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Rock Canyon Romance Books In Order

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Publication Order of Rock Canyon, Idaho Books

Things Good Girls Don't Do (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Good Girls Don't Date Rock Stars (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bad Girls Don't Marry Marines (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Return of the Bad Girl (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Trouble With Sexy (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bad for Me (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Good Girls Don't Kiss and Tell (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Good at Being Bad (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Rock Canyon is a series of contemporary romance novels written by Codi Gary.

+The Story

The Rock Canyon Romance series is a small town contemporary romance collection of novels. The stories it tells all take place in a small town. This approach to storytelling is not new. There have been numerous contemporary romance series set in small towns.

And the appeal isn’t that hard to understand. Such books have the freedom to tell as many stories as they want about characters that might never meet, this while still categorizing all these books as a series under a single name.

Each Book in the Rock Canyon Romance series is a new story. It explores a completely different pair of heroes and heroines who only happen to be in the small town of Rock Canyon. The Rock Canyon series has a common motif to it.

The books almost always revolve around men and women with drastically different lifestyles and attitudes who must learn to accept one another and to prioritize their potential relationship above the opinions and perceptions of the people in their small town.

There are a lot of bad girls and bad boys in the Rock Canyon Romance series. Sometimes, Codi Gary writes about good girls falling for bad boys and learning to let loose. Other times, Codi will write about bad girls choosing to leave their unsavory lifestyles behind when they fall for a good boy they are determined to have.

On a few occasions, Codi Gary will write about a bad boy and a bad girl falling for one another. In many cases, the people of Rock Canyon tend to become an obstacle. Because Rock Canyon is such a small town, there are a lot of close-minded people in the vicinity of the Codi Gary’s heroes and heroines.

For some of the people in Rock Canyon, tattoos and motorcycles are a definite red flag, with some of the stories in the Rock Canyon Romance series dealing with men and women having to prove to the simple folk around them that the exterior doesn’t always reveal the true soul of a person.

There’s good reason to refer to the Rock Canyon books as a second chance series. Many of the stories feature men and women who reconnect in the present after experiencing a spark of romance in the past that never went anywhere.

+The Author

Codi Gary was an avid reader as a child. She initially enjoyed Disney stories. Then she upgraded to contemporary romance. At one time, she was pretty certain that she would become an author in the future, spending her days producing magical stories for her devoted fans.

However, as she progressed through her education, Codi abandoned reading. That didn’t change when she became a practicing Veterinary Technician. The author only reconnected with her passion for reading and even writing when she moved to Idaho with her family.

Upon reflecting on her life, Codi realized that she wouldn’t be happy until she wrote at least one novel, preferably before she reached thirty. A chance to fulfill her dreams came when Avon Books began searching for authors to produce Valentine’s Day Novellas. Codi Gary answered their call, wrote a story that garnered attention and, before she could count her lucky stars, she acquired a publishing deal, this setting her on the path to writing for a living.

Codi Gary is best known for her Rock Canyon Romance series. The author has always enjoyed reading romance tales set in small towns. The author likes to dig into her life and the lives of the people she knows in order to create plots for her Rock Canyon novels.

Codi loves writing about real people. She enjoys telling stories about stupid people that over react and make ridiculous choices because that reflects the actions and attitudes of real human beings. There are no bad people in Codi’s Rock Canyon Romance series.

She doesn’t always paint the friends and families of her heroes and heroines in the Rock Canyon books in the best light. She often uses their closed minds and biases as obstacles for her couples. Codi’s goal is to discourage her readers from letting their loved ones dictate their lives, even when they mean the best.

This is why there is always a bad girl or a bad boy in the Rock Canyon books. Codi wants her characters to be put in situations where they must choose to either reject a potential love interest as result of their ‘bad’ reputation or to go with their hearts.

+Things Good Girls Don’t Do

Kate Conners has always been a good girl. However, she is quickly realizing that being a good girl doesn’t really pay. When Kate loses her ex, who quickly marries the rebound girl, she decides to put her good girl persona to bed.

This means making a list of everything a good girl shouldn’t do and going ahead to do just that. When Kate leaves this list in a bar, she doesn’t expect Chase Trepasso to find it. The tattoo artist is hardly the respectable man Kate would want to bring home. But he is determined to help Kate cross everything off her list.

Chase is especially interested helping Kate dip her toes into the naughtier items on the list. Fortunately for Chase, Kate is willing to play along, but only if Chase keeps things uncomplicated.

The first book in the Rock Canyon Romance series is about Kate Connors. Kate always worked herself raw to meet everyone’s expectations. She was the quintessential good girl. It isn’t until her boyfriend dumps her that she begins to question everything she thought she knew.

Luckily for her, Chase is right there, more than happy to help Kate become the bad girl she was born to be.

+Good Girls Don’t Date Rock Stars

The last thing Gemma Carlson wanted was to wake up married to Travis Bowers. She hadn’t even planned on running into him or doing a series of dares that kept escalating until the two finally tied the note.

Travis is Gemma’s old flame. And he has since become a rock star. Travis wants Gemma back. He has no plans of losing her again. Of course, Gemma must first tell him about the son he didn’t know he had.

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