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Publication Order of Empress Of Rome Books

Mistress of Rome (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Daughters of Rome (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Empress of the Seven Hills / Empress of Rome (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Three Fates (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lady of the Eternal City (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kate Quinn is widely known for The Empress Book series. After completing her high school education, Kate Quinn joined the renowned Boston University where she was awarded a degree in classical voice. Later, on she was awarded a Master’s degree in the same course. A lifelong history buff, Kate Quinn has written 4 books in her best performing series, The Empress Series. Quinn has also penned two books in the book series, Italian Renaissance, which has given out key details of the infamous Borgia clan. All of Kate Quinn’s books have been translated into numerous languages. During her free time, Kate Quinn works as a part-time blogger; she keeps her blog filled with trivia, pet peeves and also exceedingly important facts about historical fiction. Currently, Kate Quinn and her husband reside in Maryland. Apart from being a writer, Quinn is also fascinated with opera, action movies, and the Boston Red Sox.

Rome Series

Mistress of Rome is the first book in the Rome book series. In this book, Kate Quinn introduces the readers to Thea, an exceedingly young slave girl, who comes from Judea. Thea was bought as a slave girl for the exceedingly spoiled heiress, Lepida. The storyline revolves around the rivalry that is between Lepida and Thea. Mistress of Rome begins as Lepida is only fourteen years old and falls for one of the gladiators. The only problem is that the Barbarian only has eyes for Thea. Upon learning this, Lepida becomes enraged and decides to sell Thea back to slavery. Eventually, Thea begins to work at a brothel. However, she eventually catches the eye of an exceedingly kind master. The Master plays a key role in ensuring that she becomes a successful singer, while at the same time protecting, Vix, Thea’s son.

Thea changes her name to Athena. However, she eventually comes to learn that she will never find peace. She eventually catches the eye of Domitian, the emperor, who decides that he wants Athena for his use. Unknown to many people, Emperor Domitian has an exceedingly darker side. He takes much pleasure in bringing Athena to the edge of insanity. Athena’s time with the emperor is not only a struggle to survive but to also not lose her craziness. The author, Kate Quinn takes us to the world of the dark emperor. Apart from killing, there is also scheming and backstabbing as well. With that said, Thea is one of the most outstanding characters in this novel. She is not only strong, but she is also exceedingly loyal and passionate as well. She is more than willing to fight for whatever she wants and whomever she loves.

One of the most hated characters in the book is Thea. Apart from being exceedingly colorful, she is also conniving and evil as well. The hate that Thea and Athena feel for each other tends to ignite the manner in which a bigger part of their lives ended up. Apart from Athena, Aurelius is also another character that you are going to fall in love with. All in all, Kate Quinn has managed to create an exceedingly rich and wonderful world in the Mistress of Rome book series. She has penned the book in an exceedingly vivid and descriptive way, such that when she describes the gladiator fights, the readers will think they are in the middle of the battles. Daughters of Rome is the second book in the Mistress of Rome book series. Daughters of Rome has been written using the third person perspective. In this book, the author has clearly exposed the coping mechanisms of four different women during the infamous Roman Empire years.

One of the main characters in this book is Cornelia. Cornelia is the eldest of the cousins, and her dream is to become an empress. However, her dreams are in turn shattered into pieces when Emperor Galba’s heir, her husband was brutally killed by Otho’s rebels in front of her cousins. After witnessing the death of his husband, Cornelia is more than determined to avenge his death and does everything; she can to ensure that Vitellius’s army reclaims the empire. However, the only challenge is that Vitellius and his gang are not proper Romans. Eventually, Cornelia realizes the mistake she did and wishes she did not have anything to do with Vitellius’s army. She eventually manages to run away to Drusus Denus. Cornelia who was once Rome’s first lady eventually transforms into the wife of an exceedingly humble Centurion. Cornelia’s lesson is that of humility.

Lollia is another significant character in this book and is also known as the Wildcat. Just by looking at Lollia it is exceedingly clear that she is interested in all the latest fashion, the best sex partner and also the next great party. She loves to drink herself to oblivion. Lollia has a daughter whom she deeply cares for. Cornelia purchases male slaves so that she could sleep with them. At 19 years of age, Lollia has been married more than three times. However, as it is later revealed, Lollia’s grandfather sold her off so that he could remain connected with some of the exceedingly powerful people. Once all the powerful people fall from grace, her grandfather divorces her and eventually marries her off to people who will be able to meet his need. When her third husband is brutally killed, something inside her shifts. Lollia is not an exceedingly rich widow; now she is just a widow.

Lollia begins to sense the chaos that the entire Rome is living in. She not only begins to fall in love with her daughter but she also makes herself vulnerable by falling in love, with one of her slaves. However, as time goes by Lollia start to realize that loving Thrax was one of the best decisions that she has ever made. Lollia’s lesson in this book is a lesson of love. Diana is another significant character in this book. Diana is known as the virgin huntress. In the beginning, Diana appears to be a simple-minded person who loves to talk about horse races. However, the horse races of Rome are the only thing that assures Diana of her sanity. As the book ends, it becomes apparently clear that it is not a happy ending for all of these four women.

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