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Robert Jan Mrazek was a former member of the House of Representatives of the United States. He was a Democratic Party member that represented Long Island’s 3rd Congressional District for much of the 1980s.

The author and politician was born in Newport Rhode Island but spent much of his childhood in New York’s Huntington. In 1967, he graduated from Cornell and soon after got recruited into the United States Navy.

Mrazek got elected to the US congress after he defeated John LeBoutillier the Republican incumbent and served for a decade between 1983 and 1993.

While he was a Congressman, he was the co-author of the law that prevented the government from bulldozing the Manassas battlefield for the construction of a shopping center.

He was also the author of the Amerasian Homecoming Act and the Tongass Timber Reform Act. The Homecoming Act made it possible for nineteen thousand children of Americans that fought in the Vietnam War to come home.

His 1988 National Film Preservation Act established the Library of Congress-based federal registry that protects culturally important films.

While Robert Jan Mrazek was very effective as a legislator, he has said that politics was nothing but a three-decade tour from what he really wanted to do in life.

Once he left Congress, he started thinking that he needed to be a writer and began making moves toward that goal.

While he always desired to become an author, he did not have a smooth start to his career. His first two novels went unpublished, even though just one took him two and a half years to write.

With money running low, Robert began doubting if he would find success as an author. At the end of his patience, he picked up his high school-aged daughter, and together they went to the campus at Cornell.

During his visit to Cornell, he woke up very early in the morning as he had an idea for a war set during the civil war. For two hours, he dictated the plot of this story and only went to bed at four in the morning.
The 1998 published work “Stonewall’s Gold” would go on to become a bestselling title.

Since he retired from Congress and politics, Robert Jan Mrazek has penned more than ten works. He has also been the writer and co-director of “The Congressman,” a feature film that came out in 2016.

His works now feature historical fiction across two series and single-standing novels and non-fiction works. Two years after it was published, “Stonewall’s Gold” was the winner of the best Civil War novel Michael Shaara Prize.

Mrazek also won the American Library Association’s W.Y. Boyd Prize for Excellence in Military Fiction for his novel “Deadly Embrace.”

Robert Jan Mrazek is also the author of two critically acclaimed works including the Washington Post’s Best Book of American History on “A Dawn Like Thunder” and the story of the 1943 disastrous mission in Germany by the US Air Force titled “To Kingdom Come.”

Robert Jan Mrazek’s novel “Valhalla” is set on the Greenland ice cap, where an astounding discovery is made by an expedition team.

Five hundred feet under the thick cap of ice are discovered nine bodies of perfectly preserved Vikings and the wreckage of their ancient ship. According to the rune markings on the ship, it likely went missing in 1016 BC.
Motivated by the find, Steven Macaulay the retired air force general brings together some of the best scholars that are experts in Norse archeology that includes Lexy Vaughan the master decoder and Harvard academic.
However, their mission is violently sabotaged since this discovery comes with a mystery that has the potential of changing the human race forever.

Trying to piece together the many pieces of the mystery, Lexy and Macaulay dive headlong into a web of betrayal and chaos. They do this even as they are targeted by a secret primeval society that is determined to protect their secrets at all costs.
It is an intense storyline with enough character development that comes with nail-biting action.

“The Bone Hunters” by Robert Jan Mrazek is the story of the “Peking Man,” one of the biggest archeological discoveries. The Peking Man remains one of the earliest known human ancestors that was aged about 780,000 years.
However, the archeological find had gone missing from a cargo ship that was headed to the United States during the Second World War.

But the Chinese government is more interested in preventing a new religion based on the belief that the human ancestor is God from taking root.

They have put together a team of ruthless operatives to locate and destroy what is arguably the most priceless fossil in the world. However, the American government has also set up its own team that is hunting for the priceless artifact.
Across the vast Pacific, to the jungles of Central America and the mountains of Bavaria, Professor Barnaby Finchem and Lexy Vaughan his brilliant protege, and Steve Macaulay the pilot will have to deal with the vagaries of nature and evil men, as they fight to prevent the re-emergence of unbridled tyranny.

Just like the previous work, it is a work filled with adrenaline that makes for a lot of thrilling reading.

Robert Jan Mrazek’s novel “Stonewall’s Gold” is set in Virginia’s Appalachian Mountains during 1864, which has to be one of the toughest times to live in.

The Civil War is winding down and Union Troops have wasted the countryside on the order of General Sheridan.

Against this bleak outlook, Jamie Lockhart’s mother has recently taken in a border so that she can earn a little more money, as she waits for her husband to come back from the war.

Things turn interesting when soldiers’ graves start getting desecrated and an intrepid fifteen-year-old named Jamie learns that the culprit is their boarder. When they confront him, he beats up Jamie’s mother and in the confrontation Jamie kills him.
In his things, Jamie finds a cryptic map that would lead him to Stonewall’ Gold. On his quest for fortune, he has to deal with the worst and best in human nature and he also meets with a young woman and for the first time falls in love.

He comes to learn of the subtle politics that fuel the war and even stumbles upon the “Underground Railroad” with its tens of slaves heading north. He also has to confront the absurdity and reality of war as the civil war winds down.

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