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Robert Rotenberg is one of the noteworthy Canadian authors, who is famous for writing mystery and thriller novels. He is particularly well known for writing the Detective Green novel series. Author Rotenberg has studied the English literature from the Toronto University.

Later, he obtained his degree in law from the law school of Osgoode Hall. Rotenberg has also obtained a Master’s degree from the London Economics School in the field of International Law.

In addition to writing novels, author Rotenberg also practices law in his own co-founded a law firm called Rotenberg Shidlowski Jesin. He started his writing career in the year 2009 with the release of his debut book titled Old City Hall.

This book also served as the first book of his popular novel series. Author Rotenberg was born on April 21, 1953, in Canada. He has an extensive experience in the field criminal defense law. During the tenure of his master’s degree in London, Rotenberg traveled extensively throughout the whole of Europe on numerous scholarships.

He says that the influences that he had of the legal profession and the literary realm have played important roles throughout his life and career. During the initial years of the 1980s, author Rotenberg used to serve as the editor of an English language magazine in Europe called Passion.

After returning to Canada, he founded a magazine known as T.O., The Toronto Magazine, along with a partner. Author Rotenberg used to publish in this magazine and continued to do so for a period of 6 years, after which it folded in the year 1988.

Rotenberg also had several brief stints as a producer at CBC Radio and a film executive. After this, he decided to return to his law career. Rotenberg found law partners and associates in the form of Jacob Jesin and Alvin Shidlowski, with whom he founded his law firm in the early 1990’s. Since then, all three of them have been defending their clients in the cases ranging from shoplifting to murder.

One of the particular cases that Rotenberg has defended is that of an art student of the Ontario College in 2007, who had made a prank about a fake bomb in the college campus and uploaded the video on YouTube, which he said he had done for his art project.

This prank had caused an evacuation from the Ontario Museum at the time of a fundraising event. In the recent times, author Rotenberg has been spending less time practicing law as he has planned to write around 20 thriller novels set in and around the field of law in Toronto.

The first book of author Rotenberg was published in numerous countries of the world at the same time. It was translated in international versions and was even released in audio formats. All the thriller books that he has written so far have featured on the bestseller list Globe and Mail.

Along with writing novels and practicing law, Rotenberg also teaches on part time basis at Humber Writing School. He is involved in teaching the correspondence courses. Rotenberg also takes up writing seminars in Toronto. He likes to present his work to various critics and likes to meet writers and readers at live events. Whenever Rotenberg gets some spare time from his busy schedule, he likes to get involved in giving lectures in law schools. He also shows particular interests in participating in various writers’ festivals. As of today, he resides in Toronto along with his beloved wife and 3 children. His wife is Vaune Davis, who works as a news producer on television.

The Detective Greene series written by Robert Rotenberg is comprised of a total of 4 books, which were released between the years 2009 and 2013. Each of the books in this thrilling series feature the chief protagonists in the role of Ari Greene and Daniel Kennicott. Green is shown as a detective, while Kennicott is depicted as an officer, both of whom are based in Toronto, Canada. One of the initial books published in the series is entitled ‘The Guilty Plea’.

It was released in 2011. This book is filled with razor sharp action scenes, including insider knowledge of author Rotenberg about the trial scenes and courtroom machinations. At the beginning of the story, the author has introduced Wyler Food family’s youngest son named Terence Wyler. On the day his divorce trial, his dead body is discovered with a stabbing from the kitchen of his posh home. Detective Greene reaches the place before the arrival of press and finds Wyler’s 4 year old son sleeping on the upper floor. Later, Greene comes to know that Wyler’s ex-wife named Samantha has surrendered at the office of her lawyer and confessed to have killed Wyler. She also submits the bloody knife with which the crime was committed.

It appears that the case is solved without any efforts. But, Greene soon discovers that the Wyler family is keeping secrets and does not want them to come out in open. Greene knows that there is much more in the murder case than what appears in front of the naked eye. He also knows that the truth is not simple and has to find the missing link to solve the case once and for all.

The next thriller book published in the series is titled ‘Stray Bullets’. Published in 2012, the book features the lead characters as Detective Greene, Nancy Parish, and Daniel Kennicott. The story depicts a snowy night in November at its beginning. A firing takes place near a busy doughnut shop in downtown.

A young boy gets critically injured in the firing. Detective Greene arrives at the crime scene and begins to look for answers and witnesses to the incident. Greene finds that the boy’s parents are in a lot of grief and at the same time, the pressure keeps mounting on him from the citizens to find the man who committed the horrible crime. Soon, Detective Greene learns that the defense counsel named Nancy Parish has taken to defend her oldest client. Greene wonders why she has agreed to defend the person who causes her a lot of difficulties in defending him. But, no one seems to know the whole story. Detective Greene takes it upon himself to dig deeper and find out the truth before it’s too late. He is required to solve the intricate mystery very soon so as to establish peace in the town once again.

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