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Brethren (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Crusade (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Requiem / The Fall of the Templars (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

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as Erin Young

The English author of historical fiction, was born in September 1975 in Oxford. Robin Young grew up in the Midlands and in a small fishing village in Devon. She first discovered she was talented in story telling through her grandfather and was later on lucky to find an enthusiastic English teacher who introduced her to poetry. She won poetry awards and got a position of editing a page in the regional newspaper. Robyn left her home at the age of seventeen and joined Exeter college for her A-levels. There she developed an interest in the works of Shakespeare, was elected as communications officer for the student union and edited the college magazine.

She began singing in folk clubs as a teenager and in college, she joined a few touring bands, it was at this point that she decided she wanted to be a music journalist. Robyn went to Brighton to join university but was not ready. She volunteered to work for a music festival that was later cancelled. Robyn’s free spirit allowed her to attend raves all over Britain and she admits to drinking too much beer then and even now. Upon attaining the age of twenty-two Robyn was worn down by the night club life, she took of all her piercings and decided to get a career.

She got a job in a building society that offered investment advice to its customers. Despite math being her least favorite subject, she began taking all the necessary steps that would get her to be a good financial consultant. Her work was not creative and after several months she began writing a fictional novel. She realized that the corporate world was not meant for her and she quit her job. She visited Egypt in 2000 and fell in love the history of the people, the dust and the desert. Robyn returned and joined Sussex University in Brighton, where she completed her masters degree in creative writing, Arts and Education. She worked with the best tutors and earned a distinction.

After her masters degree, Robyn began a teaching, training course and began teaching in some of the local colleges. She finished her book, Brethren which was a trilogy. Upon completion, she received rejections from thirteen agents, but before her graduation was lucky to find and agent that signed her up. The book received rejection from publishers when it was first sent out, but three editors requested to see it again with the proper revisions made. In deep financial troubles, she took a risk and quit her teaching job and focused on rewriting the book for the last time. The book finally went through and was published by Hodder and Stoughton in 2006. She currently lives and writes full time in Brighton.

Robyn was in May 2007, recognized as one of the twenty-five Waterstone’s the authors of the future, she was selected from a hundred authors nominated by literary agents, publishers and agents. She is also a founding member of the Historical writers association. Robyn’s books have been written in nineteen different languages and published in twenty-two countries.

The book Brethren set in the ninth and last crusade describes a young teenage boy, who starts as a sergeant and is promoted to become a full knight Templar. He is drawn into a world of danger and intrigue. Tasked to find the Book of the Grail, he realizes he is not alone in the search. If the book ever gets into the wrong hands it will result in not only the downfall of the Anima Templi; a secret order within the temple, but also the Temple itself. The order of the St.Johns together with Prince Edward also want the book as a plan to bring down the Temple.

The story runs parallel to an ambitious Egyptian commander, Baybars Bundukdari, who assassinates the sultan and takes control of Egypt and Syria. Will’s story and Baybars’ story come together when Baybars begins a Holy war that will cripple an empire and have the crusaders brought down on their knees. Robyn’s combination of the eastern and western narratives create major links between war cultures.The novel Brethren got in the top ten of the Sunday times, remained there for five weeks and in 2006, become the bestselling hardback debut. The book was named book of the year by the Bild a German newspaper and got in the New York top twenty publications.

In Robyn’s other novel, Crusade, like Brethren follows the story of Will and Baybars. The crusade is loaded with medieval atmosphere and intriguing actions. The book describes the year 1274, where peace reigns in the Middle East after major bloodshed. The peace is in part attributed to the efforts made by the group of Brethren. Will however, believes that they have been betrayed and that they are outnumbered by their enemies who are strong and powerful. A group of ruthless merchants wants to reignite the war in the hope of making major profits. If their plan succeeds the Muslims will turn against the Christians in retaliation. War has come when Prince Edward, a trusted member of the Brethren makes a promise to the pope that he will cross to Jerusalem and lead a new crusade.

Meanwhile, sultan Baybars is caught in a power struggle in Egypt. Baybars wants to take over the strong and the almighty Mongol empire while soothsayer Khadir and others in the sultan’s court want to destroy the Christians once and for all. His eldest son and heir of the kingdom turns against his family, new wounds begin to appear as old scars of the crusade are quickly uncovered. Baybars eldest son plans a plot with Khadir to overthrow his father and redouble the attack on the Christians in the Holy land.

Will’s childhood friend, an employee of Prince Edward returns to extort money from the Anima Templi so that he can pursue his own selfish interests. Will faces threats from Baybars who gets closer and closer to discovering that it is Will who ordered the failed assassination attempt that took the life of Baybars closest friends. Will is left with no option other than having to harness all his courage and knowledge so as to protect his family and survive the conflict that is escalating.Will may then become the last hope for peace in the world surrounded by greed and violence. The novel received a mostly positive reception from its reviewers. The book became a third best seller and reached number two in the charts.

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    Enjoyed all Robyn Young books . Can you please tell when the Third book in The New World Rising trilogy will be released in print Please

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    I have read all the Robyn Young books i can get my hands on and find her on a par with my favourite author Bernard Cornwall

  3. David Daglish: 2 years ago

    I have read all Robyn Young’s books and I found them immensely entertaining. In my view, her storytelling is on a par with Conn Iggulden. Another wonderful historical fiction writer. The research must be tremendously time-consuming.

  4. Stewart Leslie Topley: 3 years ago

    I enjoyed your Templar trilogy immensely. I am now in the process of ordering the Robert the Bruce Trilogy.

    Many thanks for an enjoyable and riveting read.



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