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What We Leave Behind (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Mourning After (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Where We Fall (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Somebody's Daughter (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
This is Not How it Ends (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
When We Let Go (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
What You Do To Me (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Rochelle B. Weinstein is a best-selling author of contemporary fiction novels. Weinstein was born and bred in Miami alongside her siblings Ron, Randi, and Robert. Growing up in Florida, the young Rochelle would be often be found with a book from the likes of Judy Blume and Sidney Sheldon. Once she graduated from the University of Maryland, she decided to move to the West Coast, to Los Angeles and she got a job in advertising. She worked at the LA Weekly where she was in charge of promotions and advertising for record labels and film studios. After several years in Los Angeles, she went back home to Miami, and got a job at the prestigious “Beber Silverstein & Partners” as an Account Executive. She had been working the job for less than a year when she got an offer to go work at “The Miami Herald,” which she readily accepted. She would then spend a decade managing the promotions, marketing, and advertising for all the record labels that were working with “The Box Music Network.” She had her offices on the south beach where record executives and musicians would throng the building. Her work involved listening to great music and meeting talented superstars, which Weinstein found to be a lot of fun.

Weinstein soon got married and when she got her kids, found her next dream job in raising them. She decided to quit her job and take care of her children when The Box relocated to New York. In between taking care of the twins, volunteering at organizations dear and near to her heart, PTA meetings, cheering the Heat and Dolphins, carpooling, writing freelance, flag football, lacrosse tournaments and basketball she got her third dream job – a full-time fiction author. She wrote her first novel “What We Leave Behind” in 2012 to critical acclaim. The USA Today author would go on to write several more novels including “Somebody’s Daughter,” “Where We Fall” and “The Mourning After.” She has asserted that while she felt lost after The Box decided to relocate away from Miami, the loss of that job opened the path to her writing career and she has never felt happier or had more fun.

Rochelle B. Weinstein says that the question she is most asked is whether any of her novels are about her real-life experiences. For Weinstein though it is more about writing of what you know and crafting a novel is not only about observing from what is around you or personal experience. Her novels are full of the feelings, emotions, and lessons which are weaved throughout the stories to create something unique and authentic. “What We Leave Behind” which is her debut chronicles the emotional growth and life of Jessica Parker as she tries to free herself from a troubled past and moved toward better things. She is only sixteen years old and has to deal with the deep pain of a failed relationship and the death of her father. Her first love has just walked out of her life leaving her in profound pain after a summer of intense romance. Weinstein’s “The Mourning After” is the story of a fifteen-year-old girl Levon Keller that survived a tragic accident in which her older brother the golden child and star athlete David lost his life. The family is left in a fragile state and Levon feels guilty of surviving and is lost in trying to take care of her younger sister and the memory of her brother. “Where We Fall” is a novel about Abby Holden, the wife of a popular football coach and mother to a beautiful teenager who has a dark secret. She had committed an act of betrayal to achieve her good life which has made her depressed. Her husband has tried everything and while he is great at coaxing his teams to win he cannot find it in himself to heal what ails his family.

“What We Leave Behind” by Rochelle B. Weinstein is an intriguing novel that tells the story of Jessica Parker? It asks the question, what would happen to your beliefs about love if the man that was supposed to be your first love upped and left when he had just given you the experience of a lifetime. The sixteen-year-old Jessica had lost her father and was feeling lost when she met an older medical student named Jonas Levy. He had been good to her and they had an intense romance that lasted the summer and left her wanting more of the same. Jonas departs in an abrupt and hurtful way and will not commit to any more rendezvous with her. She has to bury the pain and moves on with her life and soon finds the love of a solid and good man in addition to professional success. But the love she has for her new man is soon put to the test when she receives an unexpected call from New York that could destroy her life. There is a secret from her past which threatens to destroy what she thought she believed and knew. It is a heartbreaking yet heartwarming novel about a woman who has struggled with love, loved for the wrong reasons and now wonders what she could have had.

Weinstein’s “The Mourning After” asks the question just how far you would be willing to go to protect a loved one. Levon Keller had his license restricted but then his brother calls him from a local party and asks him to pick him up though he knows he should not be driving. Keller gets into a terrible accident and his brother David dies. The family is distraught at the tragedy with everyone seemingly devastated given that their favorite son was still very young. Levon has to deal with the intolerable cruelty and blame from his grieving parents even as he has to care for his younger sibling afflicted with a rare genetic condition. When a captivating teenager named Lucy Bell moves in next door with her family, Levon is drawn to her wisdom, beauty, and allure. The two soon develop a special relationship as they help each other out with their different issues. It is a moving narrative that follows the Keller family as it rebuilds, uncovers truths and realizes that nothing is ever what it seems when it comes to family.

“Where We Fall” is the story of Abby Holden that seems to have it all being the wife of one of the best football coaches in the country with whom everyone thinks she has the perfect family. But beneath the veneer is a woman that had charmed her way to where she is using betrayal. Meanwhile, her husband is continuing to make his team achieve on the field though he finds it strange that he cannot make his wife happy. Abby is a depressed woman, and this has had a negative impact on their marriage and is now beginning to affect Julian their daughter. He never thought he would ever have issues with his family but now that he has, he is determined to keep it together. Seventeen years ago Lauren and Abby’s husband Ryan had been an item until Abby had somehow managed to snag Ryan for herself. Lauren had of course broken off their friendship at Abby’s betrayal and had gone off taking and documenting the beauty of waterfalls across the world. But now she is back home, to the scene of her heartbreak. Ryan is trying his best to keep his family together, but did he really get over Lauren?

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    I was introduced to you when I attended a book review by you, either on Maven or AJW. “Where have you been all of my life?” I suggested your book to my book group and I am moderating tomorrow night. I was intrigued by the plot. Your writing is painting with words. Now, I have to read your other books. Thank you for your intention to the details.


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