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Author Roger Weston has spent time working on many vessels at sea, some of which include: a salmon processing ship in the Gulf of Alaska, to a yacht off Hawaii’s coast, and a commercial fishing boat while in the Puget Sound.

He has gone to Russia during the Cold War, was able to escape a taxi driver with a gun in Madrid, and stopped a well thought out gang mugging while in a medina in Morocco.

Weston has written the “Chuck Brandt” series, “The Sands” series, and some short fiction and some stand alone novels. His work is from the maritime fiction genre. He has taught courses at the college level in writing and in literature at different colleges.

“The Recruiter” is the first novel in the “Chuck Brandt” series and was released in the year 2012. Chuck Brandt (a spy recruiter) has been making amends for the things he did in his past. He was betrayed by his employer and it caused him to be separated from the woman that he loves. He is down, but not out. He will have to bring in the only the person that is both alive and can help him. The man that he once was.

Nobody in the neighborhood of Woodlawn (which is in Birmingham, Alabama) knew who Chuck Brandt really was. They only knew that he rented out apartments to immigrants. That is all, they did not know that he was a recruiter of spies. Or that he was trying to start over and live honestly after being a legendary assassin. The top secret government intelligence agency, who employed Chuck, knew the truth. They should not have targeted him, and they should have left him alone. They should have known what would happen if they did.

Fans of the novel liked the different viewpoints that the novel looks at. It is an action packed and compelling story that will not let you out of its grasp once it takes hold on the very first page of the novel. There seems to be non stop action going on here, like the author had someone being shot or stabbed, blown up or beat up or abducted by someone. The plot interested readers and the author did a good job developing things. Some liked the way that it was hard to tell whether or not Chuck was a good guy or bad guy or not.

“The Handler” is the second novel in the “Chuck Brandt” series and was released in the year 2014. This novel is set in Costa Brava, Spain. There is a race and a girl; as well as an ambassador, who is now dead. A madman has also escaped from the Russian insane asylum many years back. There is one agent that has gone missing, and another that was betrayed.

Chuck Brandt, a patriot, is all on his own. He is caught up in the web of a conspiracy, tracking down a deadly enemy. This ex-CIA assassin is not going to back down. Nor will he leave his men behind. Even if it kills him.

Fans of the novel found that once again, the author kicks things off with a bang. The novel hits hard and does not let up for the whole thrilling ride. Readers found this to be too hard to put down for very long, as it made them wonder what was going to happen next. Some hope that the novels keep coming out and stay this awesome.

“Rogue Op” is the third novel in the “Chuck Brandt” series and was released in the year 2015. They thought Chuck Brandt was dead, and that the problem they were having was solved. Boy, were they wrong, because Chuck Brandt lives on.

This time, he wants to save America from a sinister plot. He also wants to save a woman named Maria from General Ivan Lazar (Maria’s psychotic father). He is going after a legend deep into Peruvian Amazon, but he is taken right into green hell.

He faces all kinds of evil things like the jungle itself to Black Cobra guerrillas that General Lazar has. These are the sadistic monsters that are going to try to kill Brandt slowly. He finds out a big and awful secret. Can he stop a madman this time out?

Fans of the novel like the different viewpoints, especially when the author gets into Chuck’s brain shows his thoughts. This makes him seem like he is an actual person you are reading about and not just a character. Some like the way that the novel takes things in a new direction, moving away from pure action to focus on plot. This author is someone that writes quality work that is hard to put down to get to other things that they have to do.

“Rogue Op II” is the fourth novel in the “Chuck Brandt” series and was released in the year 2017. General Lazar is planning an attack on the United States, terrorizing the locals, and building up his criminal organization while in Peru.

Chuck, while looking to get justice, he finds the general in a lost city called Viracocha. This place was conquered by the Incas, at one point in time. It is perched on the Andes Mountains’ eastern slope, high above the Amazon. Chuck is the only one that is willing to go up into the wolves’ den to take the fight against a deck that is stacked against him.

Ivan Lazar and the Black Cobra Brigade thought that they could commit all the crimes they wanted against humans and get away with it. They thought they could unleash chaos and kill at will with impunity. This group thought that their plot against America would go unpunished. They forgot about the Brandt factor (the protector and the sheepdog). He has returned meaner and better than ever; he is looking to protect both America and the innocent.

Fans found that the way Roger Weston was able to get into both Chuck and Lazar’s mind was great. It helped to get into their minds and show both how they are similar and different. Once again, Roger Weston pens a winning novel about a patriot that serves and protects his country.

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