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Empyrean's Rise (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Rohan M Vider is a South African LitRPG and fantasy fiction novelist. He made his debut with the publishing of “Crota” the first of the popular “God’s Game” series in 2018. The novel tells the story of a young man who goes to Myelad, a fascinating world where he is invited to play a game with the gods. Since ,he has had a lot of success as an author and has more than eight titles to his name. When Vida is not writing his novels, he can be found reading, writing, spending time with family or playing turn-based and CRPG strategy games.

Rohan Vider has made a name for himself creating action packed page turners that are unputdownable. He writes in an easy to understand and fluid manner even though he constantly pushes the narrative forward. He also has a propensity to pull on emotional strings from time to time and there are several very painful scenes that make his readers more invested in the fate of the character. Given that he is a gamer himself, he writes intricate systems in his games that do have a special balance and structure to them. But where Vider shines is with his quality prose, which is something that is very rare in the litRPG genre.
“Crota,” the debut novel by Rohan M Vider, is a fascinating novel set in the lands of the gods. For eons, the gods have compelled humans to champion them in a high stakes game. But for Kyran, the summons to the land of the gods is something unexpected. There are no gods backing him and he attends the games as a free agent. The only silver lining is that he gets to select the abilities and skills he thinks he will need to survive. But once he arrives, he triggers a potential shift in the stalemate that has lasted years and half the gods want to destroy him while the other half want to recruit him. Crota is a solid litRPG that tells the story of a modern age gamer who finds himself living a combination of real and game life. The game mechanics unlike in other games do not constrain the non participants but rather the players. Kyran too is constrained but unlike any other champion he has less to worry about given that his decisions are not constrained by a sponsor god.

Rohan M Vider’s “The Labyrinth” is the story of Kyran whose life on Earth is over. He was once a man with a lot of power that could change the game but all of that is gone. Kyran had been unintentionally summoned to the land of the gods and by no fault of his had managed to earn the ire of the gods. This has resulted in the man getting banished to Crota, the subterranean world where he was to die. But he is one tough guy to kill and despite the poor prospects of survival he has managed to stay alive. Immediately he had arrived, he started planning for escape but his plans went awry and he was defeated and captured. But he had managed to find the way across the labyrinth and started making allies, dating enemies and becoming a man of purpose.

“Sovereign Rising” by Rohan M Vider continues with the excellent LitRPG fantasy adventure that started with “Crota.” Kyran and his friends had finally managed to escape the labyrinth and emerged onto the world above. But up top, they do not know what could be awaiting them. It seems that they are just embarking on a journey full of adventure and self discovery. In their journey, they have to forge new alliances, fight off new foes and advance in the game of the gods.

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