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Publication Order of Rogues of Scotland Books

Donna Grant has established herself as one of the most prolific writers as far as the romantic genre is concerned. Therefore, it comes as no surprise with this series that is just absolutely truly epic, and I am sure even fans that are not of this genre would want to take a peek at it. It is an excellent series written in the Donna fashion that is charming as well as filled with romantic scenes that make you just want to shed a tear or two. This series has books that will make you remember someone or just want to be in one if you are not in already. It is really amazing and just going through it from chapter to chapter and book to book makes you want to skip to the end and see what happens, but you stick to the pages because there is more juice in the book than you could hope for.

The first book in this Rogues of Scotland series is called The Craving, and it doesn’t disappoint, well at least as far as the title is concerned. We find Meg Alpin, who has retreated to her family’s castle after being betrayed by the man she thought was the one of her dreams. She is devastated and her decision to go back to her family’s castle is vindicated by this. With determination to get her life back on track, she uncovers some secrets and mysteries hidden in their castle but the best discovery she makes is in the tower where she finds magic in the furniture that is kept there. And in that one fleeting moment there is meaning to her life as it is given light by some highlander who is too handsome and magnificent to be true. This first part of this book goes by the title, A Quest for Happiness.

The second part of this first book is titled A Desire for Freedom where we find a guy by the name of Ronan Galt, who has been caged as well as cursed into a mirror by some gypsy. His world is filled with unquenchable needs as well as the darkness that keep consuming him every waking day. When he has been brought back to the light, and he meets Meg, he quickly questions the integrity of their thing with regards to how women have treated him in the past. He will eventually and unwillingly learn what love is as he tries to escape his prison. The question that begs an answer for those that like this small synopsis of this book as well as series is, will it be too late actually to claim what is destined to be his?

This book packs energy as well as love that is just outright great. The plot is great as well as the characters, and you will love every bit of drama that unfolds in this book. It raises a lot of questions that can only be answered by getting this book. It is a great read, and it will prepare you for this series that is just epic and awesome at the same time.

The third book in this series goes by the title, The Tempted. This book is just as amazing as the second and first book in this Rogues of Scotland series. With the book being published just recently, it is a sure hit especially with those that know what romance novels are all about. Donna Grant does no disappoint at all. The first part of this third book is titled A Man Consumed By Rage. We find a character by the name of Stefan Kennedy, who has been cursed and ultimately locked up in a prison of despair and darkness by a certain gypsy. The monster within him is the only one that is metaphorically benefiting from this prison so to speak. When he has been mystically let out of this cell, the only thing he can think of is vengeance. This is his only goal till a certain woman comes along and dissuades him from these plans. He wants to know what happens to the gypsy that imprisoned him, but Morvan has got him locked in her heart and he can’t resist her.

The second part of this third book in this series is titled A Woman’s Magical Touch and it centers on our female counterpart Morvan. She spends her days in the forest where she tends to the wounded animals that she meets along the way. In her daily activities, she encounters this man who is described as being more beast than he is a man and ultimately tames him. This handsome Highlander could threaten the peace that she has so desperately created within herself, but she thinks that he also could be the man of her dreams. She helps the man recover, and she begins falling in love with him slowly.

This third book in this series is as epic as the first two books that you will also find absolutely endearing. It is a wonderful book, and Donna Grant gives it her best. It is not easy to go by historical novels, but she pulls it off quite excellently with astonishing books that make you just want to read on and on. These four books so far in this series are incredible, and anyone that gets the privilege of going through them will love the books. Especially the third book that is just incredible in all the rights of how a good romantic novel should be. The mixture of magic into the books is what makes them even more unique and remind you of those fairy tales that are just amazing up until today, and it’s what everyone always wants. So, get this series and you won’t regret this decision. There are only four books so far in this series, and you will find each of the books as fascinating as the last one. The final book is what is even more interesting and captures the ingenious imagination of the writer to create superb characters that are charming. The plot also is in a class of its own, and you won’t want to put these books down once you start on them.

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