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Rockabye County Books In Order

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Publication Order of Rockabye County Books

The Professional Killers (1968)Description / Buy at Amazon
The 1/4 Second Draw (1969)Description / Buy at Amazon
Point of Contact (1970)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Owlhoot (1970)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bad Hombre (1971)Description / Buy at Amazon
Run For The Border (1971)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sixteen-Dollar Shooter (1974)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sheriff Of Rockabye County (1981)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lawmen of Rockabye County (1982)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Deputies (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
Texas Teamwork (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon

Rockabye County series by J.T Edson features Brad Counter of the Rockabye County Police Department. Brad is the great grandson to Mark Counter featured Floating Outfit series. The series consist of 11 distinct books; the first book in the series is The Sixteen-Dollar Shooter, followed by The Lawmen of Rockabye County, while Texas Teamwork is the last book in the series.

Descriptions of early books The Lawmen of Rockabye County
The series begins Sheriff; Jack Tragg is headed home after completing his duty in the office that day. His journey on the way home is cut short when he receives a call on his satellite radio mounted on his Buick police car that other sheriffs not far from his location needed his assistance.

Jack Tragg is described as a 6ft 1inch tall and powerful man for his height that walks around in his high-heeled and sharp-toed cowboy boots. When he is not riding one of his finesse horses, he is walking on a wooden sidewalk, and most occasions is seen wearing cowhand or professional gambler attire. Colt Peacemakers are his ideal match for the guns and most of the time he would have a single of a pair carried on his buscadero gunbelt. In addition to being brave and courageous, Jack is an ethical man and a defender of the law who would give his life to the loyalty of his country. Apart from wearing his requisite uniform to fit his job image as a Texan Sheriff, he rarely wore the attire except during the Frontier Week when everybody in Rockabye County Sheriff Department was expected to dress in the similar manner.

Jack also possessed some horses for which he sometimes found the useful use of their capabilities. However the majority of the time he would undertake surveillance in his area of jurisdiction on his “Jeep”- light aircraft or his Buick Car. This enabled him to combat crime especially with the criminal minded people who had a taste of the scientific improvements. His skills on firearms are exemplary after attending handgun range at the Department of Public Safety Building.

Two gunmen seize hostages, fire at the police cars demanding to be given aircraft to Cuba. Crazy Doc Christopher had escaped from the prison, and he is determined on taking revenge on those who send him. Jack is committed to his service as Rockabye Sheriff; he owns a Buick sedan. The car is equipment with features such as satellite radio, and an emergency light making it look like a property of Rockabye Sheriff Department. The car greatly helped Jack in crisis moments as each of the members of the sheriff department was required to be reachable 24-hours around the clock.

Jack Tragg joins forces with Mark Counter grandson and other members of the Rockabye department to ensure that two gunmen are subdued and brought to justice.

Texas Teamwork
A recruit Texas sheriff officer is shot down and killed by a gunman. Apparently, the gunman is a member of a gang planning one of the biggest and major bank heists in Gusher City Texas. The police have no clues of the shooter or the gang whereabouts or the band identity. The only hope for the sheriff of the Rockabye department is a witness- a fat man but who apparently is too afraid to talk about the incident that he had witnessed. Now Brad Counter- (the grandson of the legendary man of the Mark Counter of the Floating Outfit) working under the command of legendary Jack Tragg must make use of his fast gun drawing skills.

In addition to Jack Tragg crew is Alice Fayde Brad Counter partner, whom her weapons of choice are her brains and her looks. They must work together and devise a plan that would ensure that those lowlifes were brought to justice. Their plans involved to beautiful girls, a slimy informant and an unwilling informant and a well-crafted plan that must be a success of cost Counter and Alice their lives.

Texas Teamwork is a western book detailing the life of the 20th-century sheriff in the Wild West and an indication of their ways of operation. The main characters are well crafted, right from Sheriff Jack Tragg, his deputy sheriff Brad Counter. The flow of the book is relatively good making the swift jump from one chapter to another in an entirely appealing nature.

Bad Hombre
Oscar Burgenhof is on the loose, the members of the Rockabye County sheriff department know well that everything is never going to be the same again in their area of jurisdiction for he is a bad hombre. Oscar is described to be a man of his character, vicious, terrible, and a ruthless killer with a mean temper as a teased rattlesnake.

In appearance, he is described to be a small, slim and a man of insignificant in appearance such that even the sheriffs themselves could pass him unnoticed on a deserted street. Despite his good looking appearance the thirsty for erotic entertainment had forced him to involve in a life of crime. By the time he is brought justice, Oscar Burgenhof he had already murdered five people and also he had involved Alice, Brad partner in a most perilous and bizarre situation of her life. No matter how handsome he appeared to the most of the eyes of people in Texas, Oscar was a bad hombre.

The Quarter Second Draw
A gang of serial killers devises a plan codenamed Operation Scare-Off against the wives of the Peace officers of the Rockabye County Sheriff Department. Jack Tragg sets up all the modern techniques and scientific aid on his private car fitted with full assault armament. However, when Brad Counter comes to face with one of the gang members armed with a shotgun and the only thing that can save him now from getting killed in the quarter of a second is his quick drawing skills inherited from his great grandfather Mark Counter.

The character of this western novel of the Rockabye series by J.T Edson are vividly drawing and how the author wrote this novel captures the reader attention from the beginning to the end.

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