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Publication Order of Rogue River Books

By: Kendra Elliot, Melinda Leigh
On Her Father's Grave (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gone to Her Grave (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Her Grave Secrets (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Walking on Her Grave (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Rogue Winter Books

Melinda Leigh
Tracks of Her Tears (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead in Her Tracks (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Rogue Vows Books

By: Kendra Elliot, Melinda Leigh
Death and Her Devotion (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Burned by Her Devotion (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Rogue River Series is a series of novellas written by Kendra Elliot and Melinda Leigh in the genre of romantic suspense. The main character of the novel is Stevie Taylor, who heads out of her home in Oregon to make her way toward Los Angeles. She’s going to work in L.A. for the L.A.P.D. and follow in the footsteps of her father, a police chief. But when her father passes away without warning, she comes home in order to heal up and attend the funeral and be with family.

The series began with the publication of the debut novel in the Rogue River series, On Her Father’s Grave. It was published in 2014. The following book was called Gone to Her Grave and was written solely by Melinda Leigh. They joined forces again to write the third book in the series, Her Grave Secrets, as well as the fourth and final book in the series, Walking on Her Grave.

The first book in the series in On Her Father’s Grave. The main character in this novel is Stevie Taylor. She is a smart and tough woman that used to live in Solitude, Oregon. She then moved to Los Angeles in order to work there as a cop. Her dad was a police officer too, something that inspired her to join the ranks of law enforcement. But when her father unexpectedly passes away, she takes a break from Los Angeles to go home and mourn him.

While she is grieving the loss of her father, she takes a different job as a patrol officer. But it turns out that her new post lends itself to gossip and other things like that. In a place like this, everyone knows the business about everyone else. Normally that wouldn’t be that much of a problem and bother her, but she feels particularly vulnerable in the wake of her father’s passing. Anyone who’s lost someone knows what that is like. She thought her hometown visit might be restorative,e but it seems like a lot of the small town cliches are starting to really hit home– and not in a good way.

The problem is that she’s being tied to not only a man from her past and the new police chief. But is any of it true? Solitude takes another hit when a teenager passes away after using a new type of drug unknown to the community. Even though she’s missing Los Angeles, Stevie is finding that being a patrol officer here isn’t all bad. She might even be able to bring something to the force here and the gossip might finally die down too.

Now Stevie must pull from all of her L.A. training in order to get to the bottom of this case. She’s used to dealing with users, dealers, and repeat offenders, and now she must put her LAPD experiences to work as she tries to track down the drug dealer. At the same time, she’s investigating one of her biggest cases ever. How will she do, and will she catch the person distributing this strange new narcotic? Read the first book in the Rogue River series to find out!

Gone to Her Grave is the second book in the Rogue River series. It was published in 2014. IN this thrilling second installment of the Rogue River series, we are back in the town of Solitude, Oregon once more. We also return to main character Stevie Taylor, who works as a police officer in this town. She did move to California for a while, but the passing of her father changed all of that. She found that leaving Solitude was just too difficult and decided to stay on for a time, right away finding her involved in the latest case to strike Solitude.

Now, this sleepy small town is having to face new threats. And in a small area like this, keeping secrets can be murder. Stevie is just trying to stay on top of it all, especially in the rear view of her father’s death. Stevie is hoping to heal from the sudden loss of someone she loved and admired, and although she didn’t realize it when she first arrived, to emotionally heal from some of the worse things she saw while working a beat in the city.

But when secrets are unearthed in Solitude, will someone go as far as to kill to keep them? Drug dealing seems like it is slowly working its way into this small Oregon town, as many can attest and the case Stevie worked before proved. Social worker Carly Taylor is doing what she can to deal with the onslaught in the area. She even takes on a case when she thinks that a teen has been accused of drug dealing but didn’t do it.

Taking the case is the risk, and the detective leading the investigation is her estranged husband. Despite these complications, it’s not going to stop her from taking on the case and doing what she believes is right. This time the consequences are getting serious because a new type of designer drug has come to Solitude. Somehow it is being distributed everywhere, so there has to be a source. Carly wants to get to the bottom of who the dealer is so she can stop the flow of drugs into the town and also clear her charge’s name.

But be careful what you wish for. As Carly digs more into the case, the more that some people don’t want her to keep investigating. As she starts to get closer to the truth, she is only in more danger. Seth Harding can’t stop his estranged wife from digging into everything when it could benefit her case and prove her charge innocent.

But if certain people don’t want her to discover certain truths, is she at risk of getting into trouble before she can do anything?How will it all turn out, and will Carly be safe– or will her meddling make her some powerful enemies? Pick up Gone to Her Grave and see how this fast-paced suspense story ends!

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