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Born in America, Robert Whitlow is an author who mainly writes in the genre of legal thriller and Christian fiction novels. The List was the first novel written by him and it was the best-selling book. According to author Whitlow, he has no ambition of writing novels or becoming a writer. He just woke up one morning, having a great thought in his mind. He thought that the past influences the present in several ways and how people don’t realize this thing. In the same morning while author Robert Whitlow was driving to work an idea struck into his mind. He thought of writing a book on the same topic and he mentioned this idea to his wife Kathy on the same night. His wife was supportive and told him to write and so he did. Hence, The List was written and published by him that became a best-selling book. The Trial was written and published by the American author Robert Whitlow after the release of The List. The Trial won a Christy Award in the year 2001. Since then, he has started writing novels.

Till now author Whitlow has written fifteen legal thrillers. He has written two titled ‘Alexia Lindale’ series and ‘Tides of Truth’ series along with some standalone novels. He has also written a short story The Rescuers. This short story is included in the book by The ChiLibris Ring titled ‘What The Wind Picked Up’. Apart from being a writer Robert Whitlow is also a filmmaker. The List, his debut novel was made into a film and Malcolm McDowell was starring in the movie. His second novel, The Trial which is a Christy Award winning book was made into a movie. Gary Wheeler was the director of the movie and Mark Freiburger wrote the screenplay. The name of the movie was same as the book and it starred Matthew Modine, Robert Forster, Bob Gunton, Nikki Deloach and Clare Carey. His standalone novel Jimmy has also been made into a movie. He graduated from the Furman University and from the University of George, School of Law, he earned his Juris Doctor degree. He is a practicing attorney and he lives in North Carolina with his wife and four children.

The American author Robert has written two series and a number of standalone novels. The first series written by him is titled ‘Alexia Lindale’ series. The first book in the series is titled ‘Life Support’ and was published by the Thomas Nelson publishers on 15th July of the year 2003. The main character of the novel is Alexia Lindale, who is a lawyer by profession. Divorce is the part where she specializes and she can easily connect with women and takes pride in her work. The latest client that she has got is trying to take full advantage of Alexia Lindale and she is totally unaware of this situation. Baxter Richardson is a man who finds himself under circumstances that are critical. To stay alive, he is on life support and his wife Rena Richardson and his father Eza don’t go along very much. They are at odds. Baxter didn’t want the support of machines to live, therefore he signed a paper stating so. The decision whether Baxter should continue living his life with machines’ support or not is now up to Rena and Eza. But the problem is that they are not able to come to an agreement. Rena wants to end her husband’s life and on the other hand Eza wants his son to live. Rena is having the support of Alexia Lindale as an attorney on the matter to end Baxter’s life. The former boss of Alexia is hired by Eza to keep Baxter alive. But Rena is also supported by Jeffery to end his life and doctors also think the same thing. Since everyone is at odds, only Ted can find a way. Ted is Alexia’s new friend and he asks God and takes the help of music therapy to bring some light in this situation. From author Whitlow, who is also the Christy-award-winner, this novel is full of mixed motives and tough decisions along with mysterious grace of healing. This book is recommended for people who likes to read about spiritual power and spiritual twists. The characters are also interesting along with some romance. It is promised that the readers will be at the edge of their seat while reading this novel.

The second novel written in the ‘Alexia Lindale’ series by the American author Whitlow, who is also the Christy-award-winner, is titled ‘Life Everlasting’. This novel was published by the Thomas Nelson publication on 14th October of the year 2004. This book is the continuation of the previous book in the series and is set in South Carolina. It is a legal thriller book and talks about Baxter Richardson after waking up from the coma. After falling from a waterfall Baxter Richardson went into coma and everyone thought that he won’t live. His wife Rena has been always by his side supporting him faithfully. But this story doesn’t end here, the local music minister Ted Morgan is trying his best to make Baxter come out of coma through the music and hoping that he will be healed by it. He knows that the gift of music is given to him by God and as he sees Baxter getting better by his music his faith in God also increases. Soon Baxter starts waking up and along with this increases the difficulties of Rena. This is because Baxter falling from the waterfall is not believed to be an accident but the work of Rena. She is accused of pushing Baxter. Rena is still being supported by lawyer Alexia Lindale and at the same time she is starting to fall in love with the music minister Ted Morgan. This novel by author Whitlow is full of twists and turns and has hinted that matches the title of the novel Life Everlasting. This recommended for people who enjoy love with courtroom drama and a good tale with a happy ending.

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  1. Robbie Prince-Andrews: 4 weeks ago

    I have read all your books!!Please write some more! You are an amazing author.

  2. Phyllis E Frayser: 5 months ago

    Stumbled upon the movies “The Trial and The List”. So impressed that I will be going to library for any of your books. Thank you for such quality work. Looking forward to some great reading.

  3. Sharyl Achilles: 5 months ago

    I have read several of your books and have enjoyed each one. I am finishing Life Everlasting and liked these two books too. I will be looking for more of them. Thank you for writing them.

  4. Chris Madder: 9 months ago

    My beloved and I have now read all your books including Double Indemnity which, I think, is the best one of all of them and so I am going back to the beginning and I will read through them all again. It is a long time since an author has given me cause to cry but you done it in many of your novels. Not least of which was Jimmy, now that was such an interesting ‘study’ I wonder if he was based on anybody you know?

  5. Janet: 11 months ago

    I have read all but one of Robert Whitlow’s books and usually cry at the end of each one as I am so moved by the story and people. Keep writing and thank you!!

  6. Joanne Lutes: 2 years ago

    Thank you so much for these books, my husband (before he passed in April) and I have read all 18 and have shared with friends and neighbors. Please keep writing, there is such a deep need.

  7. Belinda & Johnny: 2 years ago

    A friend purchased 1 of your books at a yard sale and share it with my husband and my husband in turn shared it with me. Love the books so much went and purchased all of your books to read. Love your writing and how you use the Bible as references.

  8. Larry J Braidic: 2 years ago

    I to stumbled on to you books…House Divided. My wife now have read 6 more and enjoy them immensely. I believe you books can be life changing.
    Your are a great story teller….Thanks from the Braidic’s.

  9. Anita Bishop: 2 years ago

    Robert never ceases to amaze me! I’m very fortunate to call him and his wife, Kathy, my friends.

  10. Naomi Journey: 2 years ago

    I stumbled on to your books at the library 10/21/2021. First one Trial and Error, I was hooked. I have read six more to date. These stories linger in my mind. Thank you.

  11. Nancy Reed: 2 years ago

    After reading your books, I just went to be a more serious person of prayer.

  12. Dianne Kolb: 3 years ago

    The books Life Support and Life Everlasting, were they reproduced in 2019 and 2020. I remember reading them. But do not remember being in the years of 2003 and 2004.

    • Graeme: 3 years ago

      They likely were yep. I just double-checked and that was the original publication dates.

  13. Glendia: 3 years ago

    I have everyone of your books love them all, and I can’t wait for another one to read. Keep it coming,please! ❤️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🦅👍🙏

  14. Nancy Crews: 3 years ago

    I cannot put these books down. The characters live with me long after the reading is complete. Thank you, Robert Whitlow. Eagerly awaiting your next work!


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