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Publication Order of Koa Kāne Hawaiian Mystery Books

Death of a Messenger (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Off the Grid (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fire and Vengeance (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Treachery Times Two (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Retribution (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Robert B. McCaw is a bestselling author of mystery fiction from New York City. The author got his first breakthrough in 2015 with the publishing of “Death of a Messenger,” the first novel of the “Koe Kane Hawaiian Mystery” series of novels in 2015.
He grew up in a typical military family and traveled all over the world with his parents. Following his graduation from Georgetown University, he would join the US Army and rise to the rank of lieutenant. Thereafter, he went to the School of Law at the University of Virginia where he got his Juris Doctor degree.

He would then work for the Supreme Court as a judicial clerk for Justice Hugo L. Black. Robert McCaw would become a lawyer in New York City and Washington, DC, and represented directors, lawyers, and investment banks among many other clients in complex criminal and civil cases.

Many of his cases got a lot of media coverage during this time making him one of the most sought-after lawyers.

For several years, he made his home on Big Island in Hawaii where he studied the peoples, culture, and history. Among his many interests include astronomy and archeology. He currently makes his home in New York City where he lives with his wife.

McCaw always found a fascination in puzzles and when he opted to study mathematics at Georgetown University, he found that getting solutions to intricate mathematics problems provided a huge high. However, he found a career in mathematics too constricting and decided to find something else to do.

Since his father had been a JAG officer for the US Army, he decided to become an army man too. Following graduation from boot camp, he was posted to Chuncheon in South Korea, which is where he got into the law.

Out of nowhere, he had one day been handed a courts martial manual and made the prosecutor in a case against a soldier that had committed some offense. He proceeded to try the case against a fully qualified member of the state bar and surprisingly won his first case.
He was fascinated by the puzzle of the law and from that point on he was hooked and began studying law. He just knew he wanted to become a lawyer which he has gone on to practice for more than four decades.

Ultimately, he tried many prominent cases and became a partner in a major law firm in the United States.

After practicing the law for many years, Robert B. McCaw felt that he needed to add balance to his life. He had the good fortune of visiting and falling in love with Hawaii.

He toured the hotspots in Hawaii including a star gazing tour on the tallest mountain on the islands where he did a star gazing tour. He would make friends with one of the people in an astronomy program at a local college and learn a lot about astronomy and the cosmos.
Ultimately, built a home on Big Island complete with a small observatory, and loved heading there for his yearly vacations. In his free time, he also studied the culture, language, and history of Hawaii. While still working as a lawyer he began writing as he chose the mystery genre.

He combined archeology and history as he searched for answers to mysteries he came up with. Many acquaintances and friends in Hawaii shared their experiences and insights with him and he compiled these into his novels.
But since Robert was very busy with being a lawyer it would take many years before he became a published author. It was not until he retired that he dedicated all his time to the novel that he published in 2015.

“Death of a Messenger” by Robert McCaw is a novel that takes its readers deep into the exotic locales of Hawaii, where he explores the culture, language, and crime on the Big Island.

On Hawaii Island, there is an anonymous call to 911 and the caller reports that a body has been discovered at the Army’s live fire training area, Pohakuloa. Kopa Kane the Hilo Chief Detective is a police officer with a dark criminal past who heads to the scene to find a badly mutilated body with all the hallmarks of ritual sacrifice.

He finds all manner of challenges as he goes after a deranged killer, and has to deal with hostility from Westerners, an incompetent medical examiner, a myriad of lies, and sovereignty advocates.

Koa finds himself racing to determine if the victim learned a shocking secret or stumbled upon cutting-edge archeological thieves which resulted in his death, even as it put many others in danger.

Will the most respected detective in Hilo be able to stop the deranged killer or will the man be able to strike once again? It makes for an interesting story similar to the novels by the likes of James Lee Burke and Michael Connelly.

Robert B. McCaw’s novel “Off the Grid” opens with Koa Kane the Chief Detective in Hilo following a fluttering piece of clothing.

He finds the tortured remains of an unfortunate victim who lost his life as he was caught in the path of an advancing lava flow. For the detective, this happens to be the second homicide that is just as gruesome and for some reason, he believes the two are connected.
They are crimes that could just cost him his career or rewrite the history of the Big Island in Hawaii. The victims are an isolated couple that he soon learns are mysterious fugitives that had been living off the grid.

What is even more intriguing is that his investigation is thwarted by the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Chinese government, and the CIA who seem hardpressed to obscure the real identities of the victims.

He refuses to buckle to political pressure and soon enough finds himself drawn into a dark web of international intrigue. While conducting his investigations, he uncovers a shocking government conspiracy that could change Hawaii forever.

“Fire and Vengeance” by Robert B. McCaw is a novel that continues to follow Koa Kane the Chief Dectie of Hilo.

He had once upon a time killed his father’s biggest enemy and believes he got away with it. He had been estranged from his younger brother who is in prison after he committed multiple crimes.
As such, he is not the typical police officer but it does seem his demons are the drive for his determination to ensure justice.

He could not have been more motivated than when he learns that someone had built an elementary school atop a volcanic vent. This resulted in a huge disaster when the volcano exploded.

But then the architect and contractor had been murdered and this means the detective had to work fast before he loses all evidence of the truth. As his investigation ramps up, his brother is taken ill as it seems he had a brain tumor that had not been diagnosed.

He makes use of his connections to come up with a risky plan to get his brother out of prison. Ultimately, he uncovers a four-decade-old conspiracy but he may be forced to choose either between his brother’s freedom or justice for the victims.

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