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Revelations (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dark Descent (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Let There Be Light (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Genesis (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Tenth Protocol (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lost Prophet (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Robert Storey is a thriller author born in the United Kingdom. At a young age, he always dreamed of becoming a fiction writer one day, but he never made it to chase his dream. After years, he got a debilitating neurological condition due to a car accident he was earlier involved in.

He later became housebound, and after a decade, he began to think that maybe his condition would lead to his death. Then one day, in his darkest hours, he found refuge in writing. At first, he thought that no one would read his work or like it, but to his surprise, people loved it, and he became a bestselling author of the Ancient Origins Series.

Even though his condition doesn’t allow him to get outside, he still writes. He currently lives in England, Kent County.

Revelations is the debut novel in the Ancient Origins series. The story begins with a prologue dated November 13, 2017. Humanity’s greatest history has been kept a secret for so long. The origin of the human species is not what people have always thought; after all, living things on the earth are threatened.
Professor Steiner is the head of a huge government underground facility, and he’s summoned to the White House to have a meeting with the Vice President, deputy director of national intelligence, the chief of staff, and general from the Joint Chiefs.

Steiner is informed that the steroid discovered in 2011 will likely hit earth in 2040, causing a near extinction. The destruction will be worse than the one that destroyed the dinosaurs around sixty-five million years ago. The world will go in darkness for many years, and most people and animals will be no more.
The only way to ensure human survival is to build massive subterranean facilities worldwide that will house hundreds of thousands of the people selected to ensure the human race doesn’t become extinct. The Global Meteor Response Council has chosen Professor Steiner under the UN to lead the program in building the facilities. This would make him among the very powerful people in the world. Steiner’s job is set to start immediately, and he’ll face so many obstacles and attacks on the way.

The ordinary people haven’t been enlightened about how the situation will be severe, which brings riots everywhere. There are conflicts in the different levels in the USA military contingent, and a group of soldiers for hire have their plans.

Another set of characters is led by Sarah Morgan, a leading archaeologist, and anthropologist in another plotline. Sarah and her friends have discovered a strange artifact that shows a race of giant humans that lived hundreds of thousands of years in the past. The race used advanced technology, and some influential people wanted this discovery to be kept a secret from the world. The Vatican has sworn to keep such kinds of discoveries to themselves by covering them up. They’ll do anything possible to make sure Sarah doesn’t learn the whole truth and doesn’t inform the rest of the world.

They don’t see Sarah’s drive to find out the whole truth.

One of the major nations takes advantage of the chaos and attacks the bordering countries

The two-story plots eventually cross paths, and various characters come together before the book ends. Both plotlines have intrigue, mystery, suspense, and murder. Revelations is a well-developed and moving story, and the author has done a fantastic job of blending several storylines. The psychological responses and human reactions in the time of a disaster are nicely described giving the reader a feeling that they are living with the characters in the story.

The novel portrays the events and lives from the perspective of some lead characters in a high-paced, multifaceted and vivid way. Everything from the environments to the series of events that lead to the intersection of their lives are well depicted and authentic to leave the reader feeling like living the book.

Dark Descent
Dark Descent is the second novel in the Ancient Origins series. After humankind stumbled upon a massive structure buried deep down on earth, a decision was made to keep its location and existence a high secret but with a good reason. It appears that the person who created the ancient world knew something that humans didn’t know, and that makes the safety of the human planet’s surface an illusion.

In humanity’s greatest discovery, the journey has just begun. Sarah Morgan is held a prisoner in a classified subterranean facility, and the existence of undeniable proof of a fantastic discovery in the history of humankind. If Sarah is to let out this secret knowledge, she’ll have to use all her skills to get out of the facility.

Can she achieve her goal and tell the world the truth considering all the possible odds? The people on earth’s planet are struggling to accept their new existence after the effects of the steroid AG5. Plunged into total darkness, the cloud of darkness brought by the meteorite wants to destroy the order of civilization on earth.

In the darkened world, a courageous BBC news anchor, Jessica Klein, tries fighting the people in power and unveils a secret that she wishes she’d never known. Somewhere else, two men working in the Global Meteor Response Council are struggling with monumental adversity thrust on them by one of their own.

Richard Goodwin and Professor Steiner may become the only hope for humanity, but their destinies are wrapped by the chaos that they have no control of. They are running out of choice, and the clock is still ticking, and they’ve to reclaim their chosen path or watch as the people around them perish. They have to try everything possible to win the battle that rage in the Global Meteor Response council.

As the cloud threatens to choke the civilization, Sarah is still in the depths of the subterranean facility, and the truth behind the massive structure has been buried far from the earth’s surface.

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