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An Ocean Apart (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Starting Over (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Risk Worth Taking (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Starburst (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Matter of Trust aka The Long Way Home (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

Robin Pilcher is an accomplished British author. Unlike most authors however, Robin’s career as an author really began when he was in his late forties. This has been a constant source of humor, because Robin has tried his hand at numerous other activities before he settled on writing. But this does not make him any less a writer than those who started writing in their childhoods. If anything, his books are exceptionally fascinating and engrossing. He clearly learnt a thing or two at the feet of his equally famous mother, Rosamunde Pilcher, who is herself a renowned author. Truly, the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Who is Robin Pilcher?
Robin was born in Dundee, Scotland, on the 8th of August 1950. His father, Graham Pilcher, ran a family jute business, and he was also a war hero. His mother, Rosamunde Pilcher on the other hand was a celebrated romance author. She wrote several books under the pseudonym of Jane Fraser, some of which were published by Mills and Boons. Later on in her career, she took to writing under her own name until she retired from writing in 2000. Robin has two sisters and one brother.

Robin went to school in Dunfermline and Bristol, and he finally returned to Scotland to finish his education at the Dundee College of Commerce. His career list in extensively long- he truly is a Jack of all trades. At some point in his life, Robin has been a cowboy, a song writer, a photographer, a farmer, a tennis coach and he also tried his hand at farming. He also once co- managed a mail order business with a friend. To date, he still engages in several other activities besides writing.

However, most of his efforts go towards empowering upcoming writers, and providing material for short story enthusiasts. To advance his cause, Robin started a website with a friend aimed at creating an online community of short story writers and readers. The website is known as Shortbread, and it is a great and interactive forum for all ardent book lovers. He also plans to establish The Pilcher Foundation of Creative Writing in Andalusia, Spain.

Robin is married to Kirsty, and they have been together for nearly four decades now. They have four grown children and four grandchildren as well. He lives in Scotland, but sometimes, he also stays in Spain because of the foundation he wants to start there.

Robin Pilcher Books
Robin’s works have received global acclaim as being some for the best books. Generally, they narrate everyday occurrences in an entrancing and captivating manner. His characters really come to life, and readers find it very easy to identify with them. When asked about it, he says that he takes his time to create characters- and even live with them for a while before he starts writing about them. He keenly observes how people behave, and he is especially fond of creating characters out of the behaviour of perfect strangers. Additionally, he quips that the best time for him to write is in the afternoons. That is when the most striking ideas hit him, and it’s also when he can easily summon vivid scenes to his mind.

Books by Robin Pilcher
This book is one that is bursting with life. The occurrences take place at the end of the famous Edinburgh International Festival in Edinburgh Castle. The festival usually attracts numerous artists from all walks of life- musicians, comedians, and actors to mention a few. The artists also attract people by the masses, which makes this festival one of the most popular ones in Scotland. In this particular year, six people meet and have their lives changed forever by their interaction. They are all out to seek fame, love and glory, and they hope that the festival will be the place they get all of it from.

One is the lovely Angelique, who behind her prowess at the violin hides a lot of misery. The other is Tess; a member of the Festival’s marketing team, who also has a lot of personals wars to wage. There is also Rene, the talented comedienne who really wants to succeed. Then there is the elderly Leonard, a cinematographer who intends to make the most of this festival as it is probably his last chance at fame. There is also Roger, who is the man behind the fireworks display. This display is integral to the whole festival, and Roger wants to use the opportunity to secure himself a place in the spotlight. Lastly there is Jamie, a young, good looking man who owns a block of flats, and is also the one who brings everyone together.

The book is engrossing in every sense of the word, and character development by the author is nothing if not outstanding.

An Ocean Apart
This is another touching and emotional book by Robin Pilcher. The main character is a devastated man by the name of David Corstorphine. He lost his wife, and he is still grappling with the sad reality that she is dead. In fact, the death of his wife positively paralyses him. He needs to fend for his three children, but he can’t bring himself to go to work. His grief occupies his every waking moment, and people are convinced that nothing will help him come to terms with his loss. So he takes up gardening in his parent’s estate in rural Scotland, just so he can find some consolation.

When everyone is on the verge of giving up on David, he is compelled to attend an impromptu business meeting in New York. As he settles down in the city, he starts regaining his old self little by little. It is only a matter of time before he accepts the finality of his wife’s death. Hopefully, he will now be able to find love again…

Robin Pilcher is without doubt a talented author. One has to admire his creativity and proficiency at weaving stories out of the blues with seemingly little effort. He is an author who has truly left an indelible mark in the literary world. His works will certainly far out live his memory.

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  1. Heather Dina: 7 months ago

    Have just finished An Ocean Apart. What a wonderful story! It is hard today to find novels that aren’t laced with foul language and illicit sex. A gifted author doesn’t need to indulge in these tactics to write a good story, and this is proof. Can’t wait to look up Robin’s other books in my library tomorrow! Leicester, NC

  2. Steve Gage: 9 months ago

    I really love those books of yours _just finished Starburst and am trying find the last one A risk worth taking – very hard to find any Pilcher books here in South Africa why I do not know , but I enjoy them and have four of them so far. Post a list when you publish any new ones please and where to find them as well .

  3. Pat Collupy: 2 years ago

    I have Just finished your book. ‘A Risk Worth Taking’. A ‘page turner’ for sure. I was sorry when it ended. I wanted to read some more! I hope you write a sequel to it! Pat Collupy

  4. Margaret Lavender: 2 years ago

    How many books has Robin Pilcher written, son of Rosamunde?
    However I Google, I cannot find out! Amazon kindle list only 4 or 5

    • Graeme: 2 years ago

      The list above is correct – 5.


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