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Robinne Lee
Robinne Lee is a fiction author and producer. The New-York-born author graduated from Columbia Law School and Yale University. In both film and television, Lee has won numerous credits for her acting. Most notable is the Hitch and Seven Pounds film opposite Will Smith and Fifty Shades Freed and Fifty Shades Darker and movies where she plays Ros Bailey. Lee is also celebrated for her debut novel, The Idea of You. This multi-talented woman lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their two children.

The Idea of You
The Idea of You introduces Solène Marchand and Hayes Campbell. Solène is a smart thirty-nine-year-old woman and an art gallery owner. Aside from running a successful business in Los Angeles, Solène is busy raising her thirteen-year-old daughter. This busy businesswoman is reluctant to take her daughter to Vegas to meet their favorite boy band. However, since the divorce, Solène had been putting more effort into being close to her daughter. Following her ex-husband’s request, she reluctantly agrees to take her daughter on this trip. Little did Solène know that this simple decision would change her life. How was she to know that in Vegas, she would meet a man who would turn her world upside down? A man young enough to be her son yet so wise and perfect.

Hayes Campbell is a member of the famous band August Moon. The twenty-year-old Hayes is sexy, posh, and confident. Thanks to a brief backstage encounter, Hayes finds himself gravitating towards Solène. She is everything he has ever dreamt of in a woman and is nothing like the woman throwing themselves at him. What starts as harmless flirting turns into a full-blown affair characterized by numerous clandestine meetings. Hayes is a public figure, and there is no telling how the world would view their relationship. The fact that they have a twenty-year-age gap doesn’t make things any easier. Solène daughter also believes that she is in love with Hayes. What is a mother to do when she finds herself in such a tight situation? How will the decision to continue this relationship affect the people close to Solène and Hayes?

Solène is such a likable character. Throughout the relationship, she tries to consider other people’s feelings even when she is madly in love with Hayes. It is not like she cares too much about other peoples’ opinions but tries to understand their feelings and concerns. However, she is also a mother and knows all too well how far a parent would be willing to go for their child. Hayes is also fantastic. Despite his age, Haye is wise and stands by his choice even when faced with many challenges. It is incredible how these two respect each other. Sure, they have quite a gap in age and come from different worlds, but they remain respectful to the end. Their relationship is nothing like the traditional romance we know, but it is still outstanding.

This book will leave you looking for all kinds of ways these two can be together. The odds are thickly stacked against them, but their love story is so pure you cannot help but root for them. You may think that this sort of relationship is taboo, but this couple’s story may change your mind. Since the author takes us through their pain, heartbreak, and passion, you will feel like you are right there with Solène and Hayes, walking through the uncertainties, not knowing what to do with those feelings that refuse to stay hidden. You may not think that a famous young man with thousands of fans may fall for an older woman, but this story will make you believe that this is possible. It is also refreshing that Hayes is depicted as a sweet and considerate young man and nothing like the stereotypical pop stars.

The author is clearly knowledgeable where relationships and womanhood are concerned. She looks at this unique relationship from a woman’s, a mother’s, and a society’s perspectives. From all angles, It is incredible how the whole situation is not looked at through rose-colored glasses or in a jaded or cynical way. It is clear that the author has used intelligence, experience, and independence to put her point across and highlight something that is happening in society more frequently than before. She has also done a good job of outlining the selfishness associated with human nature. She goes further to offer bits of personal tastes and political views that make the story more engaging.

While this is a work of fiction, all the words are so emotional and raw that most people will ring true. You will be so concerned about the characters’ fate that you will keep on turning the pages even when you feel like you want a break. What happens when Hayes’s parents find out about his relationship with an older woman? Will they be mad? What about Solène’s daughter’s reaction? Will this teenage girl be happy with her mother dating a member of her favorite band? You cannot also help but wonder how the relationship will turn out. Will the feelings fizzle after a few dates, or is Haye serious about maintaining a relationship with Solène? How can two people, so different, even agree on basic things without worrying what the next day will bring?

The Idea of You is a pure and passionate romance story featuring two characters you will love from the start. It just happens that the story features a younger man and an older woman. There are many reasons why Solène and Hayes shouldn’t be together. Still, the more you interact with them, the more you will hope they will figure their relationship out. Will this lovely couple overcome all the obstacles on their path? Read this book for this and more. The writing is outstanding, the characters well fleshed-out, and the descriptions captivating. There are some loose ends and a few unanswered questions, but you can only hope that the author will come up with an equally captivating sequel.

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  1. shirley: 3 weeks ago

    this is the best book I have ever read I hope there is a sequel the most beautiful love story I cried at the end! The author is a superb writer! Need more from her!


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