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Starting out at a young age, the young American author Roger Hobbs was already well on his way to becoming a global success with the release of his first novel ‘Ghostman’, which opened to huge acclaim on an unprecedented worldwide scale. This was a success that managed to rapidly rise in an extremely short amount of time, given that his novel was only released in 2013, with a follow-up titled ‘Vanishing Games’ following hot on its heels in 2014. It has been this success that has driven him as an author to master his craft and build his brand achieving an audience that many authors dream of.
Early and Personal Life
With a passion for writing that begun to show itself from a very early age, Roger Hobbs clearly had a gift for the written word, as he was always reading and writing. Finishing his first novel when he was only thirteen, he used this science-fiction ‘trial book’ as method for testing out his craft and building his skills up. At the age nineteen he then had his first play produced allowing him to gain the recognition he deserved, which was followed by a publication in The New York Times when he was just twenty.
Attending Reed College which he graduated from at the age of twenty-two, he had already signed a movie contract the previous year when he was only twenty-one. It was during his time at college though that he was to write his initial debut novel Ghostman, which he then sent off on the very day he graduated from college. With so much success in such a short time he was continually evolving as a writer and practitioner of his craft, as the the only direction for him was up, with a book deal signed with Alfred A. Knopf at just twenty-three.
Living in China for some time he got to open himself up to new experiences, all the while continuing write and hone both his voice as well as his craft. With a gift for maintaining suspense, something which he worked upon during his time majoring in English at college, as he studied the works of Edgar Allan Poe, he was able to work that into his novels to great effect. It was also in during his time in China that he was to write his sequel novel ‘Vanishing Games’, which was also released to equally rapturous acclaim as the first.
Now living in Seattle, Washington, he continues to write to this day, with his New York literary agent being Nat Sobel of Sobel Weber Associates, and his Los Angeles film agent being Joel Gotler at Intellectual Property Group. With a sea of possibilities before him he’s currently within his element as a writer, with all eyes on him just waiting to see what he does next. As more titles are planned on the horizon as well, it appears that his writing career is growing from strength-to-strength, something it will do for sometime yet.
Writing Career
Nominated for almost ever award in the business by the age of just twenty-five, he’s not only gained commercial success, but critical acclaim as well. Fast gaining the respect of both his peers and contemporaries, he’s quickly managed to become a leading figure within the industry, with his work being held up as a shining example of the genre. Mainly writing thrillers, he is definitely adept at suspense with his high-stakes plot-lines, as he draws the reader in through well crafted characterizations and then keeping them held on the edge of their seat.
Whilst he produced his first two novels in a relatively short amount of time, he’s still got more to come, as his now eager fans worldwide clamor for more. Traveling and gambling, he likes to take in a whole range of new experiences, putting them all back into his work whenever and wherever possible. This looks to be something that is set to continue well on in to the foreseeable future, as it appears he is not going to be stopping anytime soon.
Released on the first of January in 2013 through the Corgi publishing house, this was not only the debut novel from Roger Hobbs, but it was also the first in the Jack White series. Setting up the foundations for what was to be a highly popular and successful franchise, Hobbs uses his eponymous protagonist as the series anchor throughout. Creating a style and tone that was to become his own, this book clearly displays the onset of a burgeoning talent that was only going to grow over the years to come.
Tidying up the ugly messes left after major wrongdoings, Jack White finds himself cleaning up the aftermath left in the wake of a casino heist gone wrong. Attempting to tidy up the loose ends, he finds that these loose ends are primarily focused up a million in cash that have happened to go missing. Now it seems that there’s someone out there that wants the head of Jack in a bag and, not only that, he has just 48 hours to find the missing money. Will he be able to do it? Can he escape being beheaded? What will become of he who is known only as the Ghostman?
Vanishing Games
Following on directly from the first, this novel was released one year after the original, as it was initially brought out in 2014 through the Knopf publishing label this time. Carrying on with his ever distinctive tone and style, it works to build upon what came before, setting the ambiance even further, whilst providing further backstory for the protagonist. It also once again provides even more suspense and intrigue, as it gives the reader more of what they want, and have now come to expect from a Roger Hobbs novel.
In the South China sea a group of hardened and experienced pirates open fire on a small smuggling vessel in the hopes of acquiring their sapphires on-board. What they find on-board though isn’t just some priceless sapphires, but a cargo that could potentially change the course of history, something which shouldn’t end up in the hand of the cold-blooded psychopath that ends up murdering everyone and stealing it. This now just leaves Jack who is assigned by Angela to get the cargo back and ensure a disastrous set of earth shattering events don’t unfold. Will he be able to get back the cargo? Can he overcome his troubled past with Angela? What will happen as Jack White plays a series of vanishing games?

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