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Rodney Scott
Rodney Scott is a food and drinks author best known for his debut cookbook Rodney Scott’s World of BBQ. He is also one of the most recognized pitmasters in the country and runs his Charleston, Birmingham, and Atlanta restaurants.

Scott grew up in a family involved in different businesses, and he started helping when he was barely in his teenage. Later on, he would take on running the family’s barbeque business before starting his restaurant in 2017.

Scott’s restaurant has grown in the last four years, and now he has three establishments and enough awards in his name.

Rodney Scott’s World of BBQ
Rodney Scott’s World of BBQ is a memoir, cookbook, and guide on all things barbeque. For the first half of this book, the author talks about his childhood and his experiences growing up in a barbeque family.

Scott’s parents sold barbeque to family and friends before opening a restaurant. Scott helped his parents in cooking, food preparation, and whatever else needed to be done throughout his childhood.

By the time he was 11, Scott could cook a whole hog. He was also involved in the daily running of the family business and learned the basics pretty young.
When choosing a career, Scott didn’t even think twice when deciding that cooking is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He helped run the family restaurant for a while before he disagreed with his father and was cut off.

Not one to give up, Scott focused on family and his restaurant and is a respected name today.

Even as an adult, Scott continues to use the work ethic instilled in his formative years. He believes in offering quality service and delicious meals to every diner who comes to his restaurant.

Through hard work and continually improving his skills, Scott has developed recipes that set his restaurant apart and continue to attract barbeque lovers from across the country. He often incorporates customer suggestions into his meals as a way to ensure a wholesome experience for everyone who comes to his restaurant.

As Scott highlights, barbeque goes beyond a certain manner of cooking. To him, it is a richly varied way of life that encompasses universally accepted styles of food preparation and enjoyment.
Over the years, Scott has continually improved his skills on all things barbeque, and he is sure that whatever he has been delivering to his customers is close to perfection.
He has learned what spices to add to his famous barbeque ribs and the best accompaniments for his main dishes through trial and error.
By looking at this book, it is clear that Scott favors pork over other meats. His cooking is centered in South Carolina, making this a perfect choice for anyone interested in Southern cooking and culture.

However, there are a few chicken and beef recipes that you are sure to enjoy. He has also included enough tips on how to barbeque different cuts of meat in addition to a detailed guide on how to cook a delicious, whole hog.

The author dedicates a section of the book to lessons on how to build a BBQ pit. If you are curious to learn and practice making your barbeque at home, you will find information on how to select wood, maintain the fire, and cook your food to perfection.
The steps and language are simplified, and with the BBQ pit building guide, you get all the information you need to replicate something similar in your home.
Lastly, the book comes with a variety of recipes you can easily try at home. The recipes include some delicious meats, vegetables, and desserts.
There is also a pantry section that will help you get all the essentials you need to make smoked prime rib, BBQ Bacon Burgers, and Hushpuppies.
The dessert section features the likes of Banana Pudding and Apple Hand Pies that are a perfect choice if you are craving something decadent. If you have been to Scott’s restaurant, you will find recipes for some of your favorites in this charming cookbook.

If you are a Rodney Scott fan, this book allows you into his personal life as he documents his journey to become the man he is today. You will love how well he explains each step and the valuable tips he shares with his readers.
From his writing, Scott sounds like a humble person despite his reputation in the world of barbeque. It is no surprise that this chef’s business has grown so much in just four years.

Rodney Scott’s World of BBQ is an exciting cookbook with delicious recipes, happy memories, and intriguing anecdotes. This author and renowned chef believe that every day is a good day, so he wakes up ready to face the world whatever is happening around him.
If you love barbeque and want some unique yet easy-to-follow recipes, this book is a great choice.

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