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Spark and the League of Ursus (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Spark and the Grand Sleuth (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Leap High Yahoo (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Brevity and Echo(2006)Description / Buy at Amazon

Repino would grow up in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania. He would go on to enroll in the Peace Corps. After serving in the Corps in Grenada from 2000 to 2002, he enrolled in higher learning. He attended Emerson College and studied creative writing, graduating with his M.F.A.

Since then, he has been hard at work writing fiction. His words have been nominated for several awards, including a Pushcart Prize. Robert’s writing has also been featured in a variety of publications, including Hobart, Night Train, The Literary Review, The Furnace Review, Word Riot, JMWW, Juked, The Coachella Review, and the anthology put out by Rose Metal Press called Brevity and Echo.

Robert serves as a pitcher for the softball team for Oxford University Press as well as its flag football team’s quarterback. He also works as an editor.

Repino’s first novel to be published came out in 2015 and is titled Mort(e). Another one of his books, Leap High Yahoo, came out that year as well. He is also the writer of the League of Ursus series, which kicked off in 2020.

Repino is the creator as well as writer of the Mort(e) series, which is also known by the titled of the War With No Name series. Soho Press published the first book in the series in 2015. The book also saw a 1.5 version novel come out in the series in 2016 called Culdesac. The official second novel in the series was published in 2017 and is titled D’Arc. Mort(e) is all about a war that goes on between people and animals.

Mort(e) is a science fiction story and the debut in the War With No Name or Mort(e) series by author Robert Repino. If you love books that are all about animals and the unique worlds that they live in, or just love inventive science fiction or creative stories, then by all means check out this series! The first novel is all about a cat assassin that is looking for a love from the past.

The first war that doesn’t have a name has started, and it has one simple goal. The goal, of course, is to ensure human extinction. Who has started this war in the first place? That would be the Colony, a group of intelligent ants.

The ants have been waiting for thousands of years, working on building up their own army in the shadows. The goal of the army is to get rid of the humans, who they consider to be destructive and oppressive as well.

The Colony wants to create a utopia, a world that they see of being totally free from all of the things that humans tend to gravitate to. These include exploitation, violence, and even religious superstition.

The Colony has just one final step in their effort to start a war, and it’s a big one. They want to use technology to change over the animals that live on the surface into beings with two legs, high-functioning, that rise and slay their masters. It seems like an effective plan if they can pull it off.

Then there’s Mort(e). He used to be a house cat living it up in a home with people, then he became a war hero. He is known for going and taking on the missions that will be the most risky and dangerous. His name is also known for taking on EMSAH, the bio weapon used by the humans, in a fight. But what also influences his drive is something else entirely.

Mort(e) is partly motivated to take on such reckless ventures because he’s also committed to finding a friend that existed before the transformation happened. The individual in question is Sheba, a dog. Then the cat gets a message that appears to come from the human resistance that mysteriously informs him that Sheba appears to be alive.

He doesn’t know if he can find her, or if the information is even true. Still, he has held out hope for so long that he feels that he must see if Sheba is really out there. Thus starts a journey for the cat that will see him going through the places that the humans still have protected right to the very center of the Colony.

There he may just find out the bio weapon’s source as well as what is to become of every living creature on the planet. Can Mort(e) triumph or is this a quest too much for one cat to handle? Find out by reading the first book in this series!

D’Arc is the second installment of the series War With No Name by Robert Repino. If you liked the first story then be sure to check this one out too!

The peace that reigned between species came after the war is now being threatened. Mort(e), along with Sheba, may be drawn into a battle that there may be no turning back from.

The ending of the war saw many results. The Colony was taken down, the queen was dead. The world was forever changed. The queen utilized a technology that worked on the surface animals. Cats, dogs, bears, wolves, and more all changed into intelligent creatures that ended up taking on those that seemed like oppressors.

Now that the animals are self aware, they are in the situation of having to co-exist and live with humans, their former foes. Now a new version of society is forming. Meanwhile, Mort(e) is living far from this civilization with Sheba and they’re sharing a nice life together. It’s all going smoothly, but it’s only a matter of time before the world they tried to escape finds them.

Sure enough, chaos comes to find them. A monster is nearby, taking on a beaver settlement and spreading terror. Then there’s Hosanna, where apparently a serial killer is about. Meanwhile, a cult with apocalyptic leanings is unsettling the peace and amphibian creatures are coming from the sea trying to pick up where the Colony left off.

They’re ready to take on the battle but can they win the fight? Will true love see them through the risks? Read this thrilling book to find out!

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