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From the Heart: Seven Rules to Live By (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
From the Heart: Eight Rules to Live By (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Everybody's Got Something (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Brighter by the Day (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Robin Roberts is an American Newscaster best known for her work as an Anchor on ABC. A native of Mississippi, Robin spent some time in sports radio and television before landing the co-anchor role for ‘Good Morning America’.


Robin Roberts was born in 1960 in Tuskegee, Alabama. She was a student at Pass Christian High School. Robin was a very active child, taking an interest in sports like tennis and basketball.

In fact, she had an opportunity to go to Louisiana State University where she was offered a basketball scholarship. However, a visit to the Louisiana State Campus turned her against the school mostly because she didn’t like how large and impersonal it felt.

A visit to Southeastern Louisiana University had the opposite effect. However, the author wasn’t too keen on pursuing their tennis scholarship. Despite her success in sports, anyone that knew Robin would have told you that her future lay in journalism. And she was fortunate to learn that by the time she graduated, a journalism scholarship would be available for her.

It could be argued that Robin spurned the Southeastern Louisiana sports scholarship because her interest lay in basketball rather than tennis. After all, she left her school having set the record as the all-time leading scorer on the women’s basketball team.

Robin eventually joined and left the Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond with a degree in communication in 1983. She joined Sally-Ann Roberts at a CBS affiliate and there she made her mark—her older sister had an influence on the author’s decision to pursue journalism.

Robin Roberts went into the sports arena almost as soon as she left college. She joined a station in Hattiesburg, Mississippi where she was the sports anchor. Her career took her to a few more stations in Mississippi, Tennessee, and Georgia before she finally landed her big break at ESPN.

She landed the job of sportscaster in 1990 and she stayed with ESPN until 2005. Her time with ABC news began in 1995 where she worked as a reporter for ‘Good morning America’.

Robin was eventually elevated to the position of co-anchor at ABC. She was part of the team that saw ‘Good Morning America’ reclaim its place as a ratings juggernaut.

Some people might remember the role she played in bringing news of the devastation Hurricane left after it struck the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Robin was a little emotional as she went touring around her old haunting grounds and eventually came upon her old high school which had been reduced to rubble.

Some of the author’s achievements include hosting the Academy Awards pre-show in 2009 and 2011, making an appearance on the Hannah Montana Disney series, and getting into the Women’s Basketball Hall of fame.

Robin Roberts has also won the Mel Greenberg Media Award and the Walter Cronkite Award.

The author’s life took a bit of a turn in 2007 when she was diagnosed with cancer. It took numerous chemotherapy treatments and surgery to arrest the ailment. Just when she thought she had put the whole episode behind her, a myelodysplastic syndrome diagnosis in 2012 took her back to the hospital.

For all the anguish it caused, Robin Roberts’ decision to tell the public about her illness had a notable impact on the National Marrow Donor Program which observed a drastic increase in the number of donors.

Despite surviving the illness, Robin never stopped using the publicity it gave her to raise awareness for rare diseases. Robin’s decision to document her battle with cancer and MDS earned her citation credits from the Peabody. Robin Roberts’ fans believe that she increased awareness for the need for donors in certain medical fields and that will save many lives down the line.

Robin has a production company. Rockin Robin Productions creates content for networks like ABC.

+Everybody’s Got Something

This book is a memoir of Robin Robert’s life. The author has seen so much during the decades that she has been alive and she attempts to use this book to tell readers about the journey she has walked and how she walked it, not to mention everything she learned as a result.

The most crucial aspect of the book is its exploration of Robin’s battle with breast cancer. She talks about her victory over that particular hurdle and the sensation of disappointment she felt when she was struck by another rare illness just five years later, an illness that required her to get a bone marrow transplant.

Robin maintains an air of grace and humor as she traverses the different aspects of her life, this including the grief that assaulted her when her mother died. The book highlights Robin’s lows but it also illuminates her highs which include her recovery and return to GMA.

Robin’s mother taught her to use every tragedy and mistake and heartache as an opportunity to deliver a message, and the author does just that. She tells her readers how her sickness mattered in the long run and the manner in which she dealt with her aging parents.

Sprinkled throughout this book is a message of hope and encouragement. Robin never forgets to highlight the importance of her friends and family during her many ordeals. She believes that she came out of her ordeals stronger than ever, ready to contend with new challenges.

This book has been commended for the inspiration it has injected into the lives of men and women around the world struggling with rare diseases. The core of the author’s message is the fact that everyone in the world is going through something or they are preparing to go through something or they just came out of that something.

+Eight Rules to Live by

Robin Roberts is a ‘Good Morning America’ host that has seen great success in her life. In this book, the author attempts to reveal and explain the eight rules she encountered on her journey and which helped her achieve her dreams.

Robin uses plenty of stories from her life to illustrate the impact each rule had on her. None of the rules are especially unique and Robin doesn’t try to claim that fact. Rather, she explains why these rules matter and how they can change lives if they are adhered to.

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