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Roger A. Price is an English author of thrillers, crime and mystery books known for his thrilling and gruesome stories. He’s worked as a detective inspector, which explains his expertise in police procedures where investigations are concerned. Price was also in charge of Preston C.I.D. during his career. Now retired, Price uses his vast professional experience to come up with believable crime thrillers. So far, the author has seven distinct works to his name. He is also a member of The Crime Writers’ Association.


Nemesis is the first book in the Badge and the Pen series. The book features Detective Inspector Vinnie Palmer, a man who is about to undertake the most challenging case in his career. Psychopath Daniel Moxley has just escaped while on transit to the Broadmoor high-security prison. The bodies Moxley is leaving on his wake indicate that he is on a revenge mission, and no one he thinks has wronged him will escape alive. The murderous streak starts with the torturous killing of a police officer. A cat and mouse game ensues, and the only thing the unhinged sociopath leaves in his wake is mutilated bodies. Thanks to his paranoia, Moxley will result in killing randomly, so there is no way of predicting his next victim.

DI Palmer is assigned this case and immediately joins Moxley’s hitlist. However, the seasoned killer wants to play a little game with him. First, Moxley will lead the detective to all the blood scenes before killing him. This journey first leads Palmer to Constable Rob Hill’s body. Hill was Palmer’s offsider, and his death reveals a destructive secret that shakes Palmer to the core. Determined to end to the murders, Palmer talks to Moxley’s psychiatrist only to discover a link between the killer and corrupt police, severe brutality, and sexual coercion. Could these factors be the reason for Moxley’s unstable mind? Just how much is the police force in the north England region involved? Is there a way to stop the piling bodies of brutally murdered victims?

Palmer will, at a point, decide to go against the law only to be suspended from the police force. Despite this setback, Palmer is on a mission, and there is no way he will let Moxley walk free. Palmer teams up with T.V. reporter Christine Jones and together, they follow Moxley on his murderous journey through Scotland and back. After wondering how the killer always seems to be one step ahead, Palmer discovers that his wife, who happens to be working in the police force, has been giving Moxley a heads-up. This discovery leads to the lifting of Palmer’s suspension, allowing him full access to police resources. Could it be too late to put Moxley in his place once and for all?

Nemesis is an action-packed story filled with gruesome scenes and hair-raising moments. The book is divided into short chapters, and thanks to the rising tension, putting the book down are going to be hard. Follow DI Palmer on a journey in search of a psychopath who derives satisfaction from killing his victim. The last encounter between Palmer and Moxley will leave you at the edge of your seat, and you will be lucky to come out of this unshaken. If action-packed thrillers are your thing, this book will be among your all-time favorites.


Vengeance is the second book in the Badge and the Pen series. The book centers on two characters, Christine Jones and Vinnie Palmer. Once again, these two meets in the course of duty, and their storylines converge into an explosive ending. Christine is an investigative journalist working on an exposé involving a senior Irish Politician and discrimination against non-Catholic officers. Palmer, on the other hand, is in search of a hitman responsible for the killing of one of his men. He is currently a detective with Preston police and will go to any lengths to ensure that parker’s death is avenged.

Jack Quintel is a notorious hitman, and, in this story, his work is to kill Jim Reedly, the current Deputy Chief Constable of Police in Greater Manchester. Quintel subcontracts the job to Charlie Parker, the new kid in the business. Hiding in the shadows, Quintel witnesses the shooting of Reedly’s windscreen. He also sees Parker drag what he presumes is Reedly’s body to the bushes. Later, Parker presents a pig’s heart and claims it is Reedly’s, but the hitman doesn’t buy this story. To stop Parker in his game, Quintel sends his right-hand man to kill Parker. Turns out Parker in an undercover cop and his staying alive puts Quintel’s life in jeopardy.

Palmer is enraged by Parker’s killing, and he wants the killers behind bars. He traces Parker and Quintel’s link to Dempter, a man living in a run-down hood. While it is clear that Dempter knows little about Quintel’s operations, he offers to help. The bodies continue to pile, and as another attempt is made Reedly’s life, Palmer has to work harder to protect him as the investigation continues. As if his plate is not already full, Palmer also has to safeguard Christine when they both realize that she is also in danger. Could there be a link between Reedly’s attempted murder and the documentary that Christine is working on? Why is the killer so determined to eliminate Reedly knowing the kind of power a man of his level commands?

Vengeance is an intense story featuring seasoned killers, experienced detectives, and a good number of dead men and women. The story is gritty and filled with excitement, violence, and political intrigue. Price’s writing is authentic, and he wastes no time in bringing in the action. This is one of those stories that capture your attention, and the tension does not ease to the end. The crime thriller takes an interesting look into the underworld and the maze of Irish Troubles through different intriguing characters. The steps involved in police investigations are well outlined, not to mention the believable storylines. This is a great read, and you will find it f. Get ready to be so captivated that you will still be buried in this book hours after you read the first page.

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