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About Rod Collins
Largely writing mystery thriller novels filled with suspense and intrigue, Rod Collins is a highly gifted American author. Coming from a rich tradition of storytelling, Collins takes a well known genre and format, making it very much his own. Whether it detectives on the case or ordinary everyday people, Collins always takes the reader in new and exciting directions. Producing rich and immersive work, he really makes the most of each of his stories, keeping his audience effectively glued to the page.

Often using rural America as his setting and canvas, Rod Collins is an expert in ambiance and atmosphere, as really evokes a specific time and place. This then draws the reader in, while not alienating anyone, making it easily accessible, allowing them to envelop themselves within it. His stories are well paced too, keeping a strong momentum running throughout, setting it apart as something unique and different. There’s plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader constantly guessing as well, really holding their attention with a compelling narrative.

The characters are another aspect that Collins excels at, feeling fully three-dimensional and really in a wholly authentic manner. Making the reader feel a part of the story, each of the protagonists is fleshed out on the page, with their own idiosyncratic back-story and personality. There’s always something deeper to the work too, as Collins says something with each of his stories that really resonates. With a lot more to come still, he’s definitely not stopping any time soon either, as his writing career continues to grow from strength-to-strength.

Early and Personal Life
From an early age, Rod Collins would grow up with a passion for storytelling, as he’d listen to his family impart different stories upon him. Seeing this as an art-form that he wanted to pursue in life, he would begin to devote himself to his craft, working to refine his voice as a novelist. Starting out writing his first novel when he was thirteen, he’d begin to create his own stories, inspired by the ones he’d heard.

Growing up in the Oklahoma panhandle country, his grandfather would regal him of these times, as Rod Collins would listen intently. These would recall a different era, and one that has continued to inspire Collins as a novelist to this day, as he fashions the characters after people from his own life. There’s a lot more planned on the horizon as well, as he carries on writing his stories into the foreseeable future.

Writing Career
Starting his career as a full-time writer back in 2006, Rod Collins would begin with the novel ‘Spider Silk.’ This would also be the first in the ‘Sheriff Bud Blair Oregon Mystery Series’ of novels, with each title containing a separate mystery. Many of his books would follow in a similar formula, although he would make sure to make them distinctive and unique in their own right.

He’d also go on to create the ‘Oregon Trail Adventure’ series, which would start with ‘Bitter’s Run’ in 2015. Many of his books have found a devoted audience, with each reader eagerly awaiting each release with anticipation. Having fun with the form, he’s a writer with a lot to say, and his characters will continue to live on in his stories as he continues to write.

Not Before Midnight
Originally released through the ‘Bright Works Press’ publishing label, this would first come out in 2017 on the 12th of November. The fifth title in the ongoing ‘Sheriff Bud Blair Oregon Mystery’ series of books, this would continue on from the last with another case file to solve. Setting itself apart from the rest, it effectively raises the tension, building upon what came before, while giving it some twists and turns of its own.

There’s still a few intertwined plots and character arcs brought over from the previous books, so there’s also plenty for returning fans here. The characters really feel real, and it was extremely difficult to put down, as the pace was maintained at every step of the way. With plenty of action and excitement, it’s a compelling novel, and everything regular readers of the genre could want from such a book.

Looking to kill the Reverend TJ Wildish, and international Jihadist has hired a biker gang to do the job, and Sheriff Bud Blair of Lake County is on the case. Arresting three members of the gang, the small-town community of Lakeview is now in danger, as the rest of the gang threaten to destroy the entire town. A dozen rogue officers from Warner State Correctional Facility to help out, and they must now fend of the incoming forces. Will they be able to manage it? Can FBI agents prevent a human trafficking pipeline in the process? What will become of them all when the enemy arrives not before midnight?

Initially brought out on the Kindle in 2020 on the 10th of June, this would be the second John Bitter novel in the series of the same name. Working as a historical period set franchise, this would take place around the time of the American Civil War, charting the events happening around that time. Following on from the previous book, this manages to capture what really made the first one work, while also paving the way for more to follow in the future. Paying close attention to detail, Rod Collins really creates a sense of authenticity in his work here, bringing the world, the era, and the characters to life.

Just after the American Civil War, John Bitter, previously a Union Army Captain, travelled with Morgan, his newly wedded wife, along the Oregon Trail. Now he’s settled down with her in Abiqua, Oregon, and that’s when the daughter of the senator runs away with her fiancée who’s duped her under false pretences, leading to Bitter, now a Pinkerton agent, being tasked with getting her back. Along with Owl, his Native American friend, the two must head into Eastern Oregon and on to Canyon City’s gold fields to find her. Will they be able to get her back though? How has the Civil War affected the landscape? What will become of John Bitter as he leaves Abiqua?

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