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Publication Order of Rogue Agents of Magic Books

By: Michael Anderle, T.R. Cameron, Martha Carr
Rogue Ops (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rogue Agents on the Run (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rogue Rescue (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rogue Retribution (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rogue Agents on the Hunt (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rogue Rampage (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rogue Agents Unbroken (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rogue Victory (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Successful American published author Michael Anderle is a co-author of the Rogue Agents of Magic series.

He was born in Texas in Houston in 1967 and hopes to be around for a long time from now! When he was a kid, he was fairly curious and would often get into trouble as a result. But he made the most of it and as he was still inquisitive, he would read whenever he was grounded. This of course paid off and his interest in books has led to him being a writer today.

Early on in life, the author mostly stuck to reading books that were science fiction and fantasy. He’s also moved on to other types of books, from urban fantasy to military fiction. This has been a decent enough background for the author to create original stories to be enjoyed by readers. He says that his fans have kept his stories going beyond his wildest imagination and gives them the credit for giving others the chance to read them by spreading the word to family and friends.

T.R. Cameron is an accomplished writer. Cameron has been an ‘avid consumer’ of sci-fi since he was six years old. This was approximately the time that he found his dad’s Asimov Foundation books and broke the seal on them. Ever since then, it’s been downhill, the author jokes.

T.R. has a job during the day he likes, and states that writing is the only consistent hobby that he has. He’s married and loves hanging out with his wife and his daughter, working, writing, or hanging out with all of their cats, he can be probably found playing video games, watching things like Agents of Shield or Marvel movies, reading, or playing board games.

His favorite science fiction authors include Asimov, Jean Johnson, Scalzi, and more. He enjoys science fiction a lot but also reads many books that fall into different genres. If he had to select his most favorite writer, it would likely be Stephen R. Donaldson, since the author confirms that the Thomas Covenant series proved to be transformative for him.

The thing that he dreams about for his own writing career is landing an adaptation. T.R. Cameron would love if someone developed one of his books into a television show or a movie and he could be involved in the production. He knows it might not happen, but that’s okay More practically, the author would just like to keep on writing and to entertain readers for many years to come.

Martha Carr is a successful American author. She is a so-called late bloomer and confesses to being a DC comics fan. She says that she was ‘born under a wandering star’. She’s also lived in many different parts of the U.S. throughout her life. She loves when readers can root for an ordinary person that becomes a hero in her stories.

Martha also enjoys reading a story when she feels inspired or confident. That ends up being her goal with all she’s written. Martha also loves telling tales that have twists, are thrilling, or include magic. Carr attests to the fact that something to be said for getting lost in another world and feeling good when the story ends.

The author was thirty when she began writing. She had just divorced and had a newborn. She had attempted to do things the way that her family thought they should be done and had seen how that went. She also was doing well but dreaded going to work every day and doing stock broking. She couldn’t see herself still there years down the line and is happy she left the job, even if it meant that money was not as abundant as it was before.

Today she has the distinction of having worked for the Post, having been a columnist with a national following of four million monthly readers, and more. She’s happy that she has readers that support her and enjoy her work!

Rogue Ops is the engaging debut novel in the Rogue Agents of Magic series by Michael Anderle ,T.R. Cameron, and Martha Carr. For those who like science fiction and fantasy, give this story a try!

Diana Sheen along with her team have been the agents that the Feds go to whenever they’re dealing with potential magical trouble. They have a continual mission to get Rhazdon Artifacts, which are dangerous, and it’s proving to be more important than ever.

Their enemies stand no chance against them, since they have the advantage with advanced technology, practiced magical skills, and artifact weapons. What will they do when the Feds they placed their trust in don’t trust them anymore?

Bryant, Cara, Diana, Rath the troll, and the others on the team may have to turn to the various allies that they have become friends with on missions. Things go well as Ruby Achera comes in from Magic City. Diana extends communication to the Drow mentor Nylotte, who may be more than she appears.

What will they do if the foundations they thought they could rely on have turned on them? Only by continuing will they be able to find if Diana’s skills taught by her mentors can help her escape and then fight too. What will happen? Read Rogue Ops and you’ll know!

Rogue Agents on the Run is the second book in the Rogue Agents of Magic series by Michael Anderle, T.R. Cameron, and Martha Carr. The action continues in this sequel!

The group is on the run, and the government is after them as a new threat rises. The group’s losing their base and a lot of their equipment hurt them, but Diana Sheen handled it all. With a troll by her side.

Now is not the time to run. It’s time to turn and return fire. They found out that individuals could be corrupted by the Rhazdon Artifacts. They also found out now that a cult has formed around the items. They used to be Federal Agents of Magic, but now they’ve been pegged as rogue.

In these dark times, they’re going to have to make things lighter using magical fire. Follow along with Diana and her team and their adventures by picking up a copy of this book!

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