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Publication Order of Dr. Watson Books

Dead Man's Land (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dead Can Wait (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Study in Murder (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Case of the Six Watsons (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sign of Fear (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Morning, Noon & Night Books

Early One Morning (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Blue Noon (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Night Crossing (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
After Midnight (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Sam Wylde Books

as R.J. Bailey
Safe From Harm (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Nobody Gets Hurt (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Feel No Pain (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Winner Kills All (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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as Tom Neale

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Robert Ryan is an English journalist, author and screenwriter. He writes in the mystery genre. He is also known as Tom Neale and was born in 1963, in Liverpool, England. He moved to London when he was 18, to study natural science at the University. After his graduation he became a natural sciences lecturer for several years before changing his career to journalism. He began his writing career in the late 1980’s, writing for Arena, and The Face. During this time, Ryan also wrote for the US GQ magazine, The Daily Telegraph, Esquire, US Conde Nast Traveler, and later for the Sunday Times. He lives in London with his wife and three children.

He published his first novel, Underdogs, in 1999. By 2010 he had published 11 novels. Robert Ryan has published 12 novels to date in his name, his most famous being ‘Dead Man’s Land’ He has published two novels under the penname Tom Neale. His novel ‘Death on the Ice’ was praised and recommended by the Antarctic Heritage Trust. His novel ‘Empire of Sand’ was inspired by David Lean’s novel ‘Lawrence of Arabia’. He is known for the Morinng, Noon and Night series, the Vince Piper series and the Dr. Watson series. Most of Robert Ryan’s books are set in historical wars like the World War I and World War II.

Early One Morning is the first novel of the Morning, Noon and Night series. This book is based on actual events, fast cars, rivalry and an epic narrative friendship in occupied France. In the twenty first century, on one crisp autumn night, a car is pulled from the depths of an Austrian lake with a skeleton still gripping the steering wheel. After some inquiries the skeleton is found to be the remains of William Grover Williams, a premier English race car driver in his time and a hero of the French Resistance. Questions arise, did he really meet his end at the bottom of the mountain lake? In the 1920’s, William Grover Williams and Frenchman Robert Benoist were teammates and also rivals on the Bugatti racing team. Apart from being locked in a fierce duel for the world title, they raced to win the heart of beautiful Eve Aubicq. The outbreak of the World War changed most things but not all. As members of the British Special Operations Executive, William Grover Williams and Robert Benoist dashed around France in support of the resistance. In their activities they not only had to be on the look out for Nazis, but had also to watch out for double agents who were everywhere and for friendship. Friendship or love, as it were, was no guarantee of loyalty. William, Robert and Eve had to constantly question themselves as to whom to trust. The wrong choice could quickly spell ones doom.

The book opens in Austria in October 2001, as John Deakin glances at his old female passenger and wonders when she is going to speak. His passenger is sitting upright and stock still, staring out at the backdrop of Alpine scenery, her bony hands crossed on her lap. She is so still that for a moment Deakin thinks she is fast asleep until he catches a movement as she blinks. The old lady hasn’t said a one since Salzburg, where Deakin picked her off the plane. She had only uttered a word of thanks when he helped her into the hired Mercedes car. Deakin wonders about his passenger. He had been instructed to fly out to Salzburg and wait for further directions. He had been there for barely a day when a message came from the consulate. He was to pick up one Dame Rose Miller an Extra VIP. He didn’t argue. Then Sir Charles called, and clearly explained that the lady deserved British respect and thanks, and that he was to indulge her, this once. Thinking about it Deakin found that he was honestly glad to be back in the old firm even though this time it was a UDA. And the money was pretty good, ten thousand for a weeks work. It was better than he earned organizing security at corporate events. At the young age of thirty eight, Deakin had been discharged from the spy agency. His superiors had cited changing times; there being too many spies and not enough enemies they had said. His severance pay had been good, but he had not expected to be put out to grass at such a young age.

Blue moon is the second book of the Morning, Noon and Night series. This book is based on a true story of England’s worst traitor. It is a story about love and deception behind enemy lines. Harry Cole rakish charm takes him all the way to Hong Kong from London. In Hong Kong he chauffeurs a local colonel, when he is not busy in bed with his boss’s wife. With the imminent arrival of the Imperial Japanese Army about to spoil his fun, Cole quits Hong Kong and goes to settle in France just before the Nazis take it over. Cole’s timing might need a bit of work, but he finds the perfect cover as a Captain Mason of the British Special Operations Executive. Cole plans to say out of the way till the end of the war, and perhaps make a little money in the meantime. All goes well until a beautiful French nurse talks Cole into taking a bit of risk; to be a little adventurous for what is right. He finds that aiding the resistance is just the kind thing he was born to do. With his lover’s support he grows more creative and bolder than ever. However, the two lovers are operating in a den of deception and there is a risk of crossing the wrong person at every turn. As it turns out, by the end of the war, Cole is facing the one charge he might not talk his way out of, the charge of treason!

The book opens in Hong Kong in 1938, as Harry Cole lights his first cigarette of the day. He gazed over the waters of the bay to the Stonecutters Island and wonders how the gun crews out there are faring during the night. The death toll was mounting. Reports were talking of two hundred dead, and counting on the Chinese mainland. Most of these were Chinese though. The big wind, daih fung, had dashed itself around the hillsides, creating wild vortices that ravaged the sprawling shanty towns. A number nine storm, the experienced hands claimed, just one short of a direct hit. Cole would hate to see a ten, if what he was witnessing were the effects of a number nine storm.

Cole closed his eyes and a familiar show played in his mind. In it he saw the crimson robe fall from he shoulders, and he held his breath as she come forward out of the shadows. A week ago, he had stood behind a carved screen that formed the false wall of the Spartan room, where he had watched the suki girl stage an act for Colonel Parker his Commanding Officer. He had been sure that both the Colonel and the girl could hear his drumming heart from his hiding point. However, the lovers had other matters on their minds.

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