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Roberta Kray is a British author of fiction and nonfiction, mainly crime drama novels. She was born in Southport in 1959. Kray has worked in media research and publishing for fifteen years in London. She decided to stop working full time and write once her husband passed away.

She met Reggie Kray in 1996 and they were married the very next year, but that is just the start of this interesting story. Roberta says that they had a friendship at first and through communication and time it developed into something more. Kray says that Reggie would share things with her that he couldn’t share with anyone on the inside because you had to maintain your reputation in such a brutal environment or other inmates would think you were weak.

Reggie Kray was an English gangster along with his brother Ronnie Kray. Her first novel was nonfiction and titled Reg Kray: A Man Apart. It was a biography of the man who would later become her husband. Through her husband, Roberta learned about the East End of London’s crime world as well as what it is like to be in prison stuck on the inside, having an inner conflict, and having such a long sentence to go.

Roberta Kray wrote her first fiction book in 2006 with the publication of The Debt. She is also the author of the Honeytrap series, which has four books in total. She is also the author of the Payment series, which has four novels in it in total as well. Besides The Debt, she quickly followed that up with her 2007 and 2008 novels The Pace and The Lost. She has written several other standalone fiction novels, including Strong Women, Nothing But Trouble, Dangerous Promises, and Exposed. Survivor is one of her more recent novels and it came out in 2017.

Roberta Kray currently resides in Norfolk, England. She is considered a very high-quality writer on crime, both for her skills in fiction as well as her insight into the world via her partner, who really lived it. Ronnie and Reggie Kray were twin brothers that ruled the crime world through protection rackets, intimidation, and violence in the sixties. These East End gangsters were jailed for life for killing two gangsters in 1969.

Ronnie Kray ended up being declared criminally insane. He was sent to Broadmoor and died there in 1995. His brother met Roberta Kray the next year. She was an English graduate and he was in prison. Reggie was working on a film on the inside about his brother at the time.

A friend of Roberta’s referred her to him after they had been doing the publicity help for the film but had to drop out. She said that there were no sparks between them at first, but she thought that he was interesting. Reggie asked her to come back again and she did. Gradually they became something more and were married. Reggie was released from prison on Compassionate Grounds and died in the hospital with Roberta at his side, having spent roughly half of his life in jail.

The Honeytrap: Part 1 is the first in the series. This an e-book series that is made up of four parts straight from the crime fiction oriented mind of Roberta Cray. The main character in this book is Harry Lind, a detective.

Harry may work day and night to keep his detective business open, but he also is not excited about the part of the business where it’s occasionally worthwhile to work with honeytraps. But at some point, he needs one, and when there aren’t any male honeytraps out there for hire to benefit his client, it takes quite a bit of convincing before he agrees to do it. Sometimes you just have to grit your teeth and do what you can in order to make a buck.

Harry sets out on the job. If he’s taken it, he may as well try to solve it. While on the job, he accidentally runs into someone he used to know from way back. That’s when things start to get considerably worse. Suddenly Harry is wishing that he never ran into Ellen Shaw. He thinks that she’s trouble, and his suspicions only grow when he finds out that she is speaking to Danny Street. Should he be worried that someone from his past is talking with one of the most well-known and notorious gangsters in the entire East End?

Full of action from start to finish, you’ll love the exciting twists and turns that happen in The Honeytrap. Fall into the gritty world of this East End gangland filled with interesting characters and tons of action and see what all the fuss is about in this exciting read from Roberta Kray.

The second books in The Honeytrap is part two, and Kray has brought back Harry Lind for some more. Harry is still working as a detective. When he gets a phone call from his friend Jess where she informs him that his friend Sylvie is missing, he doesn’t think too much of it. Far from being concerned, it seems like it is a little worrying but not that big of a deal– he knows that Jess tends to react strongly to things.

Harry believes that Jess if overreacting, but what if she’s right and Sylvie really is missing? Harry thinks that it’s probably more likely that she had to make a quick exit, certainly far more likely than her honeytrap mark making her and figuring out the whole deal. Even if he did have concerns about, he still has other things– and other people– to worry about. People like his old acquaintance Ellen Shaw and the gangster of the East End Danny Street.

It’s better to be cautious in these types of situations, so Harry Lind meets Jess at the bar. But he soon finds out that his initial dismissal of the situation may have been in error– something seems really wrong. Sylvie really is gone, and no one– including Harry– can reach her. The honeytrap may have gone bad, but is something far worse going on? Pick up this exciting second installment in The Honeytrap series to find out!

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