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Burning the Water (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shake Loose the Border (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Red Serpent (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
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The Lion Wakes (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lion at Bay (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Robert Low who is of Scottish origin is a journalist and writer of various historical fiction books. His love for writing is evident as he has been practicing journalism and writing since the tender age of 17. At the age of 19 Low traveled to Vietnam to try and cover the ongoing war. After 18 months of war coverage, he came to realize that going to Vietnam had not been the wisest decision he had ever made in his entire life and swore never to repeat the same mistake ever again.

Low as since earned his living as a writer in Scotland, although he occasionally travels to Romania, Sarajevo, Kosovo and Albania in a desperate move to prove to himself that he is still a “real” journalist and not just an ordinary tabloid fanatic. Apart from being good at what he does, Robert Low is a loving husband to his beautiful wife and an amazing father to his daughter. This makes him a family man who loves and cares for his own. Along with age and common- sense, concerns for his family’s wellbeing were key contributors to his abandoning the lifestyle of a war correspondent and venturing into full-time novel writing. He now lives in Scotland with his dearly beloved wife.

In order to satisfy his craving for action and ancient warfare, Robert decided to take up unique hobbies like horse riding along with latterly and horse archery. All this was learned in time in an area that is rich in Viking tradition. He then decided to join the “Vikings group” which comprises of British- based society members who sole aim is to study and re- enact the Viking Age culture while displaying authentic living history and combat. Robert has perfected the art of sword and shield fighting skills that he assimilates in his literally works.

The summer and winter seasons for Robert Low cannot be compared to those of ordinary folks. During winter, he spends lots of time training hard for upcoming fights conducted all over Britain. The fights mostly entail fighting in helmets and competing in shield walls.

The author has set up an official website in which he posts, blogs and articles about life, his books, and upcoming events to his readers and fans throughout the world. He is also very active in social media has he can be found on Facebook and twitter which are the most popular social media sites. Also indicated in his official website are his personal contacts and links to relevant user information.

Books written by Robert Low

“The Oathsworn series”

The Oathsworn series is comprised of 4 major books that Robert Low has managed to write and publish from the year 2007 all the way to the year 2012. The book series has been developed into a popular TV series going by the name “The Vikings.” All the books found in the Oathsworn series can be purchased from HarperCollins. The book series, which is dated from the early 793AD, tells a story about the world of the Oathsworn. The Oathsworn are hard men bound by an oath made under the eye of Odin. Their only allegiance is to themselves as they work to protect and keep each other from harm’s way. The Oathsworn work together to conquer kingdoms and dynasties in a harsh world.

– The Whale Road

This is a story about a young man by the name Orm Bearslayer. In this story, the Oathsworn are led by Einar the Black on a journey as mercenaries for hire. The once proud war veterans who had played a huge role in conquering kingdoms in Scandinavia and other countries are abandoned by the pretty chieftains and gals who had used them to earn their status in society. This in turn does not auger well with the Oathsworn as they form vigilante like groups to establish their dominance.

– Crowbone

The Crowbone story is about a dying man who desperately wants to pass a sworn secret to Olav Tryggvasson who is the only left true prince of Norway. Olav Tryggvasson also known as Crowbone embarks on a quest to discover the secret’s meaning and to reclaim is rightful place as the ruler of Norway. Crowbone together with his band of highly trained men embarks on an unforgiving journey full of enemy confrontations and higher forms of treachery from his old friends. Some unexpected alliances emerge testing the very bond that binds the Oathsworn.

“The Kingdom Series”

The Kingdom series is a book series that deals with the Scottish wars of independence. Although there are various characters involved, Hal of Herdmanston is the main character here. Hal- Sir Henry Sientcler who is the only son of Lord Herdmanston finds himself entangled in the confusion of a civil war. He finds himself in a dangerous world in which brothers and friends can become enemies in no time and has to fight for his own survival.

– The Lion Wakes

In the lion wakes, Sir Hals father unleashes a Scottish rebellion that was meant to bring the Northern countries under his control but ends up uniting various factions against him. Sir Hal becomes the main target as he is entangled in various plots and counterplots designed to kill him. As if that is not bad enough, he makes an enemy of Earl of Buchan and swears to have his revenge some day. He then comes to realize that in order for him to get his revenge; he must survive various battles, forms of treachery and guard a huge secret.

– The Lion Rampant

This is a story about a nation that has lost sisters, brothers, wives, daughters and lovers through death and imprisonment. As a result of losing everything, and after undergoing seven years of struggle and endurance, Hal of Herdmanston and his loyal supporter Bruce will have to come face to face with a vengeful king by the name Edward II so as to free their loved ones. The interesting rebellion has its own unique twists and turns.


The Viking experience has made Robert Low to be not only a credible writer, but also come up with realistic battle scenes, themes and characters. his books are a masterpiece work of art.

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  1. Jim Scott: 1 year ago

    Love your books , border reivers and Viking series’s.

  2. John Francis: 2 years ago

    RIP Robert Low. I first read the brothers of the sands series then the border reivers series. Once I’d read the first book of each series, I had to read the rest. They were superb. I discovered that Robert was no longer with us from a book by S.J.A. Turney.
    He remembers Robert at the beginning of his book.
    My condolences to his family and friends. A top top author who will be sadly missed.

    • Jim Scott: 1 year ago

      Thanks for the reply , that’s a blow. My apologies and condolences to whom it may concern. But to say he lives on in his excellent books would be a fitting tribute to a great author.


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