a crowded genre and provide something of a fresh perspective and something that is distinct. Some see him as a big name and that he is a brilliant and new author in the field of thrillers.This may not sound like a big deal, but since he was not trained to be a writer and did not start doing it in a conventional manner.

Robert Finlay is a police officer as part of the Royalty Protection team which is based in the city of London. He is happily married to a woman named Jenny and with her, he has a daughter. This character resembles Matt Johnson pretty closely, as they are both former cops and former soldiers.

“Wicked Game” is the first novel in the “Robert Finlay” series and was released in the year 2012. In the year 2001 and age is starting to be something that Robert Finlay is having a hard time with. He is currently looking forward to going back to uniform policing and living a far less stressful life with the new family he has got. Fate has other things planned for Robert, however.

A cop gets killed by a bomb being set off, and another gets shot in his own driveway. Both of these guys were ex-Army colleagues of Robert’s time with his SAS regiment. Some explosive events make it quite obvious that he is not the simple man that his new family and colleagues believe him to be. It begins a cat and mouse where Robert has to test some skills he has repressed in this fight against the unidentified and determined enemy of his.

Some readers found that this has an excellent character study in it, which was an excellent addition to an already wonderful book. Fans of the novel found this to be a vivid, tense, and terse thriller, and Johnson is something to watch for books to come. This is a novel that absorbs readers completely, as it is authentic and magnetic. It is a novel that is pretty hard to put down for most of it. You feel yourself right along with Robert and the stories of his life. Some like how Robert is a little older, not some young and fit hero, but just an ordinary man that has been put in some extraordinary situations and faced some tough decisions.

“Deadly Game” is the second novel in the “Robert Finlay” series and was released in the year 2015. Robert Finlay is still reeling after attempts were made on both him and his family, and has to go back to work only to find that any chance he could have had to live peacefully are gone. He gets assigned to look into some sex-slave industry in Eastern Europe right when a key witness in the case is killed. Finlay and Nina Brasov (who is Robert’s new partner) find they are confronting a merciless criminal gang. They are determined to keep a handle on the traffic of people going into the United Kingdom.

Robert Finlay’s attempts to keep his child and wife safe could have been in vain, when a protection officer with MI5 finds a covert secret service operation. It is one that puts them all in danger.

These are characters that actually feel emotion and pain, as they are written so well, they seem like actual people. Fans of the novel found this to be a superb book, and some think this is a series worth watching as it is turning into something quite exciting. Some knew right off the bat that they would enjoy this book, right from the writing alone. Robert is a character that was well developed and quite complex. Readers hope that there will be more stories about this fascinating character, as readers will read as much from Johnson as he publishes.

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