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Roger Canaff likes to call himself a public speaker, attorney, and author on child abuse, protection, and sexual assault cases.

He got interested in such issues when he had to confront sexual abuse when he was a child. This forced him to try to find some calming distance from the truth but in a boomerang way, he returned to it with vigor.
In the 1990s, he would become a prosecutor fighting for special victims, which was a carer that he particularly loved and still takes part in as a consultant and trainer.

Working as a special victims prosecutor, he has prosecuted violent crimes and sexual abuse against children and women in many different jurisdictions in the US.

He has also provided legal and technical training to victim advocates and prosecutors across the globe.

Canaff is also a consultant and expert on social and legal strategies institutions need to employ to deal with sexual abuse and assault in their communities.

Like many authors, he cannot help but write as he finds a delicious magic in telling a story especially if it is telling a truth, which he finds to be vivacious and disarming.

Early on in life, Roger Canaff went to the Charlotte-based University of North Carolina and then proceeded to the Chapel Hill School of Law at the University of Carolina.

After graduation, he got into private practice but started working for the Commonwealth Attorney’s office in Alexandria Virginia in 1997.

During this time, he was the lead prosecutor who took charge of different kinds of crimes, even though he specialized in juvenile crime, child sexual assault, and child abuse.

In 2003, he joined the Alexandria-based American Prosecutors Research Institute where he worked as a Senior Attorney.

In 2005, he was back in Bronx County actively prosecuting cases in the Sex and Child Abuse unit where he prosecuted both child and adult sexual assault crimes.

In 2007, he was made Deputy Chief of the Sex Offender Management Unit that had recently been formed under the Office of the Attorney General in New York State.

After several years in that position, he was headhunted by the US Army where he worked in the Trial Counsel Assistance Program consulting and training military prosecutors who specialized in issues to do with special victims across the globe.

After leaving the US Army in 2012, he became a consultant and now speaks and writes on issues pertaining to physical and sexual interpersonal violence across the globe.

As one of the most notable authors and public speakers, Roger had been involved in the provision of all manner of technical and legal consulting and training to various groups across the US.
He is also an expert on how failures in organizations address issues of violent crimes and sexual abuse.

Roger is also a frequent reference and contributor to digital and broadcast news media. He sometimes blogs on issues of violence and sexual abuse on his website.
While he was born and bred in Sterling, Virginia, Roger currently makes his home in New York City.

Among the Dead by Roger A. Canaff tells the profound and beautiful story of Hector an autistic boy who gets his throat slit in a row house in the Bronx.

The prime suspect is his father a deceitful and callous widower who is known to have gang ties. Alex Greco is the ADA who finds himself saddled with the case.

The latter is the father of an autistic son that died at age three and he is yet to heal from the trauma.

He has just recently joined the brutal and challenging world of the toughest borough in New York but he has been having a lot of success in the two years he has been there.

He managed to find love when he connected with Dr. Nikki Jayes an expert forensic psychologist and has been rebuilding his damaged personal life.

But a dark secret he has and working on the Hector case may just unearth things that may come to haunt his present life.

In this debut work of the series, the author introduces the usual characters you would expect to find in a DA’s office in the Bronx.

Told from the perspective of Assistant District Attorney Alex Greco, it is an original and intriguing story with some great characters that draw one in irresistibly.

Roger Canaff’s novel “Bleed Through” is a work set in an upper-class neighborhood in Manhattan.

One autumn night, a young woman comes crawling out of an alley, beaten, bruised, and her clothes torn. While attractive and well-dressed, she draws on her remaining strength to run away from the scene once the police make an appearance.
This is the beginning of an unpredictable and riveting story of a brutal rape attempt. The system ultimately takes the case of the reluctant but strong victim, even if it provides as much uncertainty and risk as it does hope for justice.
In charge of the case is Alex Greco the ADA and Angie Keegan the detective who are part of the citywide unit charged with dealing with the hard-to-crack special victims’ cases in New York.

Thus begins their quest to find the victim and encourage her to talk and find justice. But the pitfalls they have to deal with include a well-connected and wealthy defendant and the many dark secrets they unearth resulting in a shocking set of turns and twists.
This will not only threaten their investigation but also brutally intrude into the lives of the people involved.

Still tending dark secrets from a tragic past, Kim and Alex have to test their mettle against what turns out to be one of the most aggressive defense teams.
It is a team that would do anything even if it means destroying the personal destruction of the opposition.

“Copperhead Road” by Roger Canaff is the story of John Ray a seventeen-year-old. He had silently taken years of being molested by the most respected mentor and coach in his hometown.

But when younger boys start going missing and are later found murdered with signs of molestation in the very woods that had also been violated, he knows he needs to do something.

He will have to deal not only with his past but also so desperate and evil characters some of whom share his memories. On the brink of becoming a man, it has been five years ever since he had extricated himself from the clutches of his abuser.
He has just started his senior year in high school and he is lucky that he gets to bury his bad memories under swiped liquor, cigarettes, and the warmth of friends.

Nonetheless, his abuser remains a well-liked pillar of society and a family friend. Kelly has not touched him in years and hence he assumes he is safe.
He believed the nightmare was over but he will soon discover that he could not have been more wrong.

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