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About Robert White

A crime and action author, the British novelist Robert White has really caught the attention of readers from around the world. This is something that he has excelled at, allowing him to become a highly versatile voice with something important to say. Knowing his readers, he’s got a gift for action and suspense, creating high tension scenes filled with both drama and excitement. Getting straight to the heart of each of his stories, he really knows exactly what it is that he wants to say as a writer.

Previously working as a cop as well as in the military, he’s seen plenty of action himself, something which gives his work a greater sense of authenticity. Often dealing with tough subject matter, he focuses on crime fiction and thriller narratives that grip the reader from start to finish. Not letting up, he grabs his audience immediately, making for some extremely engaging and thrilling action that pushes the genre forwards. Saying something important too, he has plenty of interesting ideas and themes under his work too, along with entertaining his audience.

His characters also feel real, drawing heavily from his own life, as they leave a long lasting impression upon the reader. Firmly grounded in reality, there’s a gritty sense of realism quite unlike any other, with a perspective that’s not afraid to show the truth. Many of his stories are also very well paced, making for stories that take the reader on a journey, and are difficult to put down. He’s a writer that continues to impress readers from all over, as he will carry on creating a name for himself at the forefront of the crime genre.

Early and Personal Life

Born in Leeds in the United Kingdom, Robert White would grow up with a passion for storytelling, although he would take a disliking to school early on. He would later go on to serve for the Lancashire Constabulary in 1980, working in tactical firearms and specializing in close protection. Heading to the Middle East for four years, he would help train forces, serving alongside both the US and UK military, with many retired forces members.

All of this would go back into his work, making for some extremely authentic and hard hitting novels and stories. Creating a realistic style of storytelling, he would use his own past to help inspire his books, something which prove to be hugely successful. Currently living with his wife in Lancashire, he now writes full time, continuing to keep a lookout for the next big idea.

Writing Career

The first book that Robert White would start out with was a ‘Dave Stewart Mystery’ series novel titled ‘Dirty’ released in 2013. He would later go on to publish numerous other series, including ‘Detective Sergeant Striker’ in 2014 and ‘Rick Fuller’ in beginning in 2016. Publishing ‘Breaking Bones’ as a stand-alone in 2017, he’d come to establish himself as a fully fledged author in a relatively short amount of time.

Becoming an Amazon best-selling author of crime-fiction, he’d fast become recognized around the world for his writing. Both his first two novels, ‘Dirty’ and ‘The Fix’ would go on to sell well over ten thousand copies, making him a best-selling author fast. Knowing and understanding the market clearly, he’d create fast paced storylines combined with believable characters, which he continues to do to this day.

Dark Triad

First published in 2020 on the 10th of July, this would initially come out through the Kindle platform to much acclaim. Marking the third book in the ongoing ‘Detective Sergeant Striker’ series of novels, it would carry on from the previous books with another mystery to solve. Set in the same world as before, it’s set in Lancashire, with Detective Striker working for the police-department there.

A dark and atmospheric novel, this really makes the most of its subject matter, not shying away from some of the grittier details. It’s a well paced story with a lot to offer, fully pushing the premise to the limit, getting straight to the heart of the story. With a strong well written protagonist at the heart of it, it features a compelling lead character in the form of Detective Ewan Striker.

Following the brutal murder of Charlene Major, her death sees Detective Sergeant Ewan Striker considering whether this is linked to the recent spate of pet kidnappings. With the pet thieves moving on to humans, it could be that the killer was previously torturing the animals for fun as opposed to using them for bait. This means that there may be a seriously disturbed individual on the loose, and it’s up to Ewan Striker to stop them before it’s too late. Will he be able to find the killer before they strike again? Can he hope to bring them to justice? What will become of the dark triad?

Made to be Broken

Initially brought out through ‘Robert White Books UK’ in 2021 on the 15th of March, this would be the seventh book in the ongoing ‘Rick Fuller’ series of novels. Carrying on from the last, it’s set in the same world, with another self-contained mystery, with many arcs and stories brought over. Following on from ‘The Fighter’ released in 2019, it has a lot of authenticity to it throughout, keeping it flowing at an entertaining and engaging pace.

Previously working for the government, Rick Fuller now spends his days in Pattaya drinking copiously in the low and seedy bars there. That’s when the MI6 agent Harriet Casey turns up with a photo of him on her phone, as she offers him a case back in Manchester, with plane ticket and a computer program she has stolen from Russian gangsters. Now he must head a unit with his old ally Des Cogan, as they get submerged in a web of lies and intrigue, looking to get the program back into the right hands. Will they be able to manage it though? Can they hope to find the right person? What will happen as they find they’re mad to be broken?

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