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Robin Mahle
Robin Mahle is a thriller writer with over thirty published works to her name. The talented author stands out for her fast-paced, highly addictive novels that come with well-fleshed out characters and unending action. Born in Phoenix in the U.S., this author enjoys taking her fan on thrilling rides around the world through her writing. Currently, Mahle resides in Virginia with her husband and their two children.

All the Shiny Things
All the Shiny Things is the first book in the Kate Reid series. The book features Katie Reid, a young woman with a traumatic past she has been suppressing for two decades. From the outside, Katie has a near-perfect life. She has been dating her fiancé Spencer since college, and she cannot wait to become his wife. This changes when Kate starts having strange dreams. After the problem persists for over six months, Katie decides to see a therapist who helps her realize that these are not nightmares but memories from her past. Spencer is sympathetic when he hears Kate’s story, but he does not understand why she keeps pursuing the issue while she could just forget and move on.

When Kate reaches out to Detective Marshall Avery for help, she is relieved that he is willing to help. These two start digging into the past, trying to find answers to Kate’s childhood and the reason for her dreams. As Kate and Marshall continue working together, they start developing feelings for each other. It is sad to see Kate and Spencer’s relationship deteriorate, but it is easy to understand her betrayal feelings. Things get messy when Kate’s search awakens a monster who leaves nothing but death and innocent blood in his wake. Now the FBI gets involved, and Special Agent Nick has to get involved in safeguarding Kate’s life.

This story takes you on a journey characterized by rising tension, an unknown monster, and a girl who is determined to take revenge on those who hurt her no matter the price. A decade-long investigation is involved, and the detectives have to work extra hard to uncover some new details. Are you curious to know what Kate’s dreams were all about? How about the monster, and will Marshall and Nick be in a position to arrest him? You will have to read this book to the end to find out. Katie’s search for the truth will leave you at the edge of your seat, but her determination is admirable even though this is the reason why she gets into trouble in the first place.

All the Shiny Things is an engrossing read that will capture your attention from the first page and hold it to the last page. The pace remains consistent throughout, and the escalating tension will keep you reading way past your bedtime. Kate is not an easy character to love, but she is easy to identify with. The girl has been through a lot, and after suppressing it for so long, it is understandable that she lashes out at those who are close to her. While the book ends with a cliffhanger, the ride is well worth it, and the ending will leave you searching for the next segment.

State of Denial
State of Denial is the first book in the Lacy Merrick Thriller series. The book features Lacy Merrick, a civilian data analyst with the FBI. Lacy is married to Jay Merrick, a cybersecurity expert. Together, they have two children and to complete the family is the ever-reliable nanny, Celeste. Their life is going on great until Jay falls victim to a terrorist bombing in the local mall. Devastated at her husband’s loss, Lacy goes through every day, hoping that things will become easier. Her husband is soon thrown in the middle of the chaos that follows the bombing, and Lacy decides to do everything possible to clear her husband’s name.

Her investigation starts in her own house, where she discovers some numbers hidden in her husband’s office. Lacy reaches out to Will Caison, an FBI agent, to help her figure out the numbers. What they uncover plunges their lives in danger while making it clear that they should not trust anyone. It turns out the bombing was not caused by some terrorist group looking to get famous. A foreign entity with ties to the state department was responsible. After involving another friend, also an expert in computers like her husband, Lacy starts to uncover the people responsible for the bombing. She doesn’t know that she has attracted powerful enemies who will do anything to silence anyone who discovers their secret.

These key government officials turn on Lacy and her family. They use all kinds of bargaining tools, including her children, to convince her to sweep her discovery under the carpet. While this would be the safe thing to do, Lacy fights on. She does this for her husband and the people who had lost their lives because of their evil deeds. The government was killing its people, and Lac chose to defend them because it was clear that no one else would do it. Lacy is a lovable character who is strong, honest, and courageous. Despite her loss, she stands up for others and keeps on fighting even when it is clear that his life is in danger. It is good that she still has some people she can trust with her life who are willing to help and offer their guidance.

State of Denial is a fantastic story, and it is clear that the author did her homework considering the details included. The tension will keep you turning the pages making this a book you will struggle to put down. There are numerous twists and turns and enough action to keep you interested. Are you in the mood for a well-thought-out thriller? This book is the perfect choice. It will be hard to stop reading once you start to set aside a whole afternoon or a weekend and read it all in one or two sittings.

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