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Publication Order of Romney Marsh Books

The Dangerous Debutante (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Gentleman by Any Other Name (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beware of Virtuous Women (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Return of the Prodigal (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Most Unsuitable Groom (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Reckless Beauty (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Becket's Last Stand (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Romney Marsh series is a series of mystery and contemporary romance novels written by the New York Times bestselling author named Kasey Michaels. It consists of a total of 7 books published between the years 2006 and 2009. Along with the novels of this series, author Kasey Michaels has written over a hundred books in her writing career. All the novels have been so much successful that they have helped her to obtain 4 starred reviews from the Publishers Weekly magazine as well as win a Book Reviews Achievement Award from the Romantic Times magazine. Kasey has also received a few other commendations in her writing career for her contemporary, mystery & thriller, and historical romance novels.

The first novel of the Romney Marsh series written by author Kasey Michaels was published in the year 2006 by the Harlequin publishing house. It was titled ‘A Gentleman By Any Other Name’. The plot of this novel is set in London, United Kingdom and revolves around the happenings in the lives of the primary characters named Julia Carruthers and Chance Becket. In the opening sequence of the plot of this Regency novel, it is shown that a widowed gentleman from London has a young daughter and hires a mysterious woman as her governess. In the events that in the plot of the novel, the gentleman comes to realize that the governess is the only one who can help soothe his broken soul and provide some relief to his heart. The gentleman, named Chance Beckett, is described as being old enough to remember the happy days of his life in the beginning.

Becket is depicted as having spent the past 30 years of his life trying to forget and hide the unsavory days of his youth behind one of the society marriages. He also tries to indulge himself with with his prestigious position at the War Office and forget as much as he can about his unsavory past. However, Chance Beckett is now required to confront his widowed life as well as his past life and return to the coast of the windswept Romney Marsh, where he finds the ghosts of his childhood still lingering. Soon, Chance Becket hires a governess named Julia Carruthers in order to look after his young daughter. Julia Carruthers also appears to be delighted in taking the charge of his young daughter as her governess. She also seems eager to take up this new job because of the fact that she wants to escape from the confines of the city of London. Julia Carruthers finds the excitement to her journey in reaching the strange home of Chance Becket as nothing much as compared to the attraction towards him when she first sees him. Soon, Julia witnesses something that she shouldn’t have and begins to wonder whether the sudden intentions of Chance Becket are prompted by his ungentlemanly desires or his desperate attempts to protect the secrets of his family.

The second novel of the Romney Marsh series written by author Kasey Michaels was published under the title ‘A Dangerous Debutante’. It was released by the Harlequin Books publishing house in the year 2006. The plot of the novel is once again set in London, United Kingdom, and deals with the happenings in the lives of the main characters named Ethan Tanner and Morgan Becket. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, it is shown that Morgan Becket does not have any clue as to what makes a woman and therefore, she is sent to London where she takes part in her first Season as a scandalous debutante. Morgan Becket hopes of finding a gentleman who can tame her in the wildest ways possible. However, she ends up meeting the Earl of Aylesford named Ethan Tanner. He too seems to be equally unprincipled and wild, and appears to be the perfect match for her.
But, after some time, Morgan Becket learns that Ethan is not the perfect match for her as she discovers the actual reasons for which he made her his wife. In the end, the plot of the novel shows that Ethan must remain alert as a deceived debutante is actually much more dangerous than what she appears to be.

Before meeting Ethan Tanner, Morgan Becket had always craved for all those things that the others believed that she could not have. And when she sees Ethan for the first time, she begins to think that he is perfect for her. But, when Morgan Becket arrives at the home of Ethan Tanner located in the coastal areas of Romney Marsh, she suspects a hidden intention in the mind of Ethan. Having already had her body, Ethan asks Morgan Becket to marry him. This makes her realize that her suitor might have an ulterior motive behind the decision of making her his wife. And after realizing the fact that she has been deceived by the Lord Aylesford, the scandalous debutante becomes even more dangerous and decides to make Ethan Tanner get a taste of her other self. This novel was followed by another one which deals with the lives of the characters named Eleanor Becket and Jack Eastwood. This novel is also set in London, United Kingdom and shows the mysterious happenings in the lives of Jack Eastwood and Eleanor Becket. In this novel, Eleanor Becket is depicted as using her fragile nature as a tool to hide her secrets and cover her suspicious activities with embroidery.

But, Jack Eastwood suspects her activities and believes that her secrets are connected to dangerous crime committed long ago. As he progresses in his attempts to discover a number of other secrets from the suspicious life of Eleanor Becket, the two get attracted to the edge of the desire and danger in their lives. Eleanor is depicted as the adopted daughter and seems dedicated towards the welfare of her family. She is believed by the members of her family to be capable of doing nothing more than embroidery and playing musical instruments. Eleanor possessed a fragile beauty and had the habit of doing things in a quiet and commendable manner, which enabled her to accomplish and master whatever task she took in her hand. Jack Eastwood is the only one to look more deeply into the life of the self-proclaimed spinster. Soon, the Becket family begins to realize that the outside world is keeping a closer watch on the nocturnal activities happening in Romney Marsh and as the Black Ghosts begin to ride once again. This makes Eleanor take an unwanted step which risks her family, her life, as well as her chance of getting loved by someone.

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