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About Roman Dial
Not only is the American writer Roman Dial a prominent biologist and mathematician, he’s also regarded as one of the most imaginative adventurers to date. Living an interesting life, he’s also been beset by tragedy, after his son Cody Dial went missing while also on an expedition, which he’s written about since. Creating some rich and immersive titles, the writing of Roman is in-depth allowing the reader to feel as if they’re actually there involved themselves. Bringing the locations he’s visited to life in full color, he’s not only a gifted adventurer, but also a highly skilled writer.

Knowing each of his subjects inside out, his books really manage to convey a feeling to the reader quite unlike any other. Whether it’s giving the reader advice on undertaking trips of their own, or telling his own story, Dial really gives his books a grounded and authentic feel. Showing each of the places as they actually are, his writing and descriptions are extremely detailed, providing vivid depictions. This has seen his writing become hugely influential worldwide, with readers from all over responding positively to his books.

There’s a lot of emotion to the work of Roman Dial, especially when considering his search for his son after he went missing. Telling the story from his perspective, his writing really gets to the heart of his ordeal, providing an honest and compelling account of what actually happened. Along with this, Roman has also written extensively on his skills as an adventurer, teaching his audience in the process. He’ll continue to write and travel, with more books potentially in the future, as Roman finds his audience growing worldwide every day.

Early and Personal Life
Born in Seattle, Washington, in the United States, Roman Dial would come to develop a passion for finding his own stories through his adventures. Exploring the wilderness, he’d come to find his love of Alaska, taking trips across the expanse, finding new perspectives and ideas in the great outdoors. This would grow into a keen interest of his as time went on, all while developing his academic interest in ecology, as he’d witness it first-hand.

Becoming a professor at Alaska State University, he’d quickly adapt his passion into his studies, as he would also become one of the foremost figures in the field. Looking at math, nature and science, he examines how they’re intertwined, studying them in-depth, while writing extensively about it. Living with his wife Peggy Dial, he continues to work and write, bringing his rich stories to the page with imagination.

Writing Career
In 2008 Roman Dial would write the book ‘Packrafting! An Introduction and How-To Guide,’ which was a non-fiction title helping to inform readers on journeying in the wilderness. Later in 2020 Dial would write the memoir ‘An Adventurer’s Son,’ and this charted his son’s disappearance into the jungles of Costa Rica in 2014. Looking at a traumatic event, he charts his own feelings and what happened, giving a sensitive and touching portrayal of the events surrounding the tragedy.

Gaining an audience worldwide, Roman Dial would also examine his own search for his son, as he would look for years. This would include involving a reality television show at one point, although he’d undertake the search himself, eventually finding what happened. Currently working from his home in Anchorage, he continues to work at Alaska State University, which he’s done since 1992.

The Adventurer’s Son
Originally brought out on the 18th of February 2020, this would be a stand-alone memoir released through the William Morrow publishing label. Working as a stand-alone work of non-fiction, it contains twenty-five color photos further bringing the story across on the page. Detailing real-life events, it’s the journey of a father to find his own son, searching for what happened to him in his final moments.
On July the 10th in 2014, Cody Roman Dial would walk alone into the jungles of Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica, and that was the last time he was seen. At just twenty-seven years of age his trip was supposed to be just four days, but it was unfortunately the last trip he’d take. His father, the prestigious Alaskan scientist Roman Dial, he recounts the ordeal he undertook searching for his son, attempting to discover how and where he spent his last days. In a harrowing and compelling book, this covers the entire journey Roman Dial took, all while looking at his own thoughts and feelings as a father.

The book itself is moving and engaging, written from the perspective of the father, as he himself tells his own story. This allows the reader to really understand what actually happened to Cody, not covering anything up along the way. It’s also definitely a must for those who enjoy memoirs, as well as those who want get an idea of what really goes into travelling and excursions into the wilderness.

Packrafting! An Introduction and How-To Guide
First published in 2008 on the 23rd of June, this would initially come out through the Backpacking Light publishing outlet. It’s a standard non-fiction title providing the various ins and outs of Packrafting as an activity in the wilderness. Using Dial’s own knowledge, it would be his first book released, introducing him for the first time to a whole new audience.

Bringing together a compendium of tips and tricks on traversing the wilderness and the great outdoors, this book compiles a list of some of the best practices currently out there. There’s a lot contained on travelling, from backpacking to boating, and what the best ways of navigating all this are. Featuring case examples from all around the world, it’s available to anyone and everyone looking to find out more on the subject. Combining packrafting with numerous other activities too, it gives the reader better insight on how to make the most of this particular activity.

There’s plenty of history provided here, making it an informative and interesting read that’s straightforward and to the point. Providing a lot of techniques, it’s easy to follow without losing the reader at any point, allowing them to follow along at their own pace. Making a great starting title for those looking to learn more, this is definitely required reading for those wanting to learn more.

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