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Robin Morgan-Bentley is a British mystery author from London best known for his debut novel “The Wreckage.” He was born in London in 1987 and went to Cambridge University, from where he graduated with a First-Class degree in Medieval and Modern Languages. He would then go on to work at Google in New York, Madrid, and London before he found a job at Audible. He is currently a senior manager at Audible, where he is charged with leading a team that works on talent management, video, and content marketing. Morgan-Bentley loves to combine his experiences in editorial and marketing with his passion for things people love to listen to/watch/read. Part of his job involves interviewing a wide variety of authors including thriller writers. It was from his interviews with these authors that he was inspired to start penning his own manuscripts and finally get “The Wreckage,” his debut novel published in 2020. He is married and lives with his husband Pauly in North London.

Morgan-Bentley has been telling stories ever since he was a child. The first story he ever wrote was “The Imposter Queen,” a story about a little boy that had somehow convinced everyone that he was the Queen of England. The boy would ride in a carriage all dressed up like a queen, riding the streets of London and waving to passersby like royalty. He wrote the story while he was in primary school and needless to say,he was very proud of his efforts. Robin does not know what happened to the original manuscript though he still likes the concept and he believes he may just write a story based on it someday. Unlike many authors who spend years planning and dreaming about their novels, Robin began writing his novel on a whim in April 2017. He never agonized over the novel for years as he just sat down one day and began writing without an expectation that he would one day get the novel published. Working at Audible, he has worked with tons of authors with different styles though he was particularly fascinated with crime authors. Hearing their stories, how they got started and their drive was the inspiration he needed to start writing. He owes a huge debt to Fiona Barton, a mystery author that offered the encouragement and confidence he needed to write the manuscript for his first novel. Robin Morgan-Bentley had listened to and read a ton of psychological thrillers and hence when he started constructing ideas for his novel, it occurred to him that it was not typical for a thriller to have an anxious man as the lead. Most of the thrillers he listened to or read had a vulnerable woman as the lead character. Since he had suffered from anxiety and depression for more than two decades, he started asking himself if it was possible to write his novel with an anxious man as the lead.

Robin Morgan-Bentley began writing his manuscript whenever he had time in the morning and evening or when he was off from work. He was just like many first-time authors as he juggled a full-time job with trying to become an author. It was hard since he had to allocate the hours in the day to writing and also the mental space for writing, which made the allocation of hours seem like a walk in the park. Several months after he started, he decided to set aside some time each week and he would do his writing at the same time every day of the week. This way, he could reduce the pressure and work on his day job and come back refreshed when he needed to do some writing. The time he chose was Sunday mornings and he would write every week come rain or shine, hangover or not. He had a small study at the back of his apartment and this is where he would do a little writing every week writing a few scenes and moving forward with each passing week. Robin would sometimes find it hard to get the motivation especially when he was not sure that he would get published. With his knowledge of the thriller genre, he knew how hard it was to break into. However, he would not give up and even though he would often get a voice telling him that he was wasting his time almost every Sunday, he refused to quit. In time he had written so much that he decided to just finish writing.

Robin Morgan-Bentley’s debut novel “The Wreckage” is the story of Alice and Ben who are two persons who are brought together following a tragic event. Ben is a teacher whose life is changed forever when one morning someone steps in front of his car while he is driving to school. He had tried all he could to avoid knocking down the man but it was all in vain. The man that had been hit by his car is Adam, who has a wife named Alice with whom he has a young on. Ben is soon obsessed with the event, which is understandable given how careful he has always been. He now feels responsible for killing the man and is guilty that he had robbed a young woman and her child of their father and provider. After the accident, he becomes close friends with Alice and her son in what soon seems like he is trying to make up for the tragedy. But then his preoccupation with them increasingly becomes an obsession. The Wreckage is a well-written novel and Robin has written it in a style that is easy to read and get along with. He is definitely a master at creating an intriguing narrative that takes its readers by the scruff of the neck pulling them in right up to the end. He writes the story from the different perspectives of Alice and Ben which might have seemed confusing even though there is no need to worry as it works seamlessly and lets the story flow quite well.

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