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Publication Order of Rock Kiss Books

The Rock Kiss series is a wonderful series of romance, new adult, contemporary, erotica, and adult fiction stories. It was written by a bestselling author from New Zealand named Nalini Singh. The series began in 2014 and has gone on to become widely successful. Each novel of this series has achieved individual successes in all the places of their release. They have been rated very well and reviewed with genuinely rave reviews by a number of noteworthy critics and fellow writers. In every novel, Nalini Singh has described a contemporary and erotic romance story revolving around a different set of primary characters. The characters are shown striving to overcome the struggles of their lives and trying to win over their lovers forever.

Some of the prominent characters created by Nalini Singh for this series include Molly Webster, Thea, David, Zachary Fox, Gabriel Bishop, Charlotte Baird, Noah St. John, Kit Devigny, Abe Bellamy, Sarah Smith, and several others. Readers from across the globe have read and appreciated these characters as well as their stories. They have praised the efforts of author Singh in coming up with such exciting characters and setting mind-blowing stories around them. Many critics have also claimed that the highlights of this series are its characters. They are the ones who make the readers get hooked to the novels right from the beginning. The intriguing storylines and excellent settings also help to make things better for the readers.

Nalini Singh has set this series primarily in Auckland, New Zealand. She is well aware of the city and is in love with it. When the idea of using her favorite city in a story struck her mind, she was filled with joy. And after the first successful attempt, she went on to use the same setting in five more books of this series. Nalini Singh is hoping to come up with several more stories in the future and add them as new titles to this series. Her readers are also eagerly waiting for her to publish a new Rock Kiss story. She is currently working on a new manuscript and is expected to finish the writing part soon. Thereafter, she will submit it to her editor and move on to the book’s release in the next few months. Besides this, Nalini Singh is also looking forward to adding new volumes to her other successful novel series.

The debut book of the Rock Kiss series written by author Nalini Singh is entitled ‘Rock Addiction’. It was released in 2014 and features the central characters in the roles of Zachary Fox and Molly Webster. Initially, it is depicted that Molly Webster has always lived her life by following the rules. During her childhood, she was involved in an ugly scandal that resulted in difficult circumstances for her. Her whole childhood was torn apart and she was made the focus of the harsh spotlight of the media. After that incident, Molly decided to live a simple life away from any limelight and pain. But, when she comes across a bad boy with tattoos, she is forced to break her own rules. Molly begins to fall for the sensuous voice of Zachary Fox and his touch makes her go mad.

At first, Zachary intends to keep his affair with Molly as just a one-night stand. However, her beauty and elegance make him extend the affair to one whole month without even realizing it. They themselves that they will never see each other again and their life will not intersect with the other. But, they don’t seem to realize that not just their bodies have become addicted to each other’s, but also their heart. It does not take them much time to realize that and come up with the decision of living in the arms of one another for the rest of their lives. The next volume of this erotic romance series is entitled ‘Rock Hard’. It was also published in 2014 and consists of the main characters as Charlotte Baird and Gabriel Bishop. The book opens by introducing Gabriel Bishop as a wealthy businessman.

A former rugby star, he rules his boardroom with the same ruthlessness and determination that he showed during his rugby days. Gabriel puts all his efforts to acquire what he wishes and never thinks of backing down. And when he lays his eyes on Charlotte Baird for the first time, he wishes to have her too. Charlotte is described as a shy and scarred lady. She just wants to do fulfill her job and remain away from any kind of indulgence. Gabriel comes into her life as the new CEO of the company where she works. Seeing him and his habitual growling and storming into the office makes Charlotte wonder if she will be able to hold herself and keep herself from harm’s way. When she learns that Gabriel is interested in her and wants to share his bedroom with her, Charlotte decides to play the game as the way it follows as she knows that it is the only way she can survive and remain keep her job. What she doesn’t realize that playing such a risky game will lead her to lose her heart to the broad-shouldered and macho CEO.

Nalini Singh is a prominent author of paranormal romance, fantasy, general romance, and science fiction stories. She hails from Ne Zealand and is particularly famous for her Guild Hunter, Hard Play, Rock Kiss, and Psy-Changeling series. Nalini has also penned several mind-blowing standalone books and short stories in her career. She belongs to Indian descent and was born in Rotuma in 1977. Her parents relocated to New Zealand when she was small and since then, she has been living there. As a child, Nalini studied at Mount Roskill Grammar School. In 1999, she entered a national writing competition organized by the Romance Writers of New Zealand and came third.

Two years later, her manuscript titled ‘Coaxing the Sheik’ succeeded in winning the Jane Porter Award and the Clendon Award. The manuscript was later renamed as Desert Warrior and became her first book to be published. Nalini sold it to Silhouette Desire in 2002. A number of her books have been featured on the bestseller lists of USA Today, Publishers Weekly, and the New York Times. Some of them have also won prestigious awards. She considers winning the Sir Julius Vogel Award for one of her novellas as the highlight of her career. Nalini achieved this feat two times, in 2008 and 2009. Today, more than a dozen of her novels are available in print and Kindle formats.

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