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Robin Patchen is an award winning and bestselling author of Christian romantic suspense fiction novels.

The author was born in a very small town of New Hampshire which is the inspiration for the setting of several of her works. Once she graduated from high school she moved to Boston from where she went to college and graduated with a degree in journalism.

Following graduation, she went on to work in public relations and marketing which is where she discovered that the nine to five gig just was not for her. Soon after she relocated to the Southwest and started working on her debut novel.

It was a dreadful manuscript but that never discouraged her from wanting to become an exceptional storyteller. Over time, Robin got better with her writing as her homeschooled children grew older.

Now that her children are grown, she gets all the time to play with the lives of her fantastic heroines and heroes who work magic and wreak havoc.

Writing was something that Robin Patchen always wanted to do ever since she was very young. She still remembers sitting on her twin bed as a teenager with a notebook and pen trying to find something to say.

This is what led her to a career in journalism where she wrote a lot of press releases and ad copy. While a career in public relations and ad copy paid well she always dreamed of becoming an author one day.

Still, she believed that when she wrote it would be a non fiction work. Even though the drive to write was strong it was not until she was nearly forty that she made the decision to become a fiction author.

At this time, she had a story with several characters that had been swirling around in her head for several years that she just wanted to get out. When her husband gifted her a laptop on her birthday she decided to pen down the story.

Within three months she was done writing her seven hundred page manuscript but deep down she knew it was terrible. Nonetheless, it was an important stepping stone that started her off.

During that time she discovered that she loved fiction writing and ever since she published “One Christmas Eve” her debut novel she has never looked back since.

Even though Robin Patchen was born and raised in New Hampshire, she has now made her home in central Texas, where she has lived for more than two dozen years. Before then, she had lived with her husband in Oklahoma before leaving in 1996.

She still finds herself longing for the rugged seacoast, beautiful trees and the changing seasons. Because of their history with New England, she loves to set many of her novels in Oklahoma.

The author and her family currently make their home in Austin from where she writes her many novels set in many small and isolated New England towns.
When she is not writing her novels, she can often be found working a puzzle, cooking or reading. When she is outdoors which is a beautiful but rare occurrence, she can be found traveling to faraway locations looking for a story.

Her dream is to one day be able to travel the world beyond the United States so that she can write more of her romantic suspense novels in different settings.

Robin Patchen’s novel “Convenient Lies” is the story of Reagan McAdams, an investigative journalist that learns a terrifying secret. The man she married happens to be a member of an international crime family and her enemy.

She immediately leaves and heads to Paris with their child. She goes back to New Hampshire where she grew up, hoping to find enough money that will make it possible to disappear forever.

She intends to do all in her power to protect her child from his criminal father. Back in Hampshire, she discovers that Brady Thomas, her first love, had never stopped loving her.

He knows that she is in trouble but she would not tell him what was happening. Still, as a detective he intends to figure things out and protect the woman he loves and her child regardless of whether she wants his help or not.

With her enemy closing in, she would love nothing more than to fall into her former lover’s arms so that he can protect her and her child. But she does not want to put him in harm’s way.

Ultimately, she will have to decide who and what she will have to give up to save her son.

“Twisted Lies” by Robin Patchen is the story of Marisa Vega, a woman that grew up in New York. She is now living in a tiny Mexican village as an adoptive mother hiding from a man who believes she stole millions from his business.

Marisa is convinced that the only way she can stay alive is to hide. But then things change when her daughter is kidnapped and held for ransom. It is now up to Marisa to find the person responsible for the huge theft if she is to get her daughter back.

On the other hand, is Nate Boyle a man that was tortured and held captive. Several months later, he prepares to live in rural New Hampshire in relative anonymity. When a woman who had helped him once begs him for help, he cannot help but reciprocate.

Soon enough, he finds himself trying to resolve a mystery that nobody could solve for more than a decade. Can Marisa and Nate unravel the many years old riddle and get Marisa’s daughter back.

Robin Patchen’s novel “Generous Lies” is the story of Garrison Kopp, a former FBI agent. At the start of the story, he believes his son is in trouble when he gets a call from the ER. Upon arriving there, he realizes that the problem could be more serious than previously believed.

Desperate to drag his son away from bad friends, he asks a friend if he could host him. He never meant to reconnect with a new beautiful woman that had come into his life this way. Still, he finds that spending time with Samantha is akin to a healing balm.

Samantha Messenger is a vacation homeowner that has no qualms providing a home for Garrison and his son who need a place to regroup. She believes that Garrison did not call her because of the passion they had shared.

She convinces herself that he called because he could not find any other places as other residences were fully booked. But she does not hope for anything more than friendship even as she helps him find a good rehab facility.

It is not long before Garrison and Sam start working together and sparks fly even as they help the stubborn teenager.

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