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Romina Russell or Romina Garber is an upcoming author based in Los Angeles. She is the actual resident of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and loves to write her novels based on the young adult, fantasy, and science fiction genres. She started writing for the first time during her teenage years in her college. At that time, she used to write a weekly column on Sundays for the Miami Herald newspaper agency. Later, her written work was picked up for the national syndication and since then, she has not stopped writing. Author Romina is particularly famous for writing down and publishing the Zodiac novel series. Whenever she is not busy with writing the latest plots of the novels of the Zodiac series or developing its characters, she can be seen taking photographs, producing movie trailers, or even daydreaming about buying a brand new drum set for herself. Author Romina has graduated from the Harvard College. She considers herself as a hardcore Virgo.

The highly successful Zodiac novel series written by author Romina Russell consists of a total of 2 novels published till now. They were released in the years 2014 and 2015. The first novel of the series was published under the title ‘Zodiac’ and was released by the Razorbill publishing house in the year 2014. The plot of this depicts a Zodiac Galaxy which comprised of 13 Houses, but only 12 of them are left now, at the dawn of time. It also shows the life story of the main character of the series named Rhoma Grace, who is often referred to as Rho by her friends. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, the author has described Rhoma Grace as a 16 year old student of the House Cancer, one of the 13 Houses of the Zodiac Galaxy. She is described has having an unusual way of reading the galactic stars. On one hand, the rest of her classmates make use of measurements to calculate te accurate predictions of the archaeological elements, and on the other hand, Rho just looks up at the sky in the night and makes stories about the astrological predictions. She does so because she does not believe in wasting the key moments of her life in solving for ‘X’. Soon, the moons of the House Cancer get stricken by a huge and violent blast, due to which the ocean planet of the House Cancer is sent off-kilter. The blast also killed thousands of the citizens of the House Cancer, including the respected and beloved Guardian. Following the strike on the House, Rho gets appointed as the new leader of the House Cancer. This surprises her more than anyone else.

But, she understands that a true Cancerian is the one who loves her home very much and stands up to protect it at all costs. Therefore, she accepts her new role with great understanding and responsibility. Soon, other Houses of the Zodiac Galaxy also begin to fall like the House Cancer because of the freak catastrophes of the weather. After that, Rho begins to see the patterns made by the stars in order to understand the reason behind the weather catastrophes. After a short while Rho begins to suspect Ophiuchus, who is the exiled, 13th Guardian of the Zodiac legend. He has returned to take his revenge across the Zodiac Galaxy. Now Rho is required to perform the most important task of informing the other Guardians about the return of Ophiuchus and his evil intentions against the Zodiac Galaxy. For this mission, she chooses her companions in the form of Hysan Dax, Mathias, and one of the members of the Royal Guard. Hysan Dax is introduced in the plot of the novel as a young envoy from the House Libra of the Galaxy. Mathias is described as the guide of Rho, who is required to do the job of showing the correct paths to Rho and her companions, and take them to the various Guardians in the Zodiac Galaxy. However, Rho faces one more problem. She cannot say confidently that the Guardians will listen whatever she says as she is very young to be sent on such missions. As the whole universe seems to be filled with differences, Rho cannot decide who she should trust and whom she should not. Also, she does not know how she will be able to convince the remaining Houses in the galaxy to unite as One Zodiac. The interesting plot of the novel allows the readers to embark on an exciting and dazzling journey throughout the Zodiac Galaxy. It became very much successful all over the world and also allowed the sci-fi fantasy series to become very popular among the science fiction readers of the world. Author Romina Russell developed the series with the inspiration that he received from the astrological studies and signs.

The second novel of the Zodiac series written by author Romina was titled ‘Wandering Star’. It was published by the Razorbill publishing house in the year 2015. The plot of this novel continues to revolve around the lie the main character named Rhoma Grace or Rho, as she is often called as. In the opening sequence of the plot of this novel shows that Rho gets disgraced, Orphaned, and stripped from her title. Now, she seems to live a quiet life by working as a helping worker for the Cancerian refugee camp on the House Capricorn of the Zodiac Galaxy. But the news spreads around her that any of the Houses of the Zodiac Galaxy could get struck by an unbalanced terrorist group called Marad. This terrorist group seems to be determined to disrupt the harmony of the Zodiac Galaxy. After that, Ochus appears in front of Rho in the form of an unwelcome nightmare and gives her a cryptic message. The message does not leave her with any other option but to fight. Following that, Rho is required to embark on a journey with high stakes through the new set of Houses. On her journey she comes to know that there are many more things in the Galaxy than she knows. Also, she is about to discover something about herself that she had ever imagined.

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