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Bloodman / Eye of the Storm (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mannheim Rex (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
American Woman / Harvest / River of the Dead (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Dark Side of Mysteries & Thrillers(2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Robert Pobi is an international bestselling novelist who has made a name for himself for his mystery thrillers. His bestselling novels have been published in more than fifteen languages in more than nineteen countries across the globe. Before he became an author he had been a dealer in Georgian antiques for more than thirteen years. He spends much of his time in Florida, Montreal and Northern California. In warm weather of fall and summer he loves to spend time in the country in his cabin where there is no television, Internet, or telephone service. When he needs to check email he heads out to a tiny town hall eight miles away, where he joins a gang of octogenarian smokers and gets some free Wi-Fi. When the weather changes, he moves to Florida where he has a house by the beach and spends much of his time writing and drinking whiskey. His writing desk once belonged to Roberto Calvi and still weirds out his housekeeper with its collection of shrunken heads. Among his hobbies include fishing and he boasts of having fished for anything from monstrous pike in Finland and great white sharks in Montauk.

Pobi cites some of the favorite writers that have influenced him as Mark Twain, Hunter S. Thompson. Jeff Raines, Seth Morgan, Rudyard Kipling, Christopher Hitchens, Ernest Hemingway, Morton Freedgood. William Faulkner and Michael Crichton. Among his favorite novels include the likes of David Morrell’s “Lessons from a Lifetime of Writing,” and Pierre Berton’s “The Joy of Writing: A Guide for Writers Disguised as a Literary Memoir.” Since he is a very private person he does not do social media and does not have Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram though he is working to improve his email skills. Nonetheless, he holds the honor of being the only person that could make the Buddhist monks among his group of friends yell at him during a debate on the merits of meditation.

Robert Pobi made his debut with “Bloodman” an aggressively complex masterpiece of a story with compelling characters and riveting scenes. The author introduced his unique layer upon layer and clues that make up the puzzle that his characters set out to unravel. Pobi’s work conjures clear images whether it be of quiet moments between a wife and husband or a grisly murder scene. Readers have loved how he writes gripping stories that have flipping the pages. A good example of this is when the anguish and devastation of Cole’s life is mirrored by the destruction of a hurricane treating down the city. He combines excellent pacing with an exposition of the character’s lives which leaves one racing towards the end looking to find the culprit. In “American Woman,” his readers are in a desperate rush to piece together the pieces and find just who is responsible for a string of murders even as the author ends it all with a jaw-dropping finale that will surprise just about anyone. Full of violence twists and turns, he writes riveting stories that have you squirming in horror to make for an exceptional experience. All of his novels show an author that knows how to write a story that will leave you thinking for days after you are done reading them.

“Bloodman” is Robert Pobi’s debut novel that features FBI agent Jake Cole as the lead character. Cole just went back home for the first time in twenty-five years since his father has advanced Alzheimer’s. He plans to get into town make important care decisions and then get out and go back to his job in the city. But things are never that simple as on his first night back home he is called by the local sheriff who needs his help. Two bodies have been found skinned in a sublet house in town. Jake had been working on such cases for years ever since the FBI had realized that he had a mind for crime scenes given his eidetic memory. As the local famous painter’s son and nearest FBI agent, he has the authority and unofficial training that makes him the best man to analyze the crime scene in a way that no one else in forensics can. His abilities will come in handy given that the case has a time limit given that a Category Five hurricane is expected to sweep across town within two days. If he does not act fast, it will wash away all the evidence. But what makes this even more exciting is that the moment he checks out the crime scene, he thinks he has dealt with the work of the killer before.

“City of Windows” the first of the Lucas Page series is an excellent novel that is set in New York City, during one of the worst blizzards in living memory. An FBI agent is killed by a sniper who takes a nearly impossible shot. The storm wipes most of the evidence forcing Brett Kehoe the agent in charge to turn to ex FBI agent Lucas Page for help. Page had left the FBI years ago after losing an eye, an arm and a leg, which had forced him to go into academia, where his drive had made him a bestselling author. He had been one of the best at reading a crime scene, figuring out trajectories and angles and hence he was the only hope of finding the sniper’s nest. But the man has no interest in returning to the FBI given that he just got married. But then he is told that the man killed was his former colleague and partner. He agrees to help in the investigation only to find himself facing up to a killer with excellent skills and an unknown motive. Things get interesting when he commits a string of subsequent murders all with nearly impossible angles. The only clue he has to go on is that all the murder victims are police officers until the killer goes for his family. He is running out of time to identify and find the unstoppable and ruthless killer and his connection to law enforcement, before he loses his loved one to the psychopath.

“American Woman” is the story of Alexandra Hemingway, a woman who has the guts to kayak on the Hudson during one of the worst heatwaves to ever hit New York City. She just learned that she is pregnant and the life-changing news has left her conflicted. But then she breaks a mugger’s wrist and shoots an accomplice with her own gun and it becomes clear that the six-foot-tall Hemingway is not your everyday woman. She is a quick-witted NYPD police detective with one of the sharpest minds and a murky past. She is called in alongside her partner Jon Phelps when the body of a boy only ten years old is found in the river with its feet missing. It is not long before another body with the same mutilations and age is discovered. They have a serial killer on their hands. The disturbing murders are not random and the investigators need to find the connection between the victims before the homicidal maniac can kill again.

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  1. ben rapaport: 1 year ago

    I am a fanatic reader of Daniel Silva and Lee Child”’and enjoy their books, but a friend introduced me to Robert Pobi. Having already read four of his books so far, I await any others he may write. The protagonist, Lucas Page, reminds me of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher!

    Now a fan, Ben Rapaport

  2. Jo Bohn: 1 year ago

    I just finished “Under Pressure” and enjoyed every minute of Dr. Page triumphs and failures. Whittaker is quite the character, nice to see a woman manage the problems with her ability. I would like to see more of his wife Erin with her goals and scarey adventures. I know there are a lot in the hospital. “City of Windows” and “Do No Harm” really got me hooked. Keep it up for our sake. I am a retired nurse and really love a good mystery!

  3. carol rosario: 1 year ago

    A gift from my son-in-law – first time reading a Pobi book – City of Windows. What a fantastic writer. Just ordered Under Pressure and cannot wait for its’ arrival.

  4. Francis B Ferry: 1 year ago

    Do No Harm is the first book I’ve read by Robert Pobi. I am absolutely hooked. His writing style is absolutely tight, and I have not been able to put this book down. It’s always a pleasure to find a new author. I especially liked his “hat nod” to Harlan Coben. Thanks again.
    Fran Ferry

  5. Paul Mallery: 2 years ago

    Do you have a 2022 novel about Dr Lucas Page?

    • Graeme: 2 years ago

      Yes as listed above – it is released in August.


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