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Before becoming an author, Robert Liparulo worked as a journalist that won quite a few awards and wrote over one thousand articles. He was born in West Point, New York and went to college in Utah at Weber State University.

Robert has written some stand alone novels, as well as the “Dreamhouse Kings” series (which is for young adults), the “John Hutchinson” series, and the “Immortal Files” series. His work is from the action thriller and Christian fiction genres. His fiction debut was in 2005, with the release of “Comes a Horseman”, which is a stand alone novel.

When Robert is not writing his stories, he likes to watch and analyze films, read books, swim, travel, and scuba dive.

“House of Dark Shadows” is the first novel in the “Dreamhouse Kings” series and was released in the year 2008. The King family moves to a private small town after living in Los Angeles, Xander (who is fifteen) is quite disappointed. He and the friends he had back in Los Angeles loved to make films, but Pinedale is the final place that a filmmaker of the future and cinephile would want to go.

David, Toria, and Xander are enchanted by all the rooms in the fixer upper of a Victorian house they now live in, as well as the heavy woods that surround the old house.

They quickly realize that there is something wrong with this house. There are sounds that do not come from the right direction. Bare and giant footprints appear in the dust. David tries hiding in the linen closet, and ends up in at his new school in locker 119.

Then they find the really cool and weird stuff. Like a hidden hallway that transports them to far off places in the past. Xander begins wondering about this whole thing being a teen’s dream coming true, or a horrible nightmare.

Some like the way this author was able to blend comedy with actual creepiness. Fans of the novel found they had a hard time putting this one down, it was that compelling. This is an author that some will check out for other books, either from this series, or otherwise. This is both action packed and well paced; it is an adventure, with spookiness thrown in, there is mystery and science fiction to be found in this great book, too.

“Watcher in the Woods” is the second novel in the “Dreamhouse Kings” series and was released in the year 2008. More than just the house is keeping secrets. It is more difficult than it would seem to pretend things are alright. They know that no one would have believed them, if they had told the truth about all the bizarre stuff that has happened in their old house. All they want to do is just rescue their missing family member, before anyone notices what is going on.

A stranger turns up at their house, and any options they might have had, start disappearing pretty quick. Why would this person be so intrigued by such an ugly, rundown, ancient place? What is this man hiding, right when he hides the crisscrossing scars on his body?

This is a mystery that gets even more strange with each day. Can they find out how to harness the secrets of the house and find out who is watching everything they do? Can they do all this before another family member gets taken into an unknown world?

Readers were anxious and even scared for some of the characters in the book; they also had to know what was going to happen to them by the end of the book. This is a great sequel and does not fall prey to the sophomore slump, like some books do. It was a nice change of pace too, to read from David’s point of view, this time out. Fans of the novel found this to be another well written book, with the same blend of horror, mystery, and suspense. Some are interested in seeing where things go from this point. Fans of the books are hooked, and find this is an author that is able of keeping them on the edge of their seat by his descriptive writing.

“Gatekeepers” is the third novel in the “Dreamhouse Kings” series and was released in the year 2009. The Kings have lived in this creepy old house, which they now call home for just a few days, but the terror they have gone through will last a lifetime. The mystery gets more and more confounding. The huge house shifts and is shadowy, it hides doors that transports anyone into other worlds. These are worlds that blur the line between what is dreamt and actual memory. Even a small mistake has the ability to change history forever.

That is if they take what the trembling old guy that turns up at their door, claiming he knows them. He says that they are in the house for a reason; they are gatekeepers that are to make sure only certain events get on, into the future.

There are horrors, unable to be described that are waiting on the other side of the door. As if they did not have enough on their plate at the moment, threatening them are evil forces on this side of the gates, in the form of Taksikian (an ancient stranger). This forces wants the King family out now.

Toria, David, and Xander have to go out beyond the gates so they can save the life of their missing mother. Then, they will see how serious things have become.

This is definitely an author that has a polished and skilled ability to spin his stories that will keep you hooked to each and every page of the book. All the while, dying to know how things turn out. Fans of the novel were able to read the entire thing in just a single sitting. The whole entire time, there is plenty of action, making it hard for the readers to grasp that only a few days have gone by since the start. These characters are maturing, philosophizing, and think of the bright side after someone almost dies. These are books that readers are beginning to have a hard time waiting for the release date so they can read them, and then they finish them quite quickly.

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