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Publication Order of Robert Hoon Thrillers Books

The “Robert Hoon Thriller” series is a set of novels by the popular Scottish crime fiction author JD Kirk. Despite his massive popularity JD Kirk is actually the writing name of the award-winning children’s fiction author Barry Hutchison.

Kirk began writing his noir fiction in 2019 and two years after launching the “DCI Logan Crime Thriller” series, he penned “Northwind,” the first of the “Robert Hoon Thriller” series.

He is now one of the most popular fiction authors in the world with millions of copies of his novels sold. Over this time, he has grown a huge legion of fans from across the globe delighted with his Highlander series of novels.

He has become the author known for writing novels with gruesome deaths, twisty plots, and laugh-out-loud humor. He is one of the very few authors from Scotland to ever make the shortlist for the Kindle Storyteller prize.
Given his love for Scotland-based fiction, it is not surprising that he has been living in Fort William, Scotland for years.

While it does seem as if JD Kirk came from nowhere, he has actually been writing for years. Growing up, he loved writing short stories and comics in notebooks that his parents used to get for him.

Even at a very young age, he was a huge fan of violence and gore just like he would be as an adult.
He would decide to become an author at age nine when he finished working on a Roald Dahl project in class. It was this project that showed him that writing was something that he could do professionally.

Before then all his writing has been for his own pleasure and hence when he realized he could make a career of it, there is nothing better he wanted to do.

When he was older he began writing screenplays as he dreamed of being a writer of blockbuster cinematic movies.
Soon enough, he realized just how hard it was to break into the space and decided to opt for much smaller low-budget screenplays.

While several of his works were picked up by production companies, nothing came of them. It was then that he decided to transform his screenplays into novels and the rest is history.

The “Robert Hoon Thrillers” are an exciting set of novels that are all about the adventures of Bob Hoon, the Detective Superintendent first introduced in the DCI Logan Thriller sereis.

He is a larger-than-life unpleasant and foul-mouthed bully who seems like something of a caricature. Nonetheless, he is a man that does get the job done which results in a love-hate relationship with his superiors.

All around, he is something of a DCI Kett if he was not grounded by the influence of his wife and children.

In seeking to achieve his detective investigation goals he uses all manner of techniques including violence and manipulation. He is also very persistent in his endeavors and will never leave any stone unturned in his work.

Over the course of the series, we get to understand Hoon better as despite being a larger-than-life foul-mouthed, a hard-nut, action man, beneath all he is a loyal, caring, and true friend.

JD Kirk combines humor and action with some brutal, bloody, and violent plots and characters to make excellent crime thrillers.

“Northwind” the first novel of the “Robert Hoon Thrillers” series introduces our protagonist Detective Superintendent Robert Hoon.

He is a former police officer and former soldier and is currently a man on the edge. He divided his time between a whisky bottle and a dead-end job and is shunned by colleagues.

His life is a mess until one of his friends from his Special Forces days comes asking for help finding his daughter. She has been missing for several weeks and the police have been unable to find her.
Hoon owes him one and promises to help him find his daughter. From the mean streets of London to the Scottish highlands, Hoon goes on a relentless hunt as he encounters old enemies and makes new friends.
But it is his enemies who have all the information about what happened to his friend’s daughter. However, what his enemies do not know is that this case has given him a purpose in life which makes him very dangerous.
He may be a disgraced former police officer, borderline psychopath and barely functioning alcoholic, but he is still a huge believer in justice.

The second novel of JD Kirk’s “Robert Hoon Thrillers” series is “Southpaw.”

This work continues from where the first of the series left off. After helping his former colleagues find
Caroline their daughter that had gone missing, it seems that Hoon has pissed off some dangerous people.
The girl had been taken by a group that goes by the name “The Loop.” They are a heartless cabal that usually kidnaps girls and makes them addicts before forcing them into prostitution.
Over the years, Hoon has made a ton of enemies but he is more interested in taking on “The Loop” and burning it to the ground. There are many people that would love to see his head on a spike but he was never one to ever run from a fight.

But to take on “The Loop” organization he needs to find a way to get in. The only person that can get him in is Miles Crabtree of MI5.

He is impressed by Hoon’s pig-headedness and stubbornness and is also very interested in bringing the shadowy and evil cabal to justice.

Will Hoon be able to take down the cabal and will he come out of this alive?

JD Kirk’s third novel of the “Robert Hoon Thrillers” series is “Westward.” The lead protagonist Robert Hoon may have crossed the wrong people this time around and this may just be the end of him.

In the previous outing, he had struck a death blow against the Loop organization but is now the target of the Alphas. The latter are elite assassins that are determined to take him out.
Outgunned, outnumbered, and on unfamiliar territory, his only chance of surviving is to head to the north of the Highlands to the land he knows best.

He had sworn never to set foot there in his lifetime but had no choice.

JD manages to pen a remarkable story with endlessly new and creative expletives for his lead and the introduction of some interesting new characters.

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