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Romina Garber
Romina Garber is a fantasy writer who also writes as Romina Russell. This Buenos Aires author started writing for Miami Harland as a teen and is now an internationally recognized and bestselling YA writer with a good number of extraordinary books to her name. Romina is a Harvard College graduate known for her unique way with words and talent for telling intriguing stories.

Lobizona is the first book in the Wolves of No World series. The book features Manuela Azul, a young woman who finds herself crammed in existence so small that it’s stifling. Manuela, or Manu as she is fondly called in an undocumented immigrant on the run from her family. Manu’s father and the rest of his Argentine family are involved in crime, and Manu’s mother wants nothing but to stay away from them. The mother brings her daughter to the United States, where she tries to give her a normal childhood. For now, Manu is hiding in a small apartment in Minami. Manu finds solace in books, and the bilingual girls dream of working as an astronaut for Nasa when she grows up. Things are going well until the bubble that has been shielding her is shattered.

Manu’s surrogate grandmother gets into trouble, and the lies the two have kept hidden for ages are revealed. Following the expose, Manu’s mother gets arrested by ICE. This leaves Manu without a home and the answers to the questions no one is willing to answer. On the bright side, Manu’s mother’s arrest leaves her without the shackles preventing her from investigating her past. Why did Manu’s mother take her out of Argentina only to hide her in a foreign land?
With just a single mysterious Z emblem as her guide, Manu finds herself in a world so different from what she is used to. Just like in the Argentine fork lore, Manu finds her place in the universe. From tracing her roots from her dead father’s side to getting in touch with the bruja and werewolf in her, Manu’s true identity is finally revealed. By the end of the book, Manu will have traced her heritage to a cursed town in Argentina. It will also be revealed that aside from her illegal immigration status, her existence is also illegitimate.

This is a story about an only child born with powers that usually go to the seventh daughter or son in a family. Her physical features are everything but ordinary, what with the star-shaped pupils and golden eyes. Manu also has super speed and strength that enables her to do extraordinary things without requiring any form of exercise. It is also a story of self-discovery and a dedication to discovering personal identity.

The first section of this book lays a lot of emphasis on the challenges the so-called illegal immigrants face in America. The issue of identity also comes up. Lobizona can be summed up as a well-written contemporary novel. The book communicates the fear that undocumented immigrants have to deal with daily, the alienations that come with it, and the unrelenting hope for a better life in the future.

Hope Nation
Romina Garber is also a contributor to Hope Nation, a book where young writers share their personal, inspiring moments. As the title suggests, this book is designed to give hope in a world where many young people are living hopeless lives. The main message is that hope is a decision, and when faced by alienation, oppression, defeat, and belittlement, remaining hopeful can be quite a task. However, this book aims to encourage young adults to keep on pushing and hoping that their dreams will come true someday.

Hope Nation is made up of short stories, all inspirational. All the authors, just like the rest of us, have been hopeless at one point or another. In a violent society, it is hard for you to find joy, leave alone hope. But through all these stories, it is clear that tough times do not last. The authors have had to overcome challenges that might seem impossible, and it is beautiful to see how they have succeeded.

Aside from inspiring, these stories acknowledge the pain that a good number of young adults struggle with. Communicating these pains is sometimes a challenge, but these authors recognize that this is something many young people struggle with. All of these stories are non-fictional, which makes them relatable. The stories are also contemporary and apply to young people in the current generation. Some of the writers featured in this book are Marie Lu, Libba Bray, Nicola Yoon, Gayle Forman, and Angie Thomas.

If you are a young adult looking for something inspiring, these stories will leave you in awe. It is refreshing to read about the plight of young people just like you and the obstacles they have had to overcome to get to their current position. For aspiring writers, this is an excellent book to look for inspiration and identify some of the obstacles that may prevent you from achieving your goals. The stories also present an opportunity for readers to know a little more about their favorite authors. If you think that your favorite author had it easy when they started their carrier, this book will make you change that assumption.

Whether you are looking for inspirational or some insider information on your favorite author, Hope Nation comes highly recommended. The anthology is well written and will offer adequate guidance if you are looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. Each of these stories is unique, and some of the authors come from the point of utter hopelessness. However, it feels good to see that hope is the one thing that unites us all, and if you stay hopeful, good things will surely come your way. The authors of this anthology were once immigrants who struggled with adapting to a new environment with limited resources to courageous men and women who pushed through life, hoping life will change for the better.

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