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Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ajax Penumbra: 1969 (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Moonbound (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Writer & The Witch (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Annabel Scheme (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon

Robin Sloan is a well-established American author, who is widely known for the Mr. Penumbra 24 hour bookstore. The Mr. Penumbra 24 Hour book store is a book series that revolves around a laid-off Silicon Valley worker who begins to work at a local bookstore with a handful of customers. It does not take long before Mr. Penumbra begins to discover one little secret after the other. The mysterious old book, together with the store owner lead to a five hundred-year-old secret society. Robin Sloan was admitted to Athens high school in the year 1998. He then joined Michigan State University, where he majored in economics and was a founded member of a literary magazine that is known as the Oats.

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Mr. Penumbra 24 Hour Book Store

For Individuals who fear that e-readers and the internet, or any form of technological upheaval will kill or has killed paper and ink, the Mr. Penumbra 24 Hour Book store, will undeniably come as great news. A self-described media inventor and an occupant of the tech-world, Sloan creates a San Francisco where paper and piracy are equally useful, and the massive data visualization processing abilities co-exist with the old knowledge. The old knowledge that the author mentions in the book refer to the very first typefaces used in the search for immortality and alchemy. Google has managed to replace the Medici family as the main patron of knowledge and art. Clay Jannon a nerd and a downsized graphic designer are now working at Mr. Penumbra’s bookstore.

It does not take long before Jannon comes to the realization that there are mystery codes all over the place, not within the fantasy books but also in the games that he used to play when he was still a kid. Like any questing heroes, Clay Jannon bites more than he had asked and eventually gets to learn much more than he had expected to learn. Clay’s story is an archaic tale that has been likably reconceived for the new era, with a happy message that friendship and ingenuity translate across data platforms and centuries. Apart from the secret society, Mr. Penumbra 24 Hour Book Store also features a book within a book plot, which involves a beloved fantasy series, Clay’s constant flirtation with a quirky girl, known as Kat, several colourful friends including a friend who creates special effects and pros for numerous movie studios and a mythical font designer. The writing was not only great but also fast paced as well. Overall, Mr. Penumbra 24 Hour Book Store is a light and entertaining book that will undoubtedly make a great vacation read.

With that said, author Robin Sloan has managed to craft a literary adventure story with dazzling intelligence and irresistible brio and in the process evoking the novel of ideas wizardry of one Neal Stephenson and the fairy tale charm of one Haruki Murakami.


Sourdough is another highly entertaining installment from author, Robin Sloan. In this installment, author Robin Sloan introduces the readers to the main character, Lois, who from the look of things has done everything right in her life. Apart from receiving an undergraduate degree from a local university, she managed to do several internships at some of the leading local companies. It does not take long before she is presented with a permanent job opportunity, in her locale of Michigan. Her father served as a database worker for one of the largest companies in Michigan. In the process, as Lois was growing up, computers surrounded her. Lois eventually took her first job for a motor control software and according to Lois, her work many at times felt as if she was laying bricks. It does not take long before a newly established company in Michigan recruits her.

Lois decides to leave her family as well as the security that her company offered. The new company offered a myriad of bonuses including a salary, which was more than what her parents made each financial year and food as well. However, when she begins working for the new company, General Dexterity, she realizes that the programmers at the company worked throughout the week including weekends and many at times ended up sleeping at the office just to meet deadlines. As she begins to settle down, she notices that the work is not only draining her physically but mentally as well. It is at this point that the Clement Street Soup comes into her life. Because Lois hates to cook, she begins ordering food at the Clement Street Soup, a company that does home deliveries. In the process, she makes friends with the owners, Chairman and Beoreg, who are real brothers.

According to Lois, the food that was delivered to her apartment had healing powers, because after consuming the food, her stomach unclenched and she felt extremely well. The brothers eventually have to live the United States, and they decide to entrust their restaurant to Lois; they live behind detailed instructions on how to feed the restaurant and also how to ensure that the restaurant remains alive. Lois and the brothers are going to stay in touch via email. In the long run, Lois starts to become obsessed with the bread. She begins making the bread late at night and decides to build a stove in the backyard so that she can make bread whenever she feels like. After she manages to win her friends over with her delicious bread, she is asked by a majority of her friends to begin selling the bread.

With that said, Sourdough is another delightful, funny, wonderful and highly entertaining installment from author Robin Sloan. In Sourdough, author Sloan introduces the readers to Lois, the protagonist, who believes that she has done everything right. Apart from completing her college education, at a tender age, Sloan took several internship positions. Due to her hard work, Lois is offered a permanent position. Sourdough is a brilliantly written novel, that author Robin Sloan uses to display her unique writing skills. All the characters that she has created are realistic including Lois, the protagonist, and the 2 brothers.

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  1. Chip Rhody: 2 years ago

    My son gifted me with Mr. Penumbra’s book years ago. I read it but quickly and poorly. It got a spot on my shelf but only because it was one from my son. I have recently decided to read all my favorite books again – long enjoyed but dim in memory. For no reason, I began with your book. This evening I finished and wanted to send you an apology. My slower and more focused reading revealed the work and fun you have created. Great job. Thanks.


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